Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Covert Mission - Accomplished

Here's a bit of family trivia for you: Cory and I have been sleeping in the guest room since Silo came home. I'm digging the Fox Room, named such because it was decked out in a 3-part, coordinating Fox wallpaper motif when we arrived. Foxes on the bottom half, forest landscape on the top, Different foxes on the mid-section border.

Dreamy, no?

Alas, I'm finding the Fox(less) Room so homey. I can't entirely put my finger on it. I just feel at peace knowing that we're all up there together.

But the bed is a double and our toes hang off the end. I think the novelty wore off with Cory about 6 weeks ago...

Don't you just love these rambling posts where I take a month of Sundays to get to the point?

What can I say, I like to set the stage.

As I was saying, the two biggest littles are always the first to wake up. They tip-toe downstairs and 99% of the time, I hear them.

On this day, I did not.

This place does fall toward the nutty side of a normal/nutty continuum, but it is not commonplace for me to happen upon my children standing double in a window sill in the early morning hour.

Word on the street was that Jumpy/Buddy the Beanie Baby kitten had mysteriously landed atop the armoire.

I guess he's not named Jumpy for nothing.

It took them a while to notice that I was even in the room. Ruby kept saying, over and over, "Calvin! You're so brave! You're really, really brave, Calvin!"

And then I was spotted.

And then Jumpy Buddy was retrieved through the courageous valor and steely mettle of Calvin, Ruby's on-again-off-again Honey.

After the ticker-tape parade, we celebrated over bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios.

Tomorrow begins another week of possibility and temperatures in the 90's. Bring it on, baby. We're ready. We have squirt guns.


  1. Sneaking up on kiddos is priceless. I love that you got it on "film".
    Yay for summer! Come on over with your guns and share our sprinkler tomorrow! We have no plans but to swelter, as Nora would say.

  2. Water guns, I always loved water guns. Remember the Macungie Pool on a hot day. The smells, the music over the PA and the silly group of people who appeared old as the the hills but probably just prematurely aged.

  3. Good for you for having a camera not a "fit" : )
    I love that!! So many mommas would have freaked and made them "get down immediately" glad you enjoyed the moment Your'e a good momma!
    Have a great warm week!

  4. I love the post. My dad told my sister and I when we were little that he came home from his 3-11 shift and found us playing on the floor in the living room in the moonlight.

    He asked us what we were doing, and I told him to shut up - that we were playing.

    :) Laura

  5. What an absolutely SWEET moment to have captured! Such chivalry!

    Do we get to see photos of that awesome fox room? :)

  6. Too cute. I love creapin' up on my girls when they don't expect it. I always get some giggles out of them.

    Water guns are fun...I need to get some for us this summer. We've got water balloons but they're a bit more tedious than the guns.

    Have fun!

  7. That is just priceless!!! And you are so lucky temps in the 90's??? At this very moment the weather man is talking snow in the morning. You gotta love Utah weather!

  8. Love the fly on the wall moments!
    90's?! Oh, you lucky girl. Would you like to hear me complain once again about my weather? Because I'd be happy to oblige.
    Our favorite cool down is the sprinkler under the trampoline. Good times.

  9. Why is it so windy in my corner of the world? AHH! MY ALLERGIES!
    Is it wrong for me to have a secret love affair with wallpaper? Nothing in my house is papered, but wouldn't it be cool if I grew enough courage to paper a wall in a bold, Anthropologie-esque print?
    Just saying.
    Those kids are hysterical. At first I thought they were sneaking out the window.

  10. That is too funny! I really miss having little kids around the house.
    Enjoy the heat ~ squirt guns on hot summer days are the best.

  11. Squirt guns? It doesn't get much better than that! Can you believe the change in weather? I'm afraid I was a bit unprepared.

    Yesterday Emma was thinking about you guys and remembering our trip, your wonderful trees, our picnic lunch and blueberry picking. I hope we can do it again soon!

  12. So happy you take time to relish their escapades! I wish I'd taken more pictures of my three. The memory isn't as good now as I anticipated it to be when I was 30!
    Ohhh,and the fox wallpaper sounds pretty nifty to me, of course!
    Enjoy the water guns, we are busting out the popsicles and the sprinkler! xoxo

  13. Sorry I have not stopped by for a while, I have been burning my candle at both ends. Anyway, I missed your wonderful posts - they always make me smile. Can't wait to see the squirt gun photos, I have a strong feeling that these guys are gonna have really good aim. All the best, Lori

  14. I love when they don't know we're watching...I always think the cutest and sweetest things are said...have fun with those squirt guns:)

  15. To be a fly on the wall in your home... I love that you call it the fox room. We wouldn't last very long in a double bed. You guys are troopers.

    It's gonna be hot like that here too. Not a big fan of extremes. Water guns sounds like a great idea.

  16. This is so cute! I love how Ruby kept encouraging Calvin by telling him how brave he was! Don't we all appreciate someone like that in our lives every now and then!? Such sweet children!!!!

  17. That is the good stuff, catching those silly, delicious, fun moments with the kids. Have a great day out there!

  18. Ha ha! That's so cute! Reminds me of my two wild ones! Everett is always the brave one in our house :)

  19. that's so funny. They are so resourceful, no? :)

  20. Oh, my, goodness....I just found out who Shirley chicken legs is!!! The Mucungie pool was the give away. Too bad Grandma G. didn't have a digital cam when the boys were little to get a pic of them on top of the roof! Can't wait to see if the sill holds a third.

  21. I was just reading your sidebar ....
    we joined compassion a few weeks ago at our church in the burbs ..
    we are excited to get going with our new "child"

    may I add you to my faves? ... oooops already did

  22. Your children are adorable!

    Would you write a few posts about your favorite summer recipes? I'm getting into eating more fresh foods... I used to be a taste of home, campbells soup casserole kinda girl and need some ideas.

  23. you are so fun! i love it! and i didn't know you were in korea... do tell me more, sometime... i love this, getting to know you... you are beautiful.

  24. What a beautiful party! Look out because Country Living magazine will be knocking your door down after this post! Lovely, really lovely. What a lucky BFF you have!

  25. Oops, I commented on the wrong post. I meant it to go to the pretty party you had. Who gave me a license to blog?

  26. I LOVE the pics of them on the windowsill!!! Continuing to pray for you & trusting my Jesus to guide your family as He accomplishes His plan and purpose in your lives!