Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Summer When...

Around here, it's officially Summer when:

* The littles require a bath every blasted night (we're not nightly kid bathers in the cool months - so sue us).

* The tub requires a cleaning after the nightly Kid baths. (Almost seems easier to let 'em sleep off some of that grime...)

* I come home from the grocery store with 3 kinds of berries - all on sale - and a watermelon.

* I contemplate fruit salad and ice cream for dinner.

* My feet are flip-flop-achy and my fingernails are woebegotten.

* My Sweet Petunia falls into a stone-cold sleep coming home from the grocery store, at 10:30 a.m. (These long days are catching up with us...)

* My wedding ring doesn't freely slide around to the back side of my finger. Between the sweat and the grime and the puffery, it's not going anywhere.

* We get 2 more hours of outside work done after the kids are in bed.

* The glaringly obvious age spot on my nose rears its ugly head.

* My flower obsession kicks into full-throttle.

* We forget we own a t.v.

* The thought of folding laundry - touching anything remotely warm - makes me sweat.

* I make my first jug of sun tea.

* Calvin commences the wearing of a sweat-band all the livelong day. (You'll never meet a sweatier boy.)

* This passes by every morning, around 10:00.

* The shy first-glow of a flip-flop tan line emerges.

I have a Summertime crush on Summer. I don't even mind the 90 degree temps with the no AC. Please, Summer, be yourself this year. There's no need to play it cool, like last year. Give us your best. We can take it.