Thursday, June 24, 2010


I relish the heft.
Aqua blooms stitched together.
A gift from the heart.

PS 1 - I keep meaning to tell you that I am working on a Big Ol' Adoption post, with a list of FAQs. I love nothing more than hearing so many of you say that you have a heart for adoption. I tell people all of the time, unwarranted, that they should adopt. I can be very bossy and nosy in that way. But truly, it warms my heart right up. I'm sorry that I haven't gotten back to some of you yet with answers to your questions, but sit tight, wee doves. Sit tight...

PS 2 - Our first house showing is in the books!!

PS 3 - I'm well aware that my half-asleep haiku does not live up the yesterday's hype. What can I say? Sometimes I like to create false anticipation.

PS 4 - Did you know today is National Italics Day?

PS 5 - OK, that's a lie. Good night.


  1. "I relish the heft" = NEW FAVORITE THING EVER! Sometimes I carry phrases around with me, rolling them around in my brain, repeating them as comfort...this, this is my new favorite. I will begin quoting this at any and all appropriate (okay AND inappropriate) opportunities.

    I can't wait for your adoption post. I think the first person who sees your house will want to buy it...unless they are a family of monkeys.

  2. I'm making it my fb status. watch me. I'm so excited right now.
    This is also going to be used for Settlers of Catan play. We usually quote from The Office...but this...this...

  3. I don't even know what a haiku is. I'm assuming a poem?? I thought it was beautiful.

    I'm interested about the adoption answers. I would love to go there, but Honey not so much. It would definitely take a change of heart for him.

    That blanket sure is pretty. I bet you have some sweet dreams under it's aqua blooms;)

  4. That blanket is so dreamy! Maybe you should show us some pics of it in your house....:)

    Great Haiku!

  5. The blanket is amazing with its delicate ruffles along the edge...


    What an awesome gift! I love the poem too. Short and sweet, the poetry I like most! :)

  6. Love the new blankie.
    I haven't been blogging lately and just read that you are putting the Farm up for sale. although I have never been there, nor do I know you in person, for some reason it makes me a little sad in a nostalgic sort of way. That said..your new place will be filled with you, the hubs and the littles...what could be more homey than that. Did I just say "homey"? Nite Homey! :)

  7. Ok, I know I was under the weather for a few days...but how the heck did I miss the fact that you are putting the farm up for sale?? My heart is a little sad for you. I am going to have to search your older posts...and I am with you on adoption! Sing it from the rooftops, sista. The world needs to truly know how wonderful it is!


  8. Will you move to a larger farm...?

    I've done a few haiku in my day... isn't it 5,3,5 ?

    Are you a Settlers OC fan?

    Love that quilt...did your friend sew that?

    enough ???


  9. wonderful haiku and how great a showing already...and national italics day!!! LOve that:)

  10. I love haikus had my daughter's friends write one to bring to her last birthday party... i've save them in a glass jar for her to take out and read again!
    love the quilt!!!

  11. Your first showing! yay! I love your haiku. I like writing them for Jim only mine are a bit sassy. That might now surprise you. That quilt is just all kinds of lovely.

  12. I'll fight you for the quilt! I love it, all my favorites.... turquoise, flowers, ruffles -sigh. The haiku made me remember my old English teacher. She would have been proud! oh, how I wish I could relish my heft! hehe

  13. Your first showing, yippee! are you tidying and cleaning like crazy? good luck!

    Happy national italics day! What are you going to do to celebrate?

  14. Happy Showing!! I know it's going to go great.

  15. Ha - love the haiku! An old high school friend just did a haiku recently as well - gotta love breaking out in random haikus :)

  16. adoption-my first lovely came this way!!!!!

  17. I'm looking forward to the adoption post! Maybe you can clear up a few things for my son(he's 6) and every kid we pass in the store..."Mama, can we adopt him?"

    It's the cutest thing. I try to tell him that maybe their Mama wouldn't like it so much!


  18. i'm waiting for that adoption post...

  19. Those aqua blooms are the bees knees. Does it fit on your bed?
    I think a FAQ post is brilliant! What a great idea!
    Have I told you how much I love poetry?

  20. Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my header, that is so kind of you.... and thank you so much for letting me share your bridal shower! I know everyone really loved it!!

  21. I seriously love the ruffly trim on that quilt... I think I have quilt envy. Enjoy! :)