Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh Happy Day

My husband's job will live to see another day.

The ants have stormed the gates, which means peonies are soon to follow.

I have friends (real and "pretend") who seem to understand my recent ramblings.

I am presently eating fresh pineapple from my little aqua Target-bin bowl.

Calvin is learning about courage.

Tomorrow is garden day.

I made a batch of Cereal Cookies. Breakfast? Dessert? You decide.

And best for last: Whilst playing at the park this morning, Ruby crashed her bike into the birdbath in the little perennial garden. I looked over just in time to see the bowl suspended in air. Thank my lucky stars for plastic birdbaths.

She was drenched, head to toe. Too shocked to cry. Reeking of damp birds. It was the funniest thing evah.