Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Truth Comes Out

Here's a true confession for you: I have come to the conclusion that I mostly garden for the beauty. And maybe a little for the challenge that it poses, along with the resulting triumph.

But the food? Eh.

I mean, I love the food. Well, most of it I love. Some of it I just like. I can appreciate it, that's for sure. But the eating of the food is not my top motivator. The gazing upon the lovely of the food is.

Weird, huh?

I was almost embarrassed to realize the truth of it all. But when you pick two zucchinis in two days with no real intention of eating them, reality has come a'calling.

Not to worry, though. I am and forevermore will remain 75% herbivore/25% carnivore. I'm not about to forsake my greens.

I wouldn't even be in this predicament if vegetation wasn't so blisteringly beautiful.

So yes, these are the kinds of thoughts that consume me daily.

Especially when Calvin and Ruby are in Ohio for No Parents Allowed week.

You didn't get the memo?

I had it in my head that Silas had the High Maintenance title locked down, but as it turns out, it has been quite a placid and relaxing day.

I've had moments of quiet which afforded me the opportunity to ponder the degree of my love for red leaf lettuce and the like.

I took a nap.

I swept the floor and only one set of little feet trampled the dirt pile. (And Lordy, are his feet ever cute. His toes appear to be part amphibious, and no, that is not a veiled Darwin shout-out.)

For the next 2 days I will putter around, practicing with the real camera in low light -- because I'm that relaxed, doggone it.

I may even read a little.

Calvin and Ruby will call from the safety that temporary out-of-state residence affords them and giggle as they tell me about all of the candy they have eaten and how late they stayed up.

I'll pretend to be aghast and dismayed, then I'll tell them that I love them, but I will not tell them that I miss them, even though I do.

Missing is contagious, you know.

I am so thankful for this 100% Cotton, extra-breathable Summer. There is time for scurrying around and overexertion, but if I know anything at all, I know this is not it.


  1. That’s why I garden. The chive is beautiful - when in bloom garnishment never looked so grand. I take pictures of mine, I savor the scent & texture but rarely do they make it to the table top. Same could be said of everything we grow from the lavender & thyme to the tomatoes (raspberries exlcuded - they're just plain delish). Food for the SOUL.

  2. Your posts are absolutely breathtaking! Like a breath of fresh, clean, country air. (That was my attempt to write pretty and impress you - haha!)

    You seem to have a very blessed and beautiful life! God is so good! I especially loved your recent post about what church really is. I completely agree that sometimes it's community more than anything (where other times it's more the message or the worship).

    Also - food is gorgeous. I have to draw it all the time or else I'd eat entirely too much. : ) I'm very blessed to have a mother who is an avid gardener and I am spoiled by the beauty of it all. And I'm also very blessed to be marrying a man in october of this year that has a greener thumb than my mother!

  3. If you want to practice shooting great picturees again, it's first Friday from 5-9. And we have lots of fun in store! Pun intended....would love to see your smiling face :)

  4. Gorgeous photos! You are my favourite blogger. Keep 'em coming girl!

    Ky x

  5. Don't think I could do a week without my babies. I'm sure it's nice though to have one-on-one time with Silas!

  6. Love the photos! Reading your posts simply relax me.

  7. I agree with all the above commentors singing your praises! You write so beautifully about the simplest things. I get so excited when I see a new post from you pop up! :) Enjoy your down time with Silas before the other two come back and have to go through, what around here is affectionately called, "Grammy & Papa detox".

  8. Lovely post and beautiful photos! Enjoy your "quiet" time! xo

  9. Beautiful pictures as always. I think your little quaint residence is just wonderful. How is the house selling going?

  10. Enjoy your time with just one. Beautiful weather here in Ohio so your others will be having fun. Happy 4th. I am having a give a way come see.

