Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tulip Time

We had the best day today.

Who doesn't love an impromptu vacation day?

We hit up the pre-Tulip Festival festivities in Holland, Michigan.

I highly recommend going a few days prior. We were very nearly the only cats at the party.

Our day started off with a pit-stop at the hospital for yet another visit to Dr.G.

Then we hit the road.

Calvin talked about food all day long. There were droves of fun cafes and quaint take-your-lunch-outdoors restaurants....

but we had Pizza Hut buffet, which especially appealed to those of us on large doses of 'roids.

All day, we referred to "the festival", thinking it might make vast stretches of tulips sound more appealing to the short stacks. Over our pizza, Ruby kept saying, "When are we going to the vegetable?"

Walking over to the tulip fields, I said to Cory, "It's going to start raining any minute..."

What did he say?


He was right.

For about 3 minutes.

But who cares?

We had an unscheduled rainy-day tulip frolic to conduct.

Here's the beauty of using a "normal", unbeastly camera - you're not so worried about a few harmless rain drops. I took so many pics while Cory fretted and stewed and ultimately stowed his camera inside his jacket for safe keeping.

I was in heaven.

If you are a tulip lover and live in the tri-state area, you need to plan to go.

(And if you're not a tulip lover, well, I don't want to hear about it.)

Before long, we had a perfectly peaceful downpour on our hands, so Calvin, Ruby and I sought refuge in a semi-truck loading dock while Cory and Silas ran to get the car.

While we waited, we played "Kick the Cone" and took turns practicing our dinosaur calls. The acoustics were phenomenal.Then, we drifted East (South? West?) to Saugatuck.

The boardwalk was a highlight, as was this park.

It turns out, we all had a little extra energy to burn off.

OK, maybe not all of us. Maybe just some of us.

This day was just what I needed.

Our kids were so good. Troopers.

Calvin kept saying things like, "Thank you for the pizza!" "Thank you for taking us to this boardwalk!"

The weather was gorgeous, surprise rain shower and all.

All day long, I was smiling so big inside that it made my heart ache in the best way.

We spent time and just a little bit of money.

Aside from gas, our only expenses were pizza...

...and ice cream.

I'll say this: I'm more excited than ever for Summer.

We're going to dig right into it, my gang and I.

Peace out.


  1. These are just beautiful! Looks like y'all had a wonderful time :)

  2. You have the most precious babies. I know you already know that...but I just had to say it!

  3. The picture of you and Silas...what is the word...perfect. A Mama and her sweet littlest. It actually brought a little tear to my eye. And that Ruby posing with her ice cream. Get the kid and agent already. Geesh. The flowers were beautiful but your kiddliwinks were even more.

  4. I love going to Holland.. I am ashamed to say that I have never gone to the tulip festival!

    Your photos of the tulips are beautiful.. but your family is beyond words!!!So sweet!!!;-)

  5. Oooh I went to a tulip festival in Washington one year and LOVED it!

    You look so beautiful and happy. I am in love with little Miss Ruby eating her ice cream. What a little doll!

  6. I would love to go to the tulip festival. Count me in.
    Your kids are adorable.
    Have a great weekend.
    Take CAre,
    LOVE all the photographs!

  7. Everytime I read your blog it puts a smile on my face. Love the adventures, the family pics and everything in between. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Beautiful tulips! I love them to! What a perfect day. Your guys are so fun. I want to hang with you peeps. You guys are great parents. Oh my gosh Peace out! I always used to say that...I new there was another clever one out there...Have a great day. ~lulu

  9. I absolutely LOVE tulips! If I were a jealous person I'd be seething now.. hehe... but just being able to look at the beautiful pictures you took will have to do!

    Looks like one of those epic days! I love when my heart is so happy it feels like it's going to burst

  10. Tulips are my favorite flower!
    The scenery there is just lovely!
    Looks like all had a terrific time!
    ~Andrea in NH

  11. I see I'm not the only one who loves tulips. They've always been my favourite. Sometimes people look at me with an odd expression when I tell them this. What can I say, there's just no explaining fine taste in flowers. : )

  12. i love tulip time!! so happy you were able to scoot up and enjoy :)

    your whole family is so stinkin cute! :)

  13. I have heard about the tulips there. My cousin's wife is from there. Just gorgeous and great quality time with the whole family. I just love it. And your comment about 'roids. Seriously.... you are right.

