Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One-Two-Three, That's Enough For Me

We had another showing tonight. Did it go well, you ask? Well, I've come to learn one thing: People typically don't tell you they hate your home to your face. In the broader scheme of life, it's good, this politeness thing. But the whole rigamarole only ensures an entire evening of the following conversation, on repeat:

FPFG: So, do you think they liked the house?
CMB: I'm sure they did, Honey.
FPFG: But, I mean, how much do you think they liked it? Enough to buy it?
CMB: I don't know. Maybe.
FPFG: But did they give you any clues as to how they were leaning?
CMB: Well, when you asked me the same question 15 minutes ago, my answer was no. My answer is still no.
FPFG: I just thought maybe I could jog your memory...maybe you forgot to tell me a critical piece of information.
CMB: Nope.
FPFG: So, do you think they'll call again?

Don't you feel sorry for me? I mean, I'm just trying to process what's going on here. I'm doing us all a favor, really! Cute Maintenance Boy could use a little help when it comes to intuiting the deepest desires of complete strangers, that's for sure.

But speaking of this whole move thing - my excitement grows exponentially with each passing day. I'm just going to come out with it - I'm pumped to decorate a new house. And I'm even more pumped over the idea of doing it on a budget that will be more limited than ever. I'm ready to stretch my creativity.

And by "stretch my creativity", what I mean is that I'm eager to shamelessly steal the best darn idea I've ever tripped over in blogland, Somali pirate-style (the zany, peacekeeping variety who ask permission first, of course).

Behold, the indoor drinking fountain.

Can I get a witness?

Am I the only girl wondering why these don't come standard in new construction and why they aren't required additions to old homes? If ever a new government regulation was called for, it is now.

For the love of water, people. For the grade-school nostalgia. For the endless little-people fascination.

I have already commenced an exhaustive search for an inexpensive, vintage model.

The genius behind my new obsession is my blog friend, Sara, of August Fields. She is twelve different kinds of maple syrup sweet and brimming with style. Go have a look at her brand spanking new home. Start with this. I dare you not to drool.

But this girl, she's more than a pretty home. She's the real deal. So go on, bake a loaf of zucchini bread (zukes are on the house) and meet your newest neighbor.


  1. I posted on her blog last week when she showed us that - too cute ! When I was growing up my mother had one OUTSIDE to avoid the traipsing in and out all summer day for a drink !!!!

    I love your attitude - the move and the new home to be is going to be a blessing, I just know it !


  2. FIghting with my husband right now. Thanks for that.
    I'm telling him we NEED to paint our BLAH EWEY REGULATION OAK KITCHEN CABINETS RIGHT NOW THIS INSTANT NO MORE PROCRASTINATING and he is saying that if we do that, we have to remodel the tile and all the rest of it, because HE can't have a piecemeal kitchen.
    What is this nonsense? WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE?!
    I'm not really mad. Maybe I will get a whole new kitchen out of with a drinking fountain. Then we can all start an "I have a drinking fountain in my house" club.
    OR maybe I'll just be here with my ugly cabinets.
    All this to say: I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU DO. I CANNOT WAIT!!!! Everything you touch turns to yummy delicious wonderful.
    I may copy everything you do. I'll be your mini me.

  3. thanks for the introduction:) just bounced over to her it! I think the water fountain would work for me just because the kids would not feel the need to drink out of every other water fountain we come across. :)

  4. No joke, about 2 hours ago I just asked my hubby if we could have a drinking fountain in our future home (because I had seen that same one)! I'm obsessed with it. I have no doubt that my kids would drink like a million times more water and I wouldn't have to wash all the dang cups!

  5. Saw this's absolutely brilliant. I can't wait to see your new home decorated. My most creative and favorite things in our home have come when I've had very little money to spend. I'm right there with you!

