Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We returned home just one hour ago from Ohio. As usual, the trip was relaxing and maybe even cathartic. This time around, the ever-familiar was peppered with some new friends, some old friends and a date with my Honey.

Right now, I'm droopy-eyed but smiley at the thought that Tuesday is grocery day. My soul is soothed by the ritual of planning meals for the week, inviting opportunities to try something new, seeking to love each one as I plate up the food, sometimes special, sometimes mundane, always born from the part of my heart that wants to scoop them up and hold them so tightly that they giggle and squirm all the livelong day. I wonder if they will realize down the road how I loved them one way extra at dinnertime.

Even if they don't, I'll keep flipping pages for something new. I'll imagine their roots growing deeper, their limbs stronger. I'll imagine lymphocytes that begin to behave, all of the time, because the little body is nourished.

I may hear "You're a good chef, Mommy", or it could just as well be, "You never cook things that I liiiiiiike!" It's alright. Pre-Schoolers have miles to go, and so do I.

We'll shop together and Ruby will ride the Penny Horse when we're through.

In the late afternoons, I'll stoop to pick up Silas over and over again while I chop and stir. Calvin will ask if he can help me. Ruby will color while she watches.

We'll stir and make messes and our love will bake up fluffy like a coconut cake.

I am the luckiest gal around.

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