Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh Happy Day

My husband's job will live to see another day.

The ants have stormed the gates, which means peonies are soon to follow.

I have friends (real and "pretend") who seem to understand my recent ramblings.

I am presently eating fresh pineapple from my little aqua Target-bin bowl.

Calvin is learning about courage.

Tomorrow is garden day.

I made a batch of Cereal Cookies. Breakfast? Dessert? You decide.

And best for last: Whilst playing at the park this morning, Ruby crashed her bike into the birdbath in the little perennial garden. I looked over just in time to see the bowl suspended in air. Thank my lucky stars for plastic birdbaths.

She was drenched, head to toe. Too shocked to cry. Reeking of damp birds. It was the funniest thing evah.


  1. G'Day~Great Tree Photos! Cookies are the very best food ever............They go with or replace any meal.My Fav! ~Cheers Kim

  2. Aw-what a birdbath memory!

  3. Funniest thing EVAH!
    Second funniest thing: 2 yr old asking to ride one of those mechanical cars that are everywhere, in front of grocery stores, the hospital, the IRS office, Grandma's house, etc.
    Of course, I say NO.
    "Dat's okay mom, I have change in my pants"
    Cue public pant pull down.
    I'm glad your husband has his job! Woot wooooooot!
    Am I a "pretend" friend? I think I am.
    Can I be invisible too?

  4. that is stinking ha-larious!
    and that mantle is gorgeous... is it yours??
    I will also be an invisible pretend friend...

  5. first off, breakfast and dessert. and im super glad your husbands job is intact. and so excited/sad for you about your sis. i know she will love it. and love drenched kids. love it.

  6. glad everything is great.

  7. Yuhaaayyy! Whoopee! God is so good!!!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I had two nine year olds in the shop today who smelled like damp puppy dogs. Whew!!! Thank God for the windy weathuh!

  8. Breakfast!

    Being a visual person... I am giggling like nobodies business right now!!

    why is it that we laugh when people clearly could have been hurt?!! ;)

  9. Yay to the job still being there, yay to cookies of any kind, yay to that mantel(swoon), and yay to kids at the park! You are always good for a laugh! xoxo

  10. That IS a happy day! I couldn't wait to come here this morning to find out. Now you can take a deep breath!

  11. I want a "garden day"...but I'm heading to a stuffy office. Grateful for the job though and grateful that your hubby still has his.
    Enjoy today. And you have something to look forward to Friday...FNL begins!!!Firday Night Lights is the BEST.

  12. I am laughing so hard at that...{not about your hubby's job} but Ruby and the birdbath:)

  13. That picture of her is the funniest thing evah!

  14. OK, so I have to ask: where did you get that painting? It looks just like one I have: http://prettypleasantandpractical.blogspot.com/2009/06/true-story.html !!!!

    Only I thought mine was a real painting and not a print, but maybe I was wrong. :-(

    Or maybe I'll just pretend I never saw another one! :-)

  15. Oh...and I'd go breakfast with the cereal bars. :-)

  16. I just got a chance to read your post from Monday, when I have moments of doubt creep in I remember that the Bible says in Revalations 4:11, Thou art worthy,O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.
    He created us for the same reason we chose to have children for our pleasure. We bless them with rewards and gifts because it brings us pleasure to see them happy, and while it pains us to see them suffer, it brings us pleasure to be able to help them, see them grow and make right choices in the face of trial. This is what life is ALL about, pleasing our creator. Trust and obey for theres no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey.

  17. Girl! Your blog never ceases to make me grin. Ruby especially always makes me smile. How can you resist smoochin' those cheeks at all times?
    Bright blessings -

  18. You do know how to SEE life with the eyes of light and faith. It's really a beautiful thing to read. :) I want eyes like yours!

  19. ooh. cereal cookies. Yum. I say breakfast AND dessert! :)

    That picture of ruby is adorable. I love it!

  20. Hey lady...YOU WON MY GIVEAWAY for the burlap runner! Email me...


  21. beautiful images, your daughter is a beauty. I actually had a cookie for breakfast this morning :)

  22. Love those cool shades of Ruby's. Sounds like a good day on the farm. Praise God about the hubby's job and I <3 Peonies. *tee hee

  23. i remember that little aqua bowl and i remember telling you i liked it :)

    and i wish i could have seen ruby - i mean that in the nicest AFV (America's Funniest Videos) way.

  24. Popped over from... ummm... but I LOVE your blog. Great posts, fun to read, beautiful kiddies!

  25. Hey congrats on winning the giveaway over at Urban Farmgirl!! YOu lucky thing you!! It was fun to see that someone I knew won:)

  26. What a post just full of gratitude. I love it.

  27. Three cheers for being employed!
    Ruby needs her own tv show.
    Cookies are definitely breakfast food.
    Long email coming your way.
    Happy Garden Day!

  28. oh the pictures you have of sweet ruby! she seems to be such a delight!!

  29. it's still so cold here (grr) that my peonies are still tight little balls. I'm so excited for peony season! And I thought the ant thing was just an old wives tale? Oh and my bird bath is very heavy concrete. Good thing my kiddos are older!

  30. I tried, I really did. I tried to read the next post but as soon as I saw that thing around your neck I had to skee-daddle on out of there. I came here instead. I tried my best to purge those images from my mind so I went back to the photo I saw yesterday of a cutie patootie with sunglasses and while her sweetness is nearly killing me; I've never been more thankful than I am right now. : )

  31. Food is food... why limit it? We have b.fast food for supper sometimes. And i hear of (crazy) people (like my husband) that eats cold pizza (a supper food, in my mind) for b. fast. So cookies can def be for b.fast, esp if it has even a trace of cereal in them! Cheers..
    thanks, doll for leaving a comment on my blog. When I saw it I think my heart jumped, I screamed, and called my husband just to tell him. When I said "do you know flowerpatch farmgirl!" he replied (to my surprise) "yes, you've shown me her blog and talk about it all the time"
    what I'm saying, girl, is you have alot to live up to cause I think your rockin! :) If you even let me down I'll just have to...
    just have to...
    well, here's what I'll do,
    I'll forgive ya and move right on! Cause that's what "pretend" friends do! :)
    God bless your family and your blogging!
    xo... <3

  32. This isn't the first time Ruby has met such fate with a large vat of water.