Thursday, May 6, 2010

Because He's My Favorite 5-Year Old

Mr. Lee is an artist, you know.

This started off as a blank sheet of printer paper. I have never known him to be so Picasso-esque. The blue glitter in the middle sealed the deal. It's a keeper.

And then there's this one... He quietly made this for me during a rare downstairs quiet time this week.

People. He drew our garden boxes. And our fish pond. And our house...our pole barn. Us. And that's Daddy working in the garden and Calvin "throwing pebbles" into the pond.

Homeboy clearly knows how to work the system. One more of these and I'll let him stay downstairs every day for quiet time.

(Lordy, am I ever glad he can't read.... Although he did recently tell me that he "follows" my blog. So...?)

And what Mama wouldn't love to receive this card from her oldest little?

Especially if it looked like this on the flip side?

Or this sort of package...

with this inside?

This child gets me. He knows what makes me tick.

Very recently he brought me a little white busted-up seashell.... Truth is, I'm not all "beachy" like so many of you out there. I'm more cornfieldy. But his gift seemed very intentional, so I had to do some digging. He told me that he got it at pre-school. I said, "Don't you want to keep it?" and he replied, "Well, I do want to keep it, but I thought you might like it more, because it looks sort of...antiquey."

Swoony Swoony Swoon Swoon.


Needless to say, the shell has been sitting on my kitchen windowsill ever since.

My dude is so inquisitive and so intuitive. So crafty. So unmatchy.

I adore every quirk. I don't even mind that he's smarter than me.

It is such a privilege to watch him grow. I can't wait to see how Kindergarten treats him.

But for now, I'm making a mental note to find out which one of us is getting ready to jump...

PS - I apologize profusely for the snake incident. My attempt at immersion therapy was wildly unsuccessful and you know what they say, misery loves company... Still, complaints of trauma stemming from nightmares or general, daytime heebie-jeebies may be filed below.


  1. He's a great little with a great mama!

  2. wow.
    I was an art major in college. He's good.
    The last picture, the building has perspective! YOU can SEE the ANGLES of the BUILDING!
    And the first?
    Frame it.
    God Bless You Grandma, you've got a little Kandinsky on your hands.
    Google Kandinsky if you don't know him, and compare his color choices with Calvin's. Just sayin'.
    p.s. Reading crazy love. good book, but the book club is awesome. I sit next to an ancient lady with the same name as me and she made me cry like, five times. Seriously.

  3. Window sill treasures are the best! I actually flip my lid when anything other than a treasure is put in treasure-ville. don't they know?!

  4. Psh, don't apologize for the snake thing:)

    WHAT a cutie! Love the card. And the shell comment of being antiquey? Adorable!

  5. Phew! I thought Calvin's fish pond was a wrecking ball. What a relief. He is just such a little boy wonder...God is so good!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I'm not a beachy girl either...tho' my brothers may beg to differ.

  6. HE IS TALENTED! Already drawing dimension. You do have a real artist on your hands!


  7. Sounds like a great kid! Love how he sounds so sensitive and in tune with you.

  8. Nothing melts my heart like a heartfelt picture from one of my chicks. He did such a great job:) Sounds like he loves his mama a whole bunch. Happy Mother's weekend to you Shannan.

  9. I love the skyscraper with the daring person on top...yikes now my fear of heights has been activated! haha Have a great weekend and enjoy those sweetums!

  10. Little boys are precious. I don't know which is funnier, the grandma card or the packaging. I'll go with the packaging. They just warm a mama's heart! Oh, and love your new header :) Happy Mothers Day you Hot Mama!

  11. I think your five year old needs to have a date with my five year old and craft out! Dreamy.

  12. How adorable! My Aubrie just started drawing people & it cracks me up :) I can't wait to see hers transform into something like Calvin's - they are frame-worthy - you need an art wall woman!!

  13. Awwww. What a sweet boy! Nice to have a little fella with a soft smushy heart for his grandma, er...Mama.
    It looks like the rest of the fam is waiting on the ground to catch the jumper, so no worries.
    Happy Mother's Day, Farmgirl!

  14. I love it when your own kid 'gets' you. It's pretty cool when they start wanting to do things to make other people happy.

