Thursday, May 6, 2010

Because He's My Favorite 5-Year Old

Mr. Lee is an artist, you know.

This started off as a blank sheet of printer paper. I have never known him to be so Picasso-esque. The blue glitter in the middle sealed the deal. It's a keeper.

And then there's this one... He quietly made this for me during a rare downstairs quiet time this week.

People. He drew our garden boxes. And our fish pond. And our house...our pole barn. Us. And that's Daddy working in the garden and Calvin "throwing pebbles" into the pond.

Homeboy clearly knows how to work the system. One more of these and I'll let him stay downstairs every day for quiet time.

(Lordy, am I ever glad he can't read.... Although he did recently tell me that he "follows" my blog. So...?)

And what Mama wouldn't love to receive this card from her oldest little?

Especially if it looked like this on the flip side?

Or this sort of package...

with this inside?

This child gets me. He knows what makes me tick.

Very recently he brought me a little white busted-up seashell.... Truth is, I'm not all "beachy" like so many of you out there. I'm more cornfieldy. But his gift seemed very intentional, so I had to do some digging. He told me that he got it at pre-school. I said, "Don't you want to keep it?" and he replied, "Well, I do want to keep it, but I thought you might like it more, because it looks sort of...antiquey."

Swoony Swoony Swoon Swoon.


Needless to say, the shell has been sitting on my kitchen windowsill ever since.

My dude is so inquisitive and so intuitive. So crafty. So unmatchy.

I adore every quirk. I don't even mind that he's smarter than me.

It is such a privilege to watch him grow. I can't wait to see how Kindergarten treats him.

But for now, I'm making a mental note to find out which one of us is getting ready to jump...

PS - I apologize profusely for the snake incident. My attempt at immersion therapy was wildly unsuccessful and you know what they say, misery loves company... Still, complaints of trauma stemming from nightmares or general, daytime heebie-jeebies may be filed below.