Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'll Tell You A Story. I'll Tell it Twice.

What they say is true, there's a first time for everything.

You don't believe me?

Well, last Friday night, after the wedding rehearsal, the raging thunderstorm that somehow left all but two chairs standing, after driving over downed power lines, after the fun rehearsal dinner, I returned home to find an almond-eyed sweetie pie in my bed. I didn't have the heart to stir him, so I bunked on the couch. But Lord have mercy, was I ever tired. I was T to the I to the RED. And I was happy as a cat in nip.

So what did I do?

I did what everyone does. I wrote a haiku in my mind while I drifted off to sleep.

You've never done that?

Years ago, hand to heart, I would frequently dream lines of the nonexistent first chapter from an unwritten, unthought about book. But I never wrote them down. I pulled a Paul Kinsey - minus the vodka.

Back to reason for this party - My girl Sarah gave me the best gift for being in her wedding. It is something I have asked her repeatedly to bequeath to me, should she kick the bucket.

Best friends are allowed to do that.

She played coy for all of these years - never committing to inking the gig on her will. And then...

I regret to say that it is entirely possible that I did not look this utterly exhilerated when Cory gave me my engagement ring. Not that I didn't love it! Oh, did I ever love it. Do love it.

But it is potentially possible that I wasn't quite this happy. Maybe just a hair less is all.

And who can blame me, really?

Clearly, Tianna blames me a little.

And Holly noted the fact that I commenced holding it like a newborn baby.

*Just in case you wondered, those are not my hands. My hands are very small and delicate and beautiful. They are not claw-like and freakishly large and dramatically veined. The craziest thing - a WNBA player ran up behind me at the last second and tricked me!

I didn't mind. She was wearing a super cute bracelet.

Plus, hello, I was holding an adorable, tiny baby! I barely even noticed she was back there.

It is worth mentioning that this gift came on the heels of a surprise birthday luncheon that Sarah threw for me earlier the same day (my birthday!), which, for those of you playing along at home, also happened to be the day before her wedding.


Yup. She did it. And hallelujhah, was I ever surprised. I have never had a surprise party before, and this one rocked my flip-flops off. Surrounded by many of the girls I love best, steak salad with blue cheese and off-the-charts balsamic vinaigrette - alfresco!, fountain Coke, chocolate cake, cards and words that made me misty-eyed behind my sunglasses, sweet gifties.

I soaked up love.

Then I trucked off with the bridesmaids for a mani/pedi. I have had 3 manis in all the sum total of my days, and maybe two pedis? But never both at the same time. The pumice made me alternately giggly and irritated. I chose white for my toes and dark grey for my fingers. The other girls chose normal, pretty colors.

Now who's edgy?

Then I dashed to Meijer for an ill-fitting strapless bra, waterproof mascara, emergency mini muffins and a large terracotta pot.

I drove home like a house a'fire, washed and combed Ruby's hair with my eyes closed, got dressed with one hand tied behind my back, coaxed the flower girl up the aisle, made it under the tent just in time, listened to Calvin forecast the weather, (It's really, really severe-ing over in this orange place!) and finally made it safely to the best cheeseburger I've had in a good long while.

Hold the phone - have I just talked in two complete circles? Wasn't I already at the rehearsal dinner and now I'm back again?

Well, all of that to say - I got my blanket. I cradled it in my arms. I cozied up beneath it on the couch. I wrote a haiku, in its honor.

And I'll share it with you tomorrow.


  1. OH My Gosh! You are too funny! I love it and cant wait for the Haiku! I can't imagine what you have up in the brillant mind! ~lulu P.s. gorgeous blanket!

  2. You made me giggle. You are so much fun. Thanks for sharing that story. I love stories!!! x

  3. I truly love reading your posts! You're an amazing writer - it tickles me to read about your adventures.
    You lucky girl...the blanket is beautiful. I love that she saved it for such a special occassion to give it to you.

    That is a cute bracelet!

    Sarah :)

  4. Beautiful blanket....and I wonder how many people did or did not get the Paul Kinsey comment;)

  5. the quilt is GOREGEOUS!!! My heart went pitter patter and it's not even mine! The way to a man's heart is through his stomache, the way to a womans is through pretty happy things:)

  6. oops...i spelled gorgeous wrong...I was just in a tizzy over the quilt...

  7. Uh-oh, kg is not going to like this. I haven't broke it to her yet. Loved being a part of this story as I love you. Ps. I'm typing this instead of paying attention to the movie Dear John on my honeymoon. Is that bad? Next to me, R's given up and is playing his tank game (on his phone). Xoxo

  8. With all the love you shower everyone else with I love that you got it right back!

  9. It was your birthday? Happy belated Birthday, Farmgirl!
    Gorgeous blanket, and I can't wait for the Haiku - I love poetry!

  10. What a nut!
    You are hilarious! I write brilliant things in my head before I fall asleep, then I fall asleep and when I wake up POOF!
    If only I could remember my brilliant dreams. Sometimes when I'm dreaming I actually think, "THIS would make a great dream"...then I wake up and remember that a cat that floats down river with a trunk full of supplies is NOT bestseller material on this planet.