  11. you are a good mama!
    when caroline was at camp i had mailed her a letter. i made sure i didn't mention missing her...that was hard!
    so jealous of your summer bounty in the garden! we planted a tiny watermelon plant & its taking over my yard, i don't have a garden my friend, but this watermelon plant may rule the culdesac!

  12. Oh I bet Ruby & Calvin are just living it up! Enjoy your time with Silas - they grow up too fast don't they! I'm envious of your gardens - I've been pulling weeds & planting new plants - it's been so wet it drowned a bunch of mine! I too have a love of gardening - just for the eye candy!

  13. I'm really trying to not let Aaron know how much I've missed him the last few days - but I'm afraid my smothering hugs and kisses gave me away! I love a veggie garden - the looks of it. I love the neat rows of beans and sensual squash flowers. I like eating it all too - but if I didn't' get one bit of food, I'd still grow it cause it's purdy. I totally get it girl. Toe ta lee. Glad you are having some lazy days. I'm having one today too. xo

  14. I'm what ya call a lazy gardener. I throw some seed in my little raised box and see what happens. I seriously have forgotten what I planted where this year...yikes! That's just terrible. Love the reflection pic of you and that last one. Sooo pretty. Enjoy some peace and quiet friend:)

  15. Confession: I don't at present have a garden. However, I want to have a garden so that people will think I'm cool.

    I also think that red leaf lettuce is gorgeous.

    ...glad I got that off my chest.

  16. The weather this week has been AH-MAZ-ING. And I'm very thankful for it. Awesome.

    We love the first few bits of things we get out of the garden, but after that, we can a little and generally just donate to the neighbors. :) I think we do it purely because we just enjoy the beauty it brings and watching nature do its magic.

  17. that is such an amazing blessing that the grandparents will take the kids for a length of time! My life has really slowed as well. Maybe a little to much. I have to come up with things to do. I may read a little today as well. Happy gardening.

    ps I wanted to plant those beatrix potter looking cabbages around the play house with no intention of eating them! Just love the whimsical look of them!

  18. I've become the lettuce fairy of our neighborhood ...want some to go with your hot dogs?

  19. Like I've said before my husband is the gardener of the house but I can totally see myself out in those beds when life is a little less hectic of crazy kids needing nursed and constant attention. Oh how I wished sometimes that we lived in the country. Wide Open spaces - they're a good thing (Martha style).
    Now go put your feet up and sip something nice and cold, it's YOU time girlfriend -
    Hugs, The Lady of the House

  20. oh enjoy your time, lady!! enjoy your time to cultivate the "missing bug" and basque in your opportunities to ponder the more peaceful things in life :)

  21. I was going to comment, but someone just ran up to me and blew his nose on my arm. SEriouSLY!
    where is the No Parents Allowed weekend for two year olds? I ask you.

    "Missing is contagious"
    Now that you mention it...it IS! I learn so much from your musings.

  22. We are twins! Chive Flower FarmTwins. Great minds, ya know.
    The garden all sounds fabulous when it's time to buy the seeds, but when it comes time to harvest and eat/compost 42 zukes a day, the bloom is off the veggie garden rose. Or at least the bloom is a bit faded and tattered. Or something like that. You get my drift.

  23. We always had a garden growing up and I miss the life as a result of that work and around the table! What a beautiful picture!

    Thanks for your kind words today at Chatting at The Sky! It is so nice to meet you!


  24. You're my favorite.all.time. blog lady !! I just love it :) Keep entertaining me with laughter and truth ! God bless ~

  25. I was just talking today about how red leaf lettuce is my favorite: not for the flavor, but because it's beautiful.

  26. enjoy your week because you know they are!

  27. I bet the kids are having a blast and so is grandma! Enjoy your time with just your little man Silas. Your pics are beautiful!

  28. Darling post... and if you have some spare zuccini sitting around I've got a recipie for you!
    slice thinly, dip in milk, sprikle with flour and a little salk, fry with butter until crispy. and enyoy your snack/ appetizer! They're wonderful!