Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One-Two-Three, That's Enough For Me

We had another showing tonight. Did it go well, you ask? Well, I've come to learn one thing: People typically don't tell you they hate your home to your face. In the broader scheme of life, it's good, this politeness thing. But the whole rigamarole only ensures an entire evening of the following conversation, on repeat:

FPFG: So, do you think they liked the house?
CMB: I'm sure they did, Honey.
FPFG: But, I mean, how much do you think they liked it? Enough to buy it?
CMB: I don't know. Maybe.
FPFG: But did they give you any clues as to how they were leaning?
CMB: Well, when you asked me the same question 15 minutes ago, my answer was no. My answer is still no.
FPFG: I just thought maybe I could jog your memory...maybe you forgot to tell me a critical piece of information.
CMB: Nope.
FPFG: So, do you think they'll call again?

Don't you feel sorry for me? I mean, I'm just trying to process what's going on here. I'm doing us all a favor, really! Cute Maintenance Boy could use a little help when it comes to intuiting the deepest desires of complete strangers, that's for sure.

But speaking of this whole move thing - my excitement grows exponentially with each passing day. I'm just going to come out with it - I'm pumped to decorate a new house. And I'm even more pumped over the idea of doing it on a budget that will be more limited than ever. I'm ready to stretch my creativity.

And by "stretch my creativity", what I mean is that I'm eager to shamelessly steal the best darn idea I've ever tripped over in blogland, Somali pirate-style (the zany, peacekeeping variety who ask permission first, of course).

Behold, the indoor drinking fountain.

Can I get a witness?

Am I the only girl wondering why these don't come standard in new construction and why they aren't required additions to old homes? If ever a new government regulation was called for, it is now.

For the love of water, people. For the grade-school nostalgia. For the endless little-people fascination.

I have already commenced an exhaustive search for an inexpensive, vintage model.

The genius behind my new obsession is my blog friend, Sara, of August Fields. She is twelve different kinds of maple syrup sweet and brimming with style. Go have a look at her brand spanking new home. Start with this. I dare you not to drool.

But this girl, she's more than a pretty home. She's the real deal. So go on, bake a loaf of zucchini bread (zukes are on the house) and meet your newest neighbor.