Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Covert Mission - Accomplished

Here's a bit of family trivia for you: Cory and I have been sleeping in the guest room since Silo came home. I'm digging the Fox Room, named such because it was decked out in a 3-part, coordinating Fox wallpaper motif when we arrived. Foxes on the bottom half, forest landscape on the top, Different foxes on the mid-section border.

Dreamy, no?

Alas, I'm finding the Fox(less) Room so homey. I can't entirely put my finger on it. I just feel at peace knowing that we're all up there together.

But the bed is a double and our toes hang off the end. I think the novelty wore off with Cory about 6 weeks ago...

Don't you just love these rambling posts where I take a month of Sundays to get to the point?

What can I say, I like to set the stage.

As I was saying, the two biggest littles are always the first to wake up. They tip-toe downstairs and 99% of the time, I hear them.

On this day, I did not.

This place does fall toward the nutty side of a normal/nutty continuum, but it is not commonplace for me to happen upon my children standing double in a window sill in the early morning hour.

Word on the street was that Jumpy/Buddy the Beanie Baby kitten had mysteriously landed atop the armoire.

I guess he's not named Jumpy for nothing.

It took them a while to notice that I was even in the room. Ruby kept saying, over and over, "Calvin! You're so brave! You're really, really brave, Calvin!"

And then I was spotted.

And then Jumpy Buddy was retrieved through the courageous valor and steely mettle of Calvin, Ruby's on-again-off-again Honey.

After the ticker-tape parade, we celebrated over bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios.

Tomorrow begins another week of possibility and temperatures in the 90's. Bring it on, baby. We're ready. We have squirt guns.