Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Quick - before I forget: My sisters-in-law and I, along with a cousin, an aunt and a friend of the aunt, are having a gargantuan garage sale (say that 3 times fast) this Thursday and Friday, as part of the Wakarusa Maple Syrup Festival town-wide sale. You would not believe how much stuff we have crammed into my SILs little garage. Adult clothing (I'm letting go of some good stuff -Anthro stuff, even!) but even more so - baby clothes. Lots and lots of brand name baby clothes. Girl and boy. All sizes. Oh, and toys. Lots and lots and LOTS of... well, you get the point. If you are local, come on out. We'll be right across from the middle school. Follow the sound of 7 kids, aged 6 and under.

Now, for some updates.

Handsome little dude got his teeth fixed today. He is proud of those silver teeth. He couldn't stop looking at them in my little mirror. He did so well and the docs and nurses all adored him. He got nervous when the anesthesiologist came in. (Who, by the way, may have been younger than me. Nothing makes me feel older than having a doctor younger than myself. I have no idea why.) He was sitting on my lap and started to cry (Calvin, not the too-young doctor) but he was trying so hard not to cry. That is just the sort of thing that chisels off a tiny piece of my heart.

Have I told you I have a little sickie on my hands? He's not even consoled by food, if that tells you anything. (And this pic was not taken this week. If it had been, it would show him evenly coated with snot.) This morning I had to use a warm washcloth to de-gunk his eyes. Imagine those eyelashes super glued together! So sad for my baby. It's been 5 days now and today has been worse than ever, so Siley has been introduced to his first course of American antibiotics and I'm hoping for a rebound tomorrow.

A conversation from a few days back, on the way to get groceries:

Calvin: Mommy, what song is this?
Mommy: I don't know, Calvin. I've never heard it before, either.
Ruby: (serious as a blizzard in July) Um...maybe it'th Tina Turnerth.
Mommy: What did you say, Ruby?
Ruby: Maybe it'th Tina Turnerth.
Mommy: (cracking UP) Who told you about Tina Turner?
Ruby: Daddy.*

*Daddy does not corroborate this story.


  1. Wish I was near you to go to your sale. Good luck, I hope you sell everything! Glad he loves his teeth, it makes it all better! Sorry for your sickie, but love his big eyes. And I can't believe Ruby really said "Tina Turnerth"! Love it!

  2. Oh I would totally come to your sale - but we're in IL. Not too far from IN! :)

    It seems to me we are on the same blog posting schedule! I just finished one too! I always love it when Flowerpatch Farmgirl pops up on my reader!

    Your kiddos are just adorable!!

  3. Do you know the difference between broccoli and boogers?

    : )

    Julie M.

  4. Wish I could join you but I think New Jersey is too far for the neighbors to travel, lol. I need to do a garage sale myself and see if I can find myself under all the things I need to get rid of! O, and that girl of yours could do alot worse then "Tina".She was one of my favorites back in the day.I'm so glad Silas had a good first experience with the dentist, so important! <3 Donna

  5. Wish I could attend your yard sale, I would love to get some cool clothes. I know your a tall giraffe like me, but I don't think your jeans could accommodate my muffin top. I will just have to hang and listen to some Tina Turnerth while dreaming. All the best, Lori

  6. Wish I was close. I'd so be at that garage sale!! Sorry about your babies. Sounds like you've had your hands FULL. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods asap:)

  7. I have a yard sale brewing too...so. much. stuff.

  8. I hope you have super sales at your garage sale - you have the hot items: toys & kid clothes!

    Hoping your little men both feel better soon. And make sure you are taking care of you!!

  9. Good luck on your sale. I bet your little ones thinks his new teeth are cool.
    It was interesting yesterday how all your comments went in different ways about your post. Not sure that makes sense. I love when that happens.
    I hope the wee one feels better soon.

  10. Wish I could stop by the sale, have a great time!
    I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award over at my blog, stop on over and claim it. Hope it brightens your day! Take Care,

  11. Giggling at Ruby! Too darn cute...

  12. I wish I had the time, I would so show up at your yard sale, dressed like a homeless lady (not too far of a stretch) and start haggling at prices. I'd like to see if'n you'd recognize me! I swear, I can't decide which of your kids I like the best. :-) So glad this is all behind Calvin, I love that he's proud of his grill.

  13. Sweet boy!!! And for the record...you can call me Jeanne Bean any day:-)

  14. So cute!! I'm coming to the sale if I can find it! :) I feel a little weird saying that, but I can't pass up some good deals on little boy clothes! :)

  15. The Wakarusa Maple Syrup Festival town-wide sale - absolutely sounds like it's straight out of Gilmore Girls. I've never asked....are you a fan of the Girls?
    Glad Calvity came through okay, and I'm glad he likes his new smile. Poor Silas and his cold, but it sounds like Ruby can lift anyones spirits.

  16. Awww Calvin is melting my heart too. !!

  17. Yay for the brave Captain Cavity! I'm just dying to come to your sale. I hope you make a killing. I sure wish your clothes would fit me.

  18. I love Rubyth lithsp. Goodness she's a sweet one. Feel better soon little boys. :)

  19. I love to read about you and your darling brown darlings! What a charming life!

  20. I'm cracking up, and I even knew the story of Ruby and Tina Turner. I think knowing Ruby, makes it even funnier every time I think of it.

    As for Little C. I love his new "Robot teeth" Only a kid could be so proud of sliver teeth, and only other kids would be jealous of such a thing.

  21. "What's love got to do, got to do with it!"

    Too funny - way too funny! You go girl!

    I have a very similar picture to Mr. Calvin's hospital bed photo - Lellah had the same thing last July - who knew that it took a hospital visit and sedation to fix and plate some teeth. They are "magic" teeth at our house. We have two girls with two each - what's the deal! At this rate they'll have dentures by 25!

    xo Heather

  22. I'm sitting here laughing out loud. Steven will love to hear that Cory is teaching our future DIL about Tina Turner! :) And...I had no idea Calvin was having surgery! We are WAY behind!!