  6. I tell you. We need one of those indoor water fountains!
    That is a brilliant idea. Dang.

  7. OK....I'll probably be your only downer. My school always seemed to have malfunctioning drinking fountains that made the water spray the wall or just barely bubble out. After having water pipes burst and flooded basement and other water issues it would probably scare me to have one more water source. Not to mention my littlest boy!! BUT....I'm sure it would be positively perfect at your house! I have a friend who has one outside by the backdoor (under a breezeway) and it looks delightful!
    Hope your house sells quickly!
    P.S. CMB is my hubby's initials. :)

  8. i cannot tell you how much I love posts that include Husband Wife daily conversation. They always make me laugh. I always read them out loud to The Agronomist. I love August Fields' house and I love the drinking fountain. After seeing pictures of your home, how can you even ask, Did they like it? It is simplistic beauty at its best. I can't wait to see what you do with the next one. You can be inspired by Sarah and I will in turn be inspired by you.

  9. I went back and read your post on "move thing" well flower patch farm girl it was wonderful- you are a wise young thing and I love how you inspire. your spirit is amazing.

  10. OK. Brilliant! I MUST have one. I have 5 kiddos ages 10 and under. The battle of the cups, and re-use of cups, etc., etc., is maddening. This is the BEST idea ever! Every home with children should have one. Thanks for sharing. I'm now also going to follow August Fields. Although I will confess to you, after looking at pictures of her new house, staying humbly content with my vintage fixer-upper becomes a smidge more challenging. ;-)

    I love your blog. I discovered you through a mutual friend. (mindijo) You make me laugh, you inspire me and your talents (in everything you do) simply blow me away. How strange is it to have all these "invisible" friends out there? We know you, you don't know us. It's like you're a celebrity! :) Glad to know you.

  11. My aunt and uncle have had a water fountain in their home for years. It's part of a regular, down-low sink, but with a fountain attachment on the side.

    Warning: beware of kids who like to play with water.

  12. I am so glad you are excited...because I am excited to see how everything turns out:)
    I have never seen a water fountain in a home...but how fun...I know my kids would love it

  13. She is awesome isn't she? The built-in bunk beds run a close second behind the water fountain, which is followed by the little peep hole in the kitchen to the school room, and next....

  14. Holy moly!! I've only clicked on the kitchen so far, and I am mopping up drool off the floor. I had to do a double take to see if that was really brick on the wall. Also, that secret door is so cool. That's like every kids dream. Or maybe the water fountain is. Either way, it's an awesome house. I'm going to check out the rest of it now. Thanks for sharing her with us!!

  15. Ah, Farmgirl. You always come through, don't you? Laughed hysterically. Hmmmm, I'll have to put my thinking cap on for the next one.
    LOVE the drinking fountain idea. My kids made about fifty trips to the fridge ice/water dispenser each day, but of course you still need a cup for that.
    It will be so fun to follow you on the journey to your new abode. (I'm still a tiny bit sad, though. Is that okay?)

  16. So excited for you! I don't think I'd HAVE to even go through a showing... I'd buy it if I could just by looking at your blog pics! Still haven't gotten my own burlap curtains!! Love the drinking fountain... however, at the girls being 4 & 2, I have a feeling I'd spend most of my day "helping" them get water :) Great post!

  17. I love the fountain. I saw that on her blog. What a wonderful idea. I bet when school remodel or tear down you could get one. They seem demolish schools here and rebuild.
    When our house was listed last year, our realtor had a check list. On that list the buyers were to list what they didn't like about the house. I really disliked the idea. I think it just opened up a can of worms. Instead of focusing on the good I thought it did the oppposite. Buyers here wanted a perfect house on their budget. Good luck with your home. Sometimes I think selling it yourself is a good thing. Just make sure you have someone legal draw up the papers.
    I was excited to redecorate my home after the listing expired. It was way too unpersonal for me.

  18. okay, here is something I have never told you. Maybe this is the first time that I have said it outloud. I love white porcelain things... you know utilitarian looking. I love the shape of a classic white toilet. and this fits the bill. completely and utterly awesome. I want one too.

