Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Quick - before I forget: My sisters-in-law and I, along with a cousin, an aunt and a friend of the aunt, are having a gargantuan garage sale (say that 3 times fast) this Thursday and Friday, as part of the Wakarusa Maple Syrup Festival town-wide sale. You would not believe how much stuff we have crammed into my SILs little garage. Adult clothing (I'm letting go of some good stuff -Anthro stuff, even!) but even more so - baby clothes. Lots and lots of brand name baby clothes. Girl and boy. All sizes. Oh, and toys. Lots and lots and LOTS of... well, you get the point. If you are local, come on out. We'll be right across from the middle school. Follow the sound of 7 kids, aged 6 and under.

Now, for some updates.

Handsome little dude got his teeth fixed today. He is proud of those silver teeth. He couldn't stop looking at them in my little mirror. He did so well and the docs and nurses all adored him. He got nervous when the anesthesiologist came in. (Who, by the way, may have been younger than me. Nothing makes me feel older than having a doctor younger than myself. I have no idea why.) He was sitting on my lap and started to cry (Calvin, not the too-young doctor) but he was trying so hard not to cry. That is just the sort of thing that chisels off a tiny piece of my heart.

Have I told you I have a little sickie on my hands? He's not even consoled by food, if that tells you anything. (And this pic was not taken this week. If it had been, it would show him evenly coated with snot.) This morning I had to use a warm washcloth to de-gunk his eyes. Imagine those eyelashes super glued together! So sad for my baby. It's been 5 days now and today has been worse than ever, so Siley has been introduced to his first course of American antibiotics and I'm hoping for a rebound tomorrow.

A conversation from a few days back, on the way to get groceries:

Calvin: Mommy, what song is this?
Mommy: I don't know, Calvin. I've never heard it before, either.
Ruby: (serious as a blizzard in July) Um...maybe it'th Tina Turnerth.
Mommy: What did you say, Ruby?
Ruby: Maybe it'th Tina Turnerth.
Mommy: (cracking UP) Who told you about Tina Turner?
Ruby: Daddy.*

*Daddy does not corroborate this story.