  14. Lovin' those tulips! And that little Ruby with the ice cream on her stinkin' cute! But Calvin sitting on that rock wall with Ruby - that face is priceless. I am guessing that was photo #412 of the day and he was just not feelin' it? Ha!

    I'll have to check out that corner of Michigan next spring. The outdoor cafes are calling me.


  15. Oh I love that last photo. Sooooo cute!

  16. Such cute pictures. Looks like you all had a good time.

  17. Really diggin' Miss Ruby and her ice cream :) Love it all!

  18. These pictures are precious, especially that last one! Great pics!

  19. Love all the pics. The tulips were so beautiful. I've been to Holland, Michigan. What a fun place. Wish it wasn't so far. I'd love to take my girls. I can't wait for summer either. Bring it on!

  20. CAN YOU BELIEVE I'm a LIFELONG Michigander and have NEVER been to Holland for the Tulip Festival?!?!? Yes, it's true. But your pictures have made me think I MUST GO! Oh, your shots (or his shots!) are gorgeous, all of them! This is one of my favoritist posties ever!!! Your family is going to have a wonderful, fun summer!

  21. where I live, there's a garlic festival. Sigh. I haven't been, because garlic doesn't call to me in a garlic ice cream, garlic hat, garlic everything sort of way.
    The tulips are beautiful. My son would have tried to pick them all...for me of course.

  22. For real? There's a tulip festival? In Michigan? I'm seriously not that far away and I didn't even know about it...and I NEED to see mass quantities of tulips! Beautiful!!

    Love it.

    I have a "thank-er" too..."Thank you for the cookies, Mommy. Thank you for the dinner. Thank you for not sitting on my head and farting like daddy does." ok, I made that last part up...but it's the sweetest thing when they thank you for meeting their needs. :)

    And yes, ice cream and pizza hut buffet ARE NEEDS!

  23. we were recently in boise for a little family reunion of sorts. while we burning some energy...i got this crazy idea to "hang" from the bars. man oh man! my shoulders hurt for days, and the backs of my knees were bruised. i am so out of shape!!

  24. Gorgeous tulips!
    Looks like a fantastic day for the family!

  25. What a beautiful family outing. Your kids are just darling. The tulips are beautiful, too. but your family's smiling faces=gorgeous. xo Lidy

  26. oh my, that looks like so much fun!
    i am thinking photo op, of course)

    my kids love flowers though, i think they'd still enjoy it. send me info... maybe we'll take the 2-casted boy & go:)

  27. Hello from Holland, MI! I saw the title and one photo in my google reader and knew where you were. I'm not a born and raised Hollander but have grown to love my new home town and Tulip Time is my favorite time of year! I had my maternity photos amongst the tulips last year and this year enjoyed having my daughter's photos taken amongst them. Glad you had fun in our little town!

  28. What terrrible parents...forcing those little chicklets to have fun.

  29. Cutest pictures!
    I, for one, like tulips a lot. They might not be the flower in my wedding bouquets someday (well, who knows, if they're on special...) but they are SO. Pretty.
    What a lovely time with the family!

  30. I love Holland! The two of you did a great job of capturing the beauty of Holland. If you and Cory are looking for a little grown-up getaway, you need to stay at the City Flats hotel in Holland. It is super contemporary (not usually your style or mine for that matter, but it is very cool and supposedly a "green" hotel. It looks like you had fun with the kiddos!

  31. those tulips stinkin' fun your day...sounds wonderful rain and all:)

  32. I was so giddy going through all those tulip pics LOVE EM! Purple... did I know there were purple tulips. I don't know. Anyhow, love the pic of your girl crossing her legs... such a big girl mama. What a fun day and even the rain couldn't stop ya! Hugs, The Lady of the House

  33. Shanny, I didn't want to say this right out in the open, but I guess it's best. I think you need a nanny. I could carry Cory's camera, and drive places. I could make sure that you had plenty of chips and salza at all times, and I could take care of the kids. That way, you could blog more, and plant more tulips - which of course, I would help with that as well. We live close enough, so I could still come home on the weekends and do all that I need to do here, and then be right back there to go to all the Summer Vegetables with you and the kids. Think about it.

