Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tulip Time

We had the best day today.

Who doesn't love an impromptu vacation day?

We hit up the pre-Tulip Festival festivities in Holland, Michigan.

I highly recommend going a few days prior. We were very nearly the only cats at the party.

Our day started off with a pit-stop at the hospital for yet another visit to Dr.G.

Then we hit the road.

Calvin talked about food all day long. There were droves of fun cafes and quaint take-your-lunch-outdoors restaurants....

but we had Pizza Hut buffet, which especially appealed to those of us on large doses of 'roids.

All day, we referred to "the festival", thinking it might make vast stretches of tulips sound more appealing to the short stacks. Over our pizza, Ruby kept saying, "When are we going to the vegetable?"

Walking over to the tulip fields, I said to Cory, "It's going to start raining any minute..."

What did he say?


He was right.

For about 3 minutes.

But who cares?

We had an unscheduled rainy-day tulip frolic to conduct.

Here's the beauty of using a "normal", unbeastly camera - you're not so worried about a few harmless rain drops. I took so many pics while Cory fretted and stewed and ultimately stowed his camera inside his jacket for safe keeping.

I was in heaven.

If you are a tulip lover and live in the tri-state area, you need to plan to go.

(And if you're not a tulip lover, well, I don't want to hear about it.)

Before long, we had a perfectly peaceful downpour on our hands, so Calvin, Ruby and I sought refuge in a semi-truck loading dock while Cory and Silas ran to get the car.

While we waited, we played "Kick the Cone" and took turns practicing our dinosaur calls. The acoustics were phenomenal.Then, we drifted East (South? West?) to Saugatuck.

The boardwalk was a highlight, as was this park.

It turns out, we all had a little extra energy to burn off.

OK, maybe not all of us. Maybe just some of us.

This day was just what I needed.

Our kids were so good. Troopers.

Calvin kept saying things like, "Thank you for the pizza!" "Thank you for taking us to this boardwalk!"

The weather was gorgeous, surprise rain shower and all.

All day long, I was smiling so big inside that it made my heart ache in the best way.

We spent time and just a little bit of money.

Aside from gas, our only expenses were pizza...

...and ice cream.

I'll say this: I'm more excited than ever for Summer.

We're going to dig right into it, my gang and I.

Peace out.