Sunday, May 9, 2010

Five Dollars Five Can Ya Give Me Five Wouldja?

I did the best thing ever this weekend.

I attended the auction for my beloved Newton School (K-12 in one little building!). Word on the street is that the asbestos guys are coming in tomorrow and then, soon to follow, the bomb squad.

I don't think they really go by "bomb squad", but when you go around blowing up buildings, you need to be prepared for the fall-out, no?

Let me tell you something - it's a well documented fact that I am not a morning person, but there's nothing like a nostalgic auction to find me bright eyed in the early morning hours.

I was so sure that the place would be flooded - Flooded! with people.

There were plenty of people there...but no floods.

Lucky for me, my pals Cheryl and Mrs. Chillingworth were there.

And our beloved science teacher, Mr. Short.

He's a genius. He made me love science. He taught me everything I know about Biology, Chemistry and Physics. He was it. He was the only college-prep science teacher at our school.

He was also my mom's science teacher...he went way back. And he had the endearing/unnerving characteristic of accidentally calling his current students by the names of their much older brothers/cousins/uncles/dads. He never called me Nancy, but I wish he would have.

We ran into a couple of other classmates, and bonus! I got to chat with Kara and Barbara. (Kara - we need to talk for real one of these days. Enough of this passing-in-the-halls business!)

As for the auction - I wanted to buy the whole place up. It was flying out the door for a song.

I wanted to buy the box of apothecary jars and bottle up the scent of the floor varnish and pencil shavings and grey paint and stow it away for safe-keeping and impromptu sniffs.

I wanted to time travel back, just for one day, and live that life. Slam that red locker shut. Slide my hand along the slick wooden banister. Stomp on the noisy square in the lunch line. Eat that rushed toasted cheese sandwich. I wanted to pass notes. Have a crush. Learn a little.

I wanted to fold those 13 years up and carry them in my pocket.

But since I couldn't do all of that, I bought a door for $8 and a periodic table of the elements.

I had lunch with the girls and laughed my too-loud laugh, too many times.

I didn't shed a tear, but I sort of wish I would have.

It's sad to me, that they are replacing so much with so new. Who wants new? Not me. I find it all unnecessary, to start from scratch. But then again, I'm no expert on building codes and public schools and such.

My era is ending. I bought one of the loud clocks, and with it, the right to wax nostalgic about my school, forevermore. Yep, I'm that lady now.

Newton, you were good to me. I wouldn't have changed a thing. Except for maybe band - I do always regret quitting band.

ps- Pics mostly courtesy of Cory. Thanks, Honey! And sorry for not using any of the 12 compelling fire extinguisher shots.