Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weekend Happies

Have you ever seen a Happier sight? I stumbled upon Barbie kicking it free-style up on Lambie Pie. At least she had the good sense to fasten her safety belt/long, flexible, magnetic thingamajig. But seriously, Babs, put some clothes on!

Have I ever told you about my Ranuncular adventure? I need to...
For now, I will say only that they have made me really Happy.

This makes me Happy, friends and countrymen. Truly.
Let's get this show on the road!!

You know what else is Happy? It's Happy when you discover that a random fitted sheet you bought at TJ Maxx nearly 10 years ago looks positively swell with polka-dots.

Oh, and a stack of fresh reads on the little table. My kind of Happy.

(PS - Making Toast. Heard of it? Well, it's getting raves, even from my favorite author. I'm here to tell you not to believe the hype. I made it half-way through, but I kept sighing and rolling my eyes and Cory finally told me to just. stop. reading it. The subject matter is sad, but that's not what bugged me. What bugged me was the style of the book -- the utter refusal to connect one thought to the next. And maybe he does teach writing at Harvard and maybe he is heaped to the brim with literary accolades, and I'm sure he's a wonderful man and I'm very sorry for his loss, but I have no choice but to dub his book Unhappy.)

Two kinds of Happy:

1. Calvin came to Cory on Sunday after quiet time with a down-cast face, saying, "Daddy I'm sorry I didn't get you anything for Father's Day. Wait a minute! I'll be right back!" He ran to his desk and returned with this, about 20 seconds later.

2. Cory taped it to his side of the bed and it's still there.

Self-explanatory Happy.

$1 avocados = Happy.

1 vat of guacamole to share with friends = Even Happier.

Final Happy? Spending Friday evening and all of Saturday at some friends' pond. Ruby has sand braided into her hair, Silas drank his weight in pond water, and Calvin staved off a potential water-brawl by shouting at a big kid, "No, I did NOT spit water on you, Young Man!"

My cheeks feel tight, my hair is in pigtails and I smell like a campfire. I'm at home for a couple of quiet hours, while Silas is purportedly winding down for a nap. I baked up some cookies while he performed a Broadway musical through the monitor, and the split second nap-time is over, we're outta here.

Happy - Happy - Happy.