    But I digress. I love your loops and your fountain soda ways.

  11. When I said, "this would make a great dream" to myself while dreaming, what I actually was trying to say was, "This would make a great book" but I was trying to talk to my spouse while commenting here, and my brain floated away from the stress. Sorry.

  12. You kill me! I love the blanket! What a great friend , definitely not a bridezilla! Anxiously awaiting the haiku.

  13. Shannan,
    You are the cutest!!
    I love your blanket!
    What an awesome friend!
    Hope you are having a great week!
    P.S. I have only had one pedi in my life and two manis. : )) \

  14. I truly LOVE to visit you! You are too funny and I'm glad to hear that you had a Fun Birthday! Your hands? You are just uniquely YOU! see you soon, susie

  15. i always wanted long, graceful fingers.. Im so envious~~~
    You put a smile on my face tonight and I can't wait to read your Haiku. I never understood those things so hopefully it will make sense to me!

  16. Happy
    Birthday. Lovely blanket.

  17. That is such a beautiful blanket and you must be such a great friend to have such a great friend! Love that she would throw you a party right before her big day! Truly special in every way!

  18. I think you are lovely. And I followed your story quite well. It's like a conversation with a friend. Happy Belated Birthday.

  19. I'm sitting here chuckling...

    Isn't it great to have such blessings - such as dear friends and petite, delicate hands, unlike that WNBA player?? ;)

  20. I just discovered your blog and have been reading your last 2 or 3 posts and am hooked! You are so cute. Happy Birthday to you and am glad you got your blanket sooner than later. Anxiously awaiting the haiku!
    Come by and see me sometime out in California.....-Delores

  21. Lucky you to get your blanket before your friend's death! It looks wonderful, you look wonderful and your nails look wonderful.

  22. the more i get to know you...

    the more i wonder why i wasn't invited for a salad with steak, blue cheese, vinaigrette, fountain coke and chocolate cake. could there be a more perfect meal? and haven't i known you my entire life?!

    my haiku would have been written in the form of a boy-sterous show tune, however. maybe sung aloud in the middle of the night...honey in the other room asking if i'm talking to myself again...

    hee hee hee...

  23. Ok - I just have to ask...where is that bracelet from...I LOVE it! I'm pretty sure I know the answer (a yard sale that is long over and only had one), but thought I'd take a chance & ask anyway.

    I really enjoy your blog.

  24. Oh I can so see why you would be holding that lovely quilt so is amazingly lovely my lucky girl you. Ahhhh Friends ...what blessings. xoxoxo

  25. You are so funny and cute...what a wonderful writing style you have! Love the bracelet..wish my hands looked as pretty! :)

  26. This post totally made me smile. Thank you for that. Your best friend is completely awesome...and I have a feeling that you are also a completely awesome best friend!

  27. I love Calvin's weather forecasting...that's the kind of truth I like to hear...just tell it like it is with NO drama and high tech crapola.
    Your hands don't look should see mine and then you'll love yours.

  28. Oh, you are my favoritest ever!

  29. Oh girlie I love you. BTW your hands are beautiful because they are attached to you. They are not even close to being claw like...even though this made me laugh A LOT!

    I would have done the same thing with that blanket. What a precious gift. Happy Birthday to you sweet friend.

  30. Talking in circles is genetic. Have you ever been around some of the Fisher girls? It is like looking into your future. So happy you had a great day. The pics are classic Shanny Dawn. XOXO Vickie

  31. hahahah! too funny. happy belated b-day!

  32. you should write books. brilliant. and i love your smile!

  33. Girl, that is pure joy on your face. That Sarah is something else I can tell. You 2 are lucky to have each other.

  34. Your sister Sarah, (oh, there I go again I forgot she wasn't biologically your sister),is so good to you. You two girls light up my life. It was only yesterday the two of you lived together each weekend and I could hear the laughter ring through the house!! I am sure you had the same radiant smile when Cor gave you the ring( now was that the first or the second time????)

  35. I love you! Is that weird?
    Love the part about having your flip flops rocked off! And Yum, your birthday lunch could not sound any better, I'm sitting here thinking about where I can get a good steak salad tomorrow.
    Can't wait to read your adoption post...
    Happy birthday!

  36. you make me laugh so much! Love your expression full of happiness seeing the blanket! I love it!

    Happy Birthday to you too...I can't believe you all fit that in with a wedding too...what a nice surprise for you sweet girl

  37. Oh I love your blue baby and your bracelet!

  38. you are absolutely hilarious! this made me laugh out loud!

  39. you are sooo stinkin cute!! and hilarious! and i am so glad you got your blanket and that your friends are so sweet! i am so not glad that you have to sell your house, though. im sorry for you guys! i just hate that. but i know God has amazing plans for yall and i just cant wait to hear about all of them. every detail. love it!

  40. you are right... I was more than a little jealous of the blanket. But I have not coveted it for nearly so long as you, nor was it my birthday, nor could I have accepted it quite so eloquently. :) Enjoy!

  41. God knit you together in your mother’s womb and He knew you would need those hands just the way they are when He made them to take such wonderful care of those beautiful babies! I love your blog!