  15. This is such a great post! I know how you feel, and my "littles" are almost all grown up now. But let me say, their talents came out early, like Calvin's are, and my girls showed their true spirits when they were really young and have never stopped because they've been (mostly!) encouraged. And that's what you're doing and it's a great thing!! (I have kept, filed or framed most of the art my young artists made and wouldn't trade it for anything. And my youngest-who's now 14 - just won an award for her creativity which she's been developing since she could hold a crayon or stack a block! Not that I'm proud or anything!) There are amazing things ahead for you all....
    Happy Mother's day!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  16. Ps. I think our kiddles "get us" more than we realize, and much more than anyone else. Which is scary and wonderful at the same time.

  17. Kids are awesome. They never cease to amaze me. I know they watch us closely and in turn learn what we're all about, but at the same time they don't hold our stinky breath, eye boogers, and inability to cook against us (although they DO enjoy pointing it out). Your kids are beyond sweet and adorable.

  18. He's quite the artist...and Heidi's get us more than we know.

  19. Aaron can read my mail like no one's 'bidness'. You know, you haven't dedicated a post to my favorite five-year old in a long time, and I was Jonesing. So thank you. This will sound stalkerish - but keep a very close eye on him after you leave my house - count your babies - count them one by one.

  20. He is such a darling -- you have some of the cutest kids!

  21. Oh perfect...LOVE his pictures and that he gets you...I think they really do when you think about it...the other day Madison walked by something and said..."these curtains are beautiful mama"...hubby gave me the glare because that was her getting me in a way too...
    LOVE that you shared this...they are cuties for sure

  22. I appreciate the snake picture apology. I'm sure the nightmares will stop in about 2 months. I'm being serious. Next time, just give me a warning so I don't scroll down.

  23. sssssssssssssssstop apologizing.

    *tee hee

    <3 Calvin's pics. very sweet.

  24. First off - Calvin Rocks! I love hearing stories about your kids.

    Secondly - no apology necessary for the snake thing. As soon as I saw those two ugly heads I knew this was not the post for me and I ran for the hills. Guarding my mind - my job. I admire your bravery for even trying the snake thing. Personally I consider moving to a different state or continent whenever I see one. I've heard that Ireland and New Zealand are snake free.

  25. Calvin is so dang cute!!! Swoon! I agree! These times with your children are so very precious. I miss mine being little.

  26. Anyone can clearly see how talented Calvin is! WOW, I can't get over his artwork...its amazing, really!

  27. wow, what an amazing little guy! he's going to make somebody very happy one day, being that intuitive soul that he is. great post!

  28. Such a dear post. I have 3 kids (22,20,13) and if they draw a cute picture or write a loving note I keep them. I hang a lot of them on the insides of my cupboards. Every time I get a dish I am reminded of their sweetness.
    Thanks for sharing.

  29. your Calvin reminds me so much of my generous. And adorable. And smarty smart smart. Can I just say that FNL did not disappoint last night...why is it that nobody watches this show???...they're all watching dancing with the crazies.
    have a fabulous mother's day you fab mama!

  30. Oh my gosh! That is so cute! Get that little boy into art. He is only five and he is already drawing depth?!? Goodness. Have fun with this hobby of Calvin's. Happy Mother's Day by the way!


  31. It just seems like yesterday that my munchkins were drawing pictures for me. Now my oldest is 37 and my youngest is 25. Where does time go?? You have a precious little one... cherish these times!

  32. He's GOOD!! Have a very Happy Mother's Day!
    Come visit me @

  33. keep the little guy creating- you are a good mama. happy mother's day.

  34. oh, my gracious with the snake... are you kidding me?? I do know what it's like to be the only "old married folks" w/a bunch sof unmarrieds... it's dangerous.
    and that calvin... oh, my. I live in a house with four boys, and sometimes i feel like i am swimming in a sea of testosterone. and then, one of them will bring me flowers... yikes. i am telling you it is the sensitive, creative ones that the chicks will dig... watch out mama!

  35. and not just bring flowers, but try to arrange them like i do...

  36. Shannan,
    I'm sitting here at work, laughing hysterically at this post! How sweet that he knows you so well! "It looks sort of antique-y"..priceless! Have a great Monday!

  37. Quite an artist you have! And I love the "antiquey" shell gift, what a sweetie!

  38. ohmy, mr c is swoon-worthy indeed. (incidentally, on a scale of 1-10, how actively opposed to arranged marriages are you? because in about a quarter century, we might be allowing L to date. just tuck that away in the back of your mind.)