Thursday, June 10, 2010


What's a girl to do, when she is perpetually stalked by a stealthy paparazzo, day-in and day-out?

Since when is it big news to throw rotten gourds into the field?

What is she to do when he captures her moment of highest stress, burning the dreadful night permanently into her memory bank?

She's not safe in the comfort of her ugly socks and blue blanket, vegetating in mid-Winter evening. It's tragic, really.

Even her elbow is a target.

So, tell me, what's a girl to do?

Oh, I'll tell you...




Gesundheit, Honey.*

ps- You're dreamy.

*This is his favorite shirt. Could you tell? For all who have asked, it says "My Man Mitch". Mitch Daniels is our Governor. :)