Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunday Best

Easter Sunday was Silas's first time going to church, which means that it was our first time getting all 3 kids out the door by 9 a.m.

And we were typically a few minutes late when it was just the two....

But still, it was Easter and all. The weather was amazing. The kids were all wearing church shoes.

The occasion required pictures.

Even though we were already running late.

I was still inside, probably chugging grapefruit juice from the jug and grabbing my make up bag to make myself look presentable during the 15 minute car ride.

What I'm trying to say is, I was no help with the pics. It was all up to Cory.

And from the looks of things, he could've used some help.

I found 16 pics in the file. This was the first shot.

This was the only shot where all 6 eyes are looking at him.

(I would really like to know what Cory was doing/saying right then to warrant the mass look of bewilderment.)

Here's where things start to take a bit of a turn.

Not with my oldest...he pretty much maintains this look for all 16 frames.

And not with my youngest...he's still just confused by the feel of the ground beneath his feet.

The "problem", it seems, is with my Middle.

This one has permanent ants in her pants.

She's a clown. With a dash of diva stirred in.

And have I mentioned that she's pretty expressive?

Even when it's not necessarily a good thing?

But with the blink of an eye, she'll flash her plastic surgery smile....

Then a split second later, she's miffed about something.

And Sister holds a grudge.

Happy Belated Easter, from the Flower Patch Farmfamily.

We're really much happier than we look...