Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rainy Day Tuesday - Unwrapped

It's a raining-cats-&-dogs kind of day. The kind that tricks the Littles into sleeping in an extra 20 minutes. The kind that begs for all-day pajamas and hot food instead of cold meat sandwiches.

True, we can't travel the world today.

Or draw up a sidewalk-chalk city.

The laundry today will lack the crispness that is so decadent on a sheet but so woeful on a bath towel.

But, we will read the most smashing library books - this one and this one were our favorites - books about dreaming big dreams and making your own adventure and enjoying the ordinary.

We will make an ill-conceived attempt at shoving back the coffee table (finding 2 Cocoa Puffs beneath and marveling at how long it has been since we have had Cocoa Puffs in the house) for a "Play Area". Heads will be bonked. Toddlers will take up arms. Whining and crying will ensue. Bedroom break-times will result.

We will wipe and wipe and wipe runny noses.

We will sing about the man who went to bed and bumped his head and couldn't get up in the morning.

We will ask for second helpings of peas.

We will draw pictures of people who are all heads and limbs - not a torso in the bunch.

We will slather Vicks onto chests and shuffle upstairs to rest.

We have plenty to do, on these rainy days. Mostly, we have the drip-dry time to unwrap the gifts of each other, of shelter and our Cozy Warms, and of the choice we have, every single day, to find beauty in the rain, the left-overs, and the quibbles.

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