Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'll Tell You A Story. I'll Tell it Twice.

What they say is true, there's a first time for everything.

You don't believe me?

Well, last Friday night, after the wedding rehearsal, the raging thunderstorm that somehow left all but two chairs standing, after driving over downed power lines, after the fun rehearsal dinner, I returned home to find an almond-eyed sweetie pie in my bed. I didn't have the heart to stir him, so I bunked on the couch. But Lord have mercy, was I ever tired. I was T to the I to the RED. And I was happy as a cat in nip.

So what did I do?

I did what everyone does. I wrote a haiku in my mind while I drifted off to sleep.

You've never done that?

Years ago, hand to heart, I would frequently dream lines of the nonexistent first chapter from an unwritten, unthought about book. But I never wrote them down. I pulled a Paul Kinsey - minus the vodka.

Back to reason for this party - My girl Sarah gave me the best gift for being in her wedding. It is something I have asked her repeatedly to bequeath to me, should she kick the bucket.

Best friends are allowed to do that.

She played coy for all of these years - never committing to inking the gig on her will. And then...

I regret to say that it is entirely possible that I did not look this utterly exhilerated when Cory gave me my engagement ring. Not that I didn't love it! Oh, did I ever love it. Do love it.

But it is potentially possible that I wasn't quite this happy. Maybe just a hair less is all.

And who can blame me, really?

Clearly, Tianna blames me a little.

And Holly noted the fact that I commenced holding it like a newborn baby.

*Just in case you wondered, those are not my hands. My hands are very small and delicate and beautiful. They are not claw-like and freakishly large and dramatically veined. The craziest thing - a WNBA player ran up behind me at the last second and tricked me!

I didn't mind. She was wearing a super cute bracelet.

Plus, hello, I was holding an adorable, tiny baby! I barely even noticed she was back there.

It is worth mentioning that this gift came on the heels of a surprise birthday luncheon that Sarah threw for me earlier the same day (my birthday!), which, for those of you playing along at home, also happened to be the day before her wedding.


Yup. She did it. And hallelujhah, was I ever surprised. I have never had a surprise party before, and this one rocked my flip-flops off. Surrounded by many of the girls I love best, steak salad with blue cheese and off-the-charts balsamic vinaigrette - alfresco!, fountain Coke, chocolate cake, cards and words that made me misty-eyed behind my sunglasses, sweet gifties.

I soaked up love.

Then I trucked off with the bridesmaids for a mani/pedi. I have had 3 manis in all the sum total of my days, and maybe two pedis? But never both at the same time. The pumice made me alternately giggly and irritated. I chose white for my toes and dark grey for my fingers. The other girls chose normal, pretty colors.

Now who's edgy?

Then I dashed to Meijer for an ill-fitting strapless bra, waterproof mascara, emergency mini muffins and a large terracotta pot.

I drove home like a house a'fire, washed and combed Ruby's hair with my eyes closed, got dressed with one hand tied behind my back, coaxed the flower girl up the aisle, made it under the tent just in time, listened to Calvin forecast the weather, (It's really, really severe-ing over in this orange place!) and finally made it safely to the best cheeseburger I've had in a good long while.

Hold the phone - have I just talked in two complete circles? Wasn't I already at the rehearsal dinner and now I'm back again?

Well, all of that to say - I got my blanket. I cradled it in my arms. I cozied up beneath it on the couch. I wrote a haiku, in its honor.

And I'll share it with you tomorrow.