Thursday, April 8, 2010

Siley Patiley - An Update

First, I have a serious problem with nick-names. My kiddos are rarely called by their actual names. Instead, they answer to the most ridiculous word combinations, like Mr. Lee, Ceevey Leevey, Calvie Patalvie (yes, I know, I'm a regular Mrs. Seuss), Rubiss, Youbiss (I have no idea), Ruby Pop, Ruba Tuba, etc., ad nauseaum, you get the point.

I blame my Mama.

She inexplicably called me Douglas MacArthur Junior, Doug for short. Years ago we had company over and she called me (and I answered to without blinking) "Doug". Our company looked more than a little perplexed and later we all got a good laugh about it, realizing for perhaps the first time how nonsensical the whole thing was. I told her that we might as well start randomly calling my brother "Linda".

It just doesn't make sense.

And still, here I am, after all these years - Doug.

So, say hello to Siley. Or Silo.

The little dude has really gotten his groove on.

I'm not gonna lie, today was a hard day. My patience was flower-petal thing, and not nearly as pretty. As I told a friend, spending every waking moment with these 3 littles has me thinking a lot about the movie Ground Hog Day. The emotionally exhausting edition.

But on this cooped-up-crazy day, Silas was the easy one.

The other two? I forced them to play in their toy room.

I'm a real villain that way. It's true punishment to them and has me reconsidering dedicating prime real estate in this house to the junk that they don't even want to play with.

But wouldn't it be a bummer if I kept griping about toy rooms and sassy-talking cuties?

Let's forget I even brought it up.

Silas is sleeping all night long, ya'lls. He usually belts out a hearty protest right as we leave his room, but by the time we hit the stairs, he's humming a tune.

Yes, he's a big fan of humming. His favorite is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, although he also hums a tune from his own pen, which I like to call "Ba Baaa Ba!"

We played his Korean kiddie tunes today and he always cuts a rug on number 40. Then, for the rest of the afternoon, Calvin sang him songs in Korean that were not really Korean at all, but let's keep that between the two of us.

It seems like Silas is understanding a good bit of what we say and regularly doles out spontaneous hugs and slobbery, open-mouthed kisses. Ruby likes to call him "my 'pecial hugger".

And now, a word on mealtime.

Mealtime, in Siley's world, is anytime. Everytime. All the time.

Prior to his big move, homeboy had only ever had formula, from a bottle. His adoption update from back in August said that he also had 2-3 teaspoons of rice each day. We were sure that was a typo or that something had been lost in translation. And we were really, really sure that the 7 months since then had resulted in some dietary changes.

Tweren't so.

I was so nervous when we realized that he was still taking a bottle. And not only was he taking a bottle, he was taking half a bottle Every. Hour. And one or two during the night. I wasn't sure how we would ever get him off the derned bottles since he hadn't even experienced food!

It turns out, he's a huge fan of eating. It turns out the secret to having a child who is not a picky eater is to withold food from him for at least 18 months. He'll be so hungry by then that he'll eat anything. He may even attempt to eat the odd Barbie shoe or Lego guy helmet.

The biggest challenge of my day is occupying him between mealtime and snacks. Anytime I am in the kitchen (which is often) he assumes I am there to prepare food for him. And when I am not in the kitchen, he grabs my hand and leads me to the refrigerator.

Nothing sends him into a frenzy quite like the ding of the microwave. He is urgent. Frantic, even.

Mr. Park is famished.

(Have I ever told you his middle name is Park?)

All in all, I've gotta tell you - I am freshly in love. It is amazing how seamlessly he stitched himself into our family. He is cuddly like a baby monkey and he smells so good. He's got his little glitches, like all toddlers do, but we're *quite* fond of him around here.


  1. I found your blog a few weeks back when you were in Korea. I have read and read and read. And I have to say, that little Silas is absolutely adorable. And ya'll's adoption story is heartwarming and miraculous as they all are. Thanks for blessing us by sharing your life.

  2. oh Silas is such a pumpkin! Im so happy for you and your family that things are starting to settle and Silas has made himself at home. And I laughed so hard when you said your mom called you Doug, hahaha! We also have this weird nickname thing in my family so dont worry you don't have a problem. If you do, then so do my family and I! :)

  3. I think I'm in love with him too!! If it makes you feel better I call my son "cheeseburger",his name is Ryan. ????? <3

  4. Thanks for the Silas update, I love the photo of the little guy with his food tray. I am looking forward to seeing what your next grocery bill is gonna be. Think you can keep in budget still? Glad all is going well. Take care, Lori

  5. awesome! truly awesome! love the pics.

  6. What do you think about me withholding food from my 3 yr for the next 18 months? Think that'll work too?

  7. Here's the "dialogue" that just took place at my computer.
    Me: Ty, come look at your new friend Silas.
    Ty: looked at picture #1 and signed "more"
    Ty: looked at picture #2 and signed "ball" (because of Siley's shirt)
    Ty: looked at picture #4 laughed and signed "more" again.
    Ty: looked at picture #5 and said "Mmmmmmm" then signed "more"
    Me: "Sorry buddy, that's all."
    Ty: signed "more, more, more"
    Me: "Go brush your teeth."

    I know they would get along grand. Ty eats all day long too and often pulls me to the fridge. We actually had to put a lock on it so he would stop helping himself.

  8. I think Silas must think he has landed at Disney in his new world. He looks very happy. Is Calvin getting a little camera shy - one can never have too much Calvin - or Ruby for that matter.

