Thursday, April 8, 2010

Siley Patiley - An Update

First, I have a serious problem with nick-names. My kiddos are rarely called by their actual names. Instead, they answer to the most ridiculous word combinations, like Mr. Lee, Ceevey Leevey, Calvie Patalvie (yes, I know, I'm a regular Mrs. Seuss), Rubiss, Youbiss (I have no idea), Ruby Pop, Ruba Tuba, etc., ad nauseaum, you get the point.

I blame my Mama.

She inexplicably called me Douglas MacArthur Junior, Doug for short. Years ago we had company over and she called me (and I answered to without blinking) "Doug". Our company looked more than a little perplexed and later we all got a good laugh about it, realizing for perhaps the first time how nonsensical the whole thing was. I told her that we might as well start randomly calling my brother "Linda".

It just doesn't make sense.

And still, here I am, after all these years - Doug.

So, say hello to Siley. Or Silo.

The little dude has really gotten his groove on.

I'm not gonna lie, today was a hard day. My patience was flower-petal thing, and not nearly as pretty. As I told a friend, spending every waking moment with these 3 littles has me thinking a lot about the movie Ground Hog Day. The emotionally exhausting edition.

But on this cooped-up-crazy day, Silas was the easy one.

The other two? I forced them to play in their toy room.

I'm a real villain that way. It's true punishment to them and has me reconsidering dedicating prime real estate in this house to the junk that they don't even want to play with.

But wouldn't it be a bummer if I kept griping about toy rooms and sassy-talking cuties?

Let's forget I even brought it up.

Silas is sleeping all night long, ya'lls. He usually belts out a hearty protest right as we leave his room, but by the time we hit the stairs, he's humming a tune.

Yes, he's a big fan of humming. His favorite is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, although he also hums a tune from his own pen, which I like to call "Ba Baaa Ba!"

We played his Korean kiddie tunes today and he always cuts a rug on number 40. Then, for the rest of the afternoon, Calvin sang him songs in Korean that were not really Korean at all, but let's keep that between the two of us.

It seems like Silas is understanding a good bit of what we say and regularly doles out spontaneous hugs and slobbery, open-mouthed kisses. Ruby likes to call him "my 'pecial hugger".

And now, a word on mealtime.

Mealtime, in Siley's world, is anytime. Everytime. All the time.

Prior to his big move, homeboy had only ever had formula, from a bottle. His adoption update from back in August said that he also had 2-3 teaspoons of rice each day. We were sure that was a typo or that something had been lost in translation. And we were really, really sure that the 7 months since then had resulted in some dietary changes.

Tweren't so.

I was so nervous when we realized that he was still taking a bottle. And not only was he taking a bottle, he was taking half a bottle Every. Hour. And one or two during the night. I wasn't sure how we would ever get him off the derned bottles since he hadn't even experienced food!

It turns out, he's a huge fan of eating. It turns out the secret to having a child who is not a picky eater is to withold food from him for at least 18 months. He'll be so hungry by then that he'll eat anything. He may even attempt to eat the odd Barbie shoe or Lego guy helmet.

The biggest challenge of my day is occupying him between mealtime and snacks. Anytime I am in the kitchen (which is often) he assumes I am there to prepare food for him. And when I am not in the kitchen, he grabs my hand and leads me to the refrigerator.

Nothing sends him into a frenzy quite like the ding of the microwave. He is urgent. Frantic, even.

Mr. Park is famished.

(Have I ever told you his middle name is Park?)

All in all, I've gotta tell you - I am freshly in love. It is amazing how seamlessly he stitched himself into our family. He is cuddly like a baby monkey and he smells so good. He's got his little glitches, like all toddlers do, but we're *quite* fond of him around here.