Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wanted: Contentment

Ages and ages ago, I mind-drafted a partial post about my journey to contentment. It is something I started thinking about months ago and I endeavored to be intentional in capturing contentment with what I with less, the whole shebang.

But let me be clear - this wasn't my idea. It wasn't even Cory's idea. This was a pull that could have only come from One. I was not sure why He had lassoed us in this way. I'm still not entirely sure, but I'm mid-riddle, and the puzzle pieces are are lock-and-key.

We have gone from a quite comfortable, 2-income family, to an impending no-income family. Call me Opal Obvious, but I think there was good reason for us to begin paving a new road in our hearts. It was important for us to warm up to the idea. It was grace.

We have plenty to think about and I'm thanking my lucky stars that it's garden-weeding season.

So, what about contentment?

Well, I went here and canceled all of the catalogs I receive. I take that back - I canceled all but two. I will still happily arrange my bookshelves with the help of PB and stir up the gumption to wear honey colored cords with a pink shirt thanks to J. Crew. (Gotta love their free expert advice!) All the rest are outta here. I don't need multiple reminders every day of things I like but do not have. For me, these catalogs start to breed discontent with all that I have been blessed with. Plus, it's a waste of paper. (I have to offset those styrofoam plates with something.)

I have also shifted my thinking from this:

To this:

The pretty basket breathed her last breath. True, she was but a $12.99 TJ find, but in my prior life, I would have run out to find a suitable, pretty replacement. I would have classified it as not a big deal to spend the extra money on a pretty basket. And honestly, it's not a big deal. But it's all about the mind-set, baby. That's what I'm working on right now.

So, I happened upon Mr. Plastic, sequestered away in my creepy basement, and he called to me and now he lives with us, in the main house. He never could have dreamed it possible...

As for this little ladybug?

She's a walking reminder to me to be content with what I have. She's also, in this particular picture, a reminder to me that we all find our arms a bit of an awkward inconvenience, at times.

It's fun to dress a Sweet Petunia such as this, especially when she arrives on the heels of one who will only wear sports jerseys and thinks green on yellow on red is a very handsome combo.

But in the past, I would not have given her boys' flip flops. I know. It's super silly and most of you are probably all aghast that I ever cared to begin with. But I did. I wanted her to have cute shoes, to match her cute clothes, to match her cute self.

This time around, I was pleased as punch to find brand new flip flops from last year that Calvin never wore because they hurt "that place between my toes".

So what if they are blue and have a picture of a basketball guy? So what if they aren't pink or flowered?

She loves her new flip flops.

And they were free.

I like the thought that in the process of ridding myself of discontent and selfishness, I might be teaching my kiddos that not everything has to look a certain way or be brand new.

I like this ride we're on. And I can't wait to tell you more about what comes next.