Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jessica's Swoony Blooms With a Side of Thinking Out Loud

The breeze makes wind-chimes of my napkin-curtains clipped to the rod. Calvin shoves around a wooden semi truck, 3 decades old, and the tired wheels creak belligerence. Outside, the lawn mower. Upstairs, two sleeping babies; brown eyes closed, unfair eyelashes lazy napping on chubby cheeks.

This day has been so good to us. We shared a picnic on a pink quilt with friends; two mamas energizing as small forces combine, conjuring up Southern twangs, swine sales, hired farmhands, then onto an elaborate effort for the butterfly to catch the spider.

Our road home is fortuitous, if only in theory. Off-the-beaten-paths teach me something new about myself. God whispers into my heart the start of a new paragraph.

The sun beats down and cooks life into my bones. Who can be tired on a day like this?

This life of ours is a haven. Keeps us warm. Cools us. Holds us together tight. We unfurl the twine, tie up world-weary Delphinium and the twine circles back around, drawing us in, standing us up taller. We nudge new growth and cut back old. We feed our bodies and our souls.

Down-time once spent wrapped up cozy and dreamy-eyed is now spent noticing and soul-searching.

I tap at the keyboard, my insides electric with possibility. Or is it worry? Maybe a little of both, but the ratio is an honest 70/30 and I call that promise.

All at once, the chimes, the squeaky wheels, the whirring blades fade and I hear only quiet. I feel a nudge, very nearly tangible.

I sneak away, to no one's notice except for the one who invited me.

"The Lord will work out his plans for my life - for your faithful love, oh Lord, endures forever."
Psalm 138:8

Reminded again - it is not up to me. We are not the bosses.

I pluck that ruffled stem and find that it fits rather nicely in my pocket.