  34. What a fun day and simply gorgeous pictures! I live in Portage, MI and am thinking I need to drive over before it gets too crowded as well. Have a great day!

  35. great captures you pizza hut buffet kinda mom...i love it!
    one of my girl friends lived in saugatuck & for several summers we'd visit her while visiting family in south bend indianna. nothing like michigan in the summer that's for sure.
    your children are beautiful

  36. those flower photos are so so pretty!! and your littles, well they are pretty darn cute too, that Ruby with her ice cream and crossing her legs,to much! I am ready for summer too! :)

  37. lOVE YOUR PICTURES!!lOOKS LIKE YOU HAD A WONDERFUL TIME!! I have not been to Holland in years!! Are you going to Mayfest in Shipshewana next week?? Elma

  38. I'll co-nanny with Jayme. Seriously, I don't know how many more uber-cute kid photos I can take.
    The tulips are pretty darn gorgeous too.
    Glad you had a fun day with your people!

  39. I love that you said you were smiling so hard that it hurt in a good way or something like that =)!! I get it! the beach with my wee family does that to my soul! I love love tulip fields! We have a festival like that in WA .. which I didn't get to see this year... sigh! heaven is a word I would use too - in the midst of those fields.. the only thing 'equal' is the Lavender festival! hope I make it there this year a least... =)
    Have a blessed weekend!

  40. Girl, I LOVE tulips! We visited our tulip fields too... just awesome! They don't really hold my kids interest long, but I love em!

  41. I can't get enough of those children!!! I'm so glad to see you're mobile and getting the hang of being out and about with three kiddies. The trip looks like it was just divine. We need to take a jaunt over to the SB farmer's market sometime soon. Miss you!

  42. You always have the BEST pics!! Seriously! I'm always smiling when I read your blog. Your children are beautiful and their personalities really shine through. Thanks for making my day!

  43. What a beautifully perfect day!! Loving all the tulips ~ Pizza Hut buffet and the ice cream sound good too! Happy Week-end!

  44. Well, I started to scroll through and see if anyone mentioned them, but you have too many comments :P Maybe this can count as one of your "questions"... but, in the picture of you and Silas... are you wearing a Uganda magazine necklace?

  45. What a fun day...and your kids are so cute I can't stand it. You are so sick of me saying that to you, I know.

  46. Beautiful pictures. How far away is Holland? I remember going there with my parents when we were little and trying on wooden clogs. Did you do that? You are such a good photographer!

  47. I have been to the tulip festival the past 3 years. it is gorgeous and so are your pics.

  48. OOooo I love this!
    And by the way, your Ruby and my Scarlett have the same pair of kicks :)

  49. So cute... In Texas we don't have tulips... just bluebonnets, but they are fabulous!
    You must have a pic of the babies in the wildflowers!! Yearly! A must!
    glad you had a fun day!

  50. Oh my!! Aren't those tulips just amazing. I would love to see a sight like that. My camera would like it too, but my kiddos would get so tired of me taking so many pictures. It would be hard for me to stop.

    Your children are just darling. Isn't it so wonderful when our children tell us thank you. It warms the heart. Looks like y'all had a very fun day. Can't beat a impromptu trip like that, can you.

  51. Gorgeous!! visiting from 60 piggies.

  52. I love the spontaneity. I want to be more like that. That's living in the moment and the stuff that childhoods should be made of. That's the good stuff.

  53. EVERYTHING about this entire simply beautiful!!! Have a fabulous weekend!

  54. oh my goodness.... what a beautiful day.. I wish my back ward looked like that.. heavenly. Thanks for sharing.

  55. Your blog is looking really good Shannan!!!

  56. "(And if you're not a tulip lover, well, I don't want to hear about it.)"