Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Because Nothing Says Love Like Tuna

The dog days are here. You hadn't heard?

Well, I think they're here...or they're very nearly here. Although, I've been bundled up in my grey hooded sweatshirt all day, so they may have been waylayed in transit. Or maybe they just stopped for a Frosty.

But mark my words, Benny, they're coming.

Until then, I'm down in the dreaded dinnertime valley that rests between cozy Wintertime stews and garden mania. Around these parts, we've got nothing but lettuce and weeds, and my kids aren't too picky, but they do draw the line at weeds.

So, it's up to me to drum up some new business. Something fresh (because that's how I roll most happily) and easy (because we're busy drip-drying and picking strawberries and contemplating zinnias and such).

It should surprise no one that Rachael Ray came through in the clutch.

I made this along with this for dinner, and they were both raging successes.

RR's tuna melt was meant to be grilled, but we broiled, instead. (We are prone to pop-up authority figure conflicts when the mercury rises.)

I had this for dinner, then the next day for lunch, then I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I bought more tuna and had it again. And again.

I will never again eat old-school tuna, so help me Hannah.

Unless I'm at Subway and they're willing to throw in extra banana peppers.

**For you eagle eyes out there, the two photos shown do not show canellini beans, because Cory never met a lentil or legume that he likes. However, I did add them to mine and they were superb!