  19. I'd be excited too. I think secretly that's why we've moved 8 times in 17 years. It's the thrill of a new blank canvas:)

  20. shannan....i know what you're feeling like after someone walks through your home....the wondering what they REALLY thought....there is always the tape recorder under the bed......kidding! :) :)

    your home is so full of love (and super cute rooms!). God really does know just the person.

    thanks for the fountain love. :) i think it should become a totally normal has been GREAT! my friend with 11 kiddos has a metal school style one in her garage.

    pssst....i'm having a katie daisy giveaway now! :)

  21. You know, that really is a fantastic idea. Think of how many less dishes there would be! My kids fix themselves water a hundred times a day (with a new cup each time). This would be amazing!

  22. I completely agree, it needs to be a staple, I wouldn't even care if it was builder grade! And I would so be asking the same question, over and over and over and over, torturing the pool man, it's a tough job! Happy 4th!

  23. That is a great idea! I wanted a urinal when we built - then I realized I'd have to clean it so I threw that right out the window!!

    I know the feeling about selling too! I've never sold, but we staged a house to sell & I'm just dying for it to sell for them :)

  24. Your home is truly so sweet that someone is going to snatch up your sweet farmhouse any day!!! It is fun to think about decorating a new home. Do you guys have you heart set on anything in town? P.S. Inside drinking are the coolest!

  25. I love your blog, I love your attitude, and I know that when God is ready for your home to sell it will! Keep your spirits high! I love the fountain idea, but can only imagine what a mess I would have with two boys and water fights in the house.... ; )

  26. My husband has been trying to convince me of that for years! Now that I see how awesome it can be...

    I'm excited for you guys! Some is going to SNAP up your beautiful home!

  27. I too, am very excited and pumped about decorating on a budget if we ever sell.

    The good news- we think we found THE house!! We looked at a charming 1916 house yesterday and fell madly, deeply, passionately in love. The entire home has been decorated in my mind at this point. However... it has two bedrooms. And it's only 960 square feet. And another however... it has a huge attic from front to back of house, with windows on each end and a perfect place for a stair case smack in the center of the home. I have no idea why no one has finished the attic off and created two rooms up there, making the house from a two bedroom to a four bedroom and nearly doubling the square footage. We meet with our contractor on Thursday to explore the options and hopefully, if it's do-able, we will get an offer on our house and proceed forward with this new adventure.

    Then I'll have to sell half of my possessions because they won't fit in the new house. LOL

  28. so cute! And thank you, you just reminded me that I have 2 to find a recipe for zucchini bread. Have a happy day, FPFG!

  29. oh my lands! what a great idea! with 5 kids I typically have 85 cups on the counter at the end of the day!

  30. My dear...we are kindred spirits. I too am completely smitten with the water fountain. In fact while working at Floyd Memorial Hospital, I was walking back to my abode..the pharmacy in the basement..and walked right by one of those lovely fountains. You better believe me that I will speak with maintenace if and when they decide to renovate our lower levels. :)

    Best of luck with your house selling...I can only imagine the lovely home awaiting your blessed little family. :)


  31. I love that you use the word "pumped" :) I wish I could hear you say it fer real. It would crack me up.

  32. Dang I saw an outdoor fountain at 3rd Sunday on Sat and asked if they would come down on price. No luck so I passed it by .... went back Sun and it was gone. You would think this old junker would have learned never walk away from something you love! Still mourning!
    I can totally understand wanting a different house to decorate. I can't wait for Annie to find out the baby's gender so we can start in!

  33. p.s. a million points to you for actually LINKING the post you refer to in this POST!
    You are getting this blogging thing! I'm so glad to take credit for your training.
    Jedi Masterpiece

  34. seriously, i can imagine the line forming now. and, the dialogue is so similar to what is going on in my world. i wish selling was easier. i wish turning my beloved home into a house for someone else was easier. wishing you a great weekend! sarah