Saturday, April 24, 2010

Your Questions - Round 1

Ready or not - Here I ammmm!!!!!!
(These colors are in honor of my sister-in-law, Jamie. I can't stop thinking about your kitchen...)

Chocolate. Best nutty or plain? What is your view of it?

Oh girl, I scarcely know how to say this. I guess I'll just rip the Band-Aid right off -- I'm not much of a chocolate girl.

Are you still there, Red?

It's not that I don't eat chocolate...approximately once a month, I crave it. Where I differ from the vast majority of the sisterhood is that my craving is satisfied by one or two bites. A couple of weeks ago I ate a remnant Easter bite-sized Milky Way candy bar over the course of 3 days. One bite a day, baby. That's all my sensitive system can tolerate.

(Just kidding about the sensitive system. I think I've already told you that my stomach is lined with cast iron.)

I was just reorganizing my dessert binder yesterday and realized that 90% of the recipes are fruit-based. I'm a total fruitcake. I'll take a cobbler, a buckle, a pie, a crisp or a tart any day of the week.

Or salsa, I'll also take that pret' near anytime...

Fave tv shows?
Oh, I'm so glad you asked! My favorite shows are ever-changing, but here are my staple faves: Friday Night Lights. Tim Riggins is the new Ponyboy, ya'll. I just cannot say enough about this show. The cinematography, the dialogue, the acting, the crows feet on the ever-radiant face of Mrs. T. My sources tell me that season 3 premiers on NBC on May 7th. I'll be first in line.

OK, I got so excited there that I nearly forgot to mention some other favorites:
The Bachelor/Bachelorette (Guilty pleasure. I have no other explanation.)
48 Hours Mystery and Dateline Mystery (I can spot a re-run within the first 5.3 seconds.)
30 Rock.
Mad Men.

Do you have a goal for your blog?
My goal for my blog has always been to write for myself. I try not to get wrapped up in what readers may want to see or read about. I don't worry about the fact that I probably overwhelm you with my incessant posts. I recently read that successful bloggers should not post on weekends. Says who? And what does it mean to be a "successful blogger"? My blog is first and foremost for me. It gives me an outlet to write, which brings me exceeding joy, and it gives me an opportunity to document my life. I have never been a journaler before, although it always appealed to me, in theory. Now, Presto! I have a journal -- an active, up-to-date account of what my family is up to.

Most importantly, my goal with my blog is to remain me, pure and simple. What you see is what you get. Scary, right?

Do you hate spell check because it tries to ruin your life by saying "old" is fine when you really meant "cold"?
I have a track-record for forgeting to engaeg spell check. Thank goodness the red squiggly things pop up, because if not for them, you'd have given up on me a long time ago. Cory is my spell checker/editor. And he's brutal. Also, I'm a pretty good speller. I was sent to the county spelling bee in Junior High where I was unceremoniously disqualified in the first round. Over the word "Breathe". I remember it like yesterday. "B-R-E-A-T-H *pause* *pause* Breathe." Blasted vowels. (Full disclosure - when I just typed "Breathe", I typed it "Breath". That word has become the bane of my spelling existence, and I have no idea why. I also always misspell ocassional. See? Toldja.)

Was your transition from "career woman" to "mom" challenging?
I was lucky, because my transition was very gradual. I went from working a very high-stress, 60-hour-a-week, underpaid job to working a "regular", infinitely more intellectually stimulating job, to working the same job from home (with no kids), to working part-time from home (same job, still no kids) to working part-time from home with kids.

Did you follow that?

I think it would have been difficult for me to go from fast-paced crazy work to being home with a baby, so I'm thankful for the way my situation played out. I have enjoyed working part time immensely and believe that it has made me more organized than I would probably otherwise be. I am also very thankful for a fantastic job that has helped to finance our Triple Sweets. Having said that...I'm headed into early retirement in just 2 short weeks, which will present a brand new adjustment. (But more on that another day...)

Do you think that this is now your basket full....or would you like to bring more babies into your family- its just as a mother i think you never run out of love? what do you think?
I do not believe that we are done, although I have been wrong before. I become increasingly passionate about children who do not have Mamas and Daddies. It breaks my heart. For this reason alone, I have a feeling that we will adopt again. And also, I think Ruby could really use a sister. :)

I am amazed by the way a Mama's heart, in the blink of an eye, grows enough love for one more. And one more. It doesn't seem seems like someone would fall through the cracks or feel a little slighted. It's a miracle, that's what I think.

How come when I go on a chips and salsa bender, the next day I'm all salty and bloated and you are still as cute as ever?? Huh, huh?
Ha! Ha ha ha ha ha! OK, fine, I'll concede the fact that I'm not much of a bloaty gal...but maybe it's my salsa benders that have contributed to my premature wrinkliness? Maybe I should add a tortilla chip exfoliation treatment to my late-night sessions? The salt would slough the dullness right off and the grease would be super moisturizing!

I may be on to something...

How do I set it so that my comments show up in my inbox?
Sign in and go to "Customize", then click on the "Settings" tab, then the "Comments" heading. Scroll all the way down and you should see a section called Comment Notification Email. Enter your email address into the white box, and from then on, your comments will be emailed to you. Just last week I got a comment on a post I wrote over a year ago. I would have never known if the comment was not emailed to me. Brilliant, I tell you.

Also, have you by any chance read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver? It's a good spring read and gets me motivated for my garden everytime.
I have not, but you have me convinced. I have a little list I keep of book/music/etc.. advice that you ridiculously hip, in-the-know readers pass my way. I'm always up for a good book suggestion!

Well, that was fun! Too bad no one reads weekend posts. ;)

Stay tuned for rounds 2 - ?