Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sarah's Wedding

Sarah is hitched.

We hitched her up, but good.

Today I have experienced a very particular variety of exhaustion. It's been a long week, but lawsie lou, it's been a fun one.

(Speaking of "long week", it may take you roughly 5-7 days to make your way through these photos.)

Most of the decor came straight from Sarah's childhood barn, in Ohio. Her beloved Dad Larry had an eye for what's cool way before it was cool at all. He passed away years ago, but his spirit was ever alive on this loveliest of days. I cannot count how many times I thought of Larry and how much he would have adored what we came up with - with his help. I remember looking out at the crowd during the ceremony and seeing Sarah's mama sitting with an empty chair beside her. It was one of many moments that made me weepy. Then I looked around, and I saw him in the chipped up paint and the rusty gates and especially in his beautiful girl. He was with us there.

The rehearsal on Friday night ended with hurricane-force winds and torrential downpours. We were a bit jittery about the Big Day weather, and with good reason.

But in the end, blue skies.

Now. A word about the photos.

My honey took all of the photos on this post. Scrolling through them today, we realized that out of the 300+ pictures he took, he somehow managed to not capture a single shot that included the ceremony site with both chairs and flowers.

We have this.

And then we have this.


And this.

To say that I was perplexed would be true. To say that I was frustrated would not be untrue.

So, I emailed fellow bridesmaid Tianna for back-up...only to find her in the exact same situation, which cracked me straight up.

In fairness, flowers were put out at the last moment and chairs were quickly ushered into the reception tent, leaving little time for overlap. And Cory was in charge of parking and Silas patrol. And, did I mention that he built the entire ceremony set-up? The morning of the ceremony?

Single ladies: Do not rest until you secure for yourself a Cute Maintenance Boy.

Miss River was the smoochiest flower girl evah.

Rehearsal was sketchy. She marched down the aisle scowling at everyone and repeating "I. Don't. Want. To."

But when it mattered most, she hit it out the park. True, she got a last-second case of the shies and compensated by holding her little basket up in front of her face, but she did it!

Have I ever told you how much I adored our dresses? Ya'lls, they had pockets. For most of the day, I had two copies of vows, crib notes for my toast, two tissues and a compact in my pockets. I am immeasurably comforted by pockets. I am relaxed by the very word "pockets".


Wait, did someone say "toast"? Oh dear.

I will not be showing pics of the bride, because she's picky. And persnickety. And her trust in me wavered ever-so-slightly after the infamous Ozzy post.

But mostly, I want to wait until the official photos come back from Lyle, the slam-dunk photographer. He cracked us up the whole day through. I can't wait to share some of his good stuff. All in time, my pretties.

I do have pies, though!

But no food. Holly Molly, was that food ever divine. Cory was clearly too busy stuffing his face to consider your feelings.

He did shoot this through the wavy glass of the arched windows. That's worth something, right?

We had so much fun on this day and the days leading up to it. Sarah is loved by so many fantastic people and as luck has it, she shares many of them with me.

Bride and Groom were both smiley and relaxed. Sarah's vows made me want to sob. Rick's made me laugh. It was such a pleasure to host this day. It was an honor to be a part of it and to bear witness to the true start of their life together.

That Sarah, she knows how to throw a party. She had the dancers dancing and I'll be darned if she didn't emcee most of her reception. (The lady's dangerous with a microphone.)

Mrs. Hughes, I hope the day was every beautiful thing that you hoped for.