  9. Look how cute he is... Looks like he's always been a part of your sweet family.
    What blessing that things are going better (except today of course) :)

  10. Oh sweetie this thrills my soul. Prayers have been answered! Thank you for the Silo update. He is definitely a keeper;) Too funny him being hungry all the time.

    My best friend growing up was adopted from Korea. When they got her she was half starved. She was always thin, but would get sick if she ate too much for some reason. Must be a common deprivation. So strange, since my youngest we practically have to force feed!

    Off topic, but I loved that chippy ladder you had hanging in their playroom. I so want me a chippy ladder:)

  11. the color pickin' pursed lip picture! Cute!!! What a bunch of doll-doll dollies!

    : )

    Julie M. aka Snooty Rudy...who has no kids...just cats...inlcuding one named, Tallulah Falana..aka Lou Lou, Lucia, Noonie, Muffin, Binky, Bunny, La La.

  12. Could Silas be any cuter if he tried? Could his joyful open-mouth grin be any more perfect? I think not. Really really happy for you...I've so loved reading about your family!

  13. All our pets have names and many, many nicknames. I also blame my mom... hers do too. Often, their nicknames are syllables longer than their real names. Our dog just spent a week with her and came home with a song incorporating her nickname into the lyrics. Oh, and she also gave my cats nicknames a few years ago when they stayed with her for a few days.

  14. Ah, man, he's stolen my heart too. (Just like Ruby and Calvin have.) I have a son named Parker so now I especially like Silas Park.

    And your job is the best one ever...being Mom to those cutie patooties. I envy your days.

  15. he is just to precious. He loves this new thing called food! Where did you get the fabulous chippy sideways ladder type thing on your dining room wall??

  16. i am so happy to hear this lovely post. he is such a doll a & he looks so happy!!!! so glad he has adjusted himself to sleeping, eating, & hugging! i wish i could squeeze him!!!

  17. Well this is the best news I've heard all day long! I am grinning ear to ear reading this post! What a happy honey!

  18. I'm a big nicknamer too. How could I not be when I answer to "Scoop" when called by my Mom or sister? Our little Silas quickly became Silasito Lito which then was just shortened to Lito. No clue why. But baby Lito is very cute and LOVES to eat as well! After drinking bottles all day long dude was ready to EAT. Sounds like our little men are alike.

  19. We don't call each other by real names too often over here. I have always been that way.
    Your little Siley is adorable. I am so happy to see him doing so well with his new family.
    I have been thinking about adoption so much lately. You have such a beautiful story to share.

  20. So happy he is settling in so well. Congratulations!

  21. Seeing his smile just brightens my day! :-)

    Funny thing about the nickname... people give us the strangest looks when we call Chloe "Cluckers". I have been tempted to make up a sign for her to wear around her neck at all times that explains that we gave her that nickname when she was 12 months old, throwing a tantrum in Target, clucking like a chicken and screaming at the top of her lungs, because she wanted a chicken suit for halloween!

    Have a Happy. Happy Weekend, Doug!:-)


  22. Great posts on nicknames. My full name is Marylou. Yes you are the first person I have told this to in bloggville. Lulu is my nickname. Sometimes just lu. I think Silo looks soooo happy and you can see a joy on his face screaming threw this photo's. What you have done is priceless. I was with my dear friend Bill today. He too has adopted 3 gorgeous childern. I told him about you. He might start a blog. He has a non profit organization called Kid Come Trying to keep syblings together, instead of them being torn apart. He is successfully raising money. I was trying to sell my vintage inspiration boards, and proceeds went to this organization. I think we need more people in this world like you and Bill. Have a great day.
    P.S. I am going to try that salsa YOU made not her..lolol..~lulu

  23. He is such a cutie pie.

    I am glad you have nickname issues...I do too. I used to call Dmitry "Nellie Olsen" He answered to it too. I have so many nicknames for the kids...really for everyone. Sickness.

  24. Your children are incredibly sweet, so is your blog. I'm new to blogging, someone gave me the "sunshine award" and now I'm giving it to you. Details are on my blog at

  25. Ok, so your "flower thin" patience = AWESOME!
    Your story was so sweet and real, and funny, and at the end, it was sort of sad. I don't like the idea of any toddler only getting formula. Grrr. I'm so glad you have him, and he has you, and he has spaghetti..:)

    I had a Great Uncle who refused to call anybody by their first name. Unfortunately he was a bit eccentric and so some of the names were unflattering but they all had a story. "Squire", "Fat Matt", "Spook" "Forky"...what a legacy.

  26. Siley Wiley is a gosh darn cutie patootie!

  27. That sure looks like one happy little boy to me! It's hard to believe that first night was so recent. I love that he loves to eat, such a battle avoided! And he looks older than 18 months! Oh, and I'm a nicknamer too!

  28. Yesterday I found you blog and I kept reading a long time! You write very funny. Love it.
    Hope you and your family have a nice weekend (here in Belgium -Europe-, it's Fridaymorning right now.)

  29. He is such a cutie...and I love you have special names for them:)

    He is so cute eating by the way...and you have one of the cutest toy rooms I have ever seen:)

  30. So cute! I'm so glad he's on real food! Can't wait to hear what the weight gain is at the next check-up! :)

  31. i'm so very glad he (and you all) are doing splendidly...i've been praying for that very thing. (do you think the eyelashes could be contagious? 'cause i might need to come hang out with sy.)

  32. You aren't alone in the nicknames :) Our girls? Savannah-banana, jo-jo bean, "the joster," sister sue....

    And, I'm beyond thrilled and brought to tears to see Silas adapting and eating and playing and loving. What an awesome thing to know that all the prayers put up for your family were heard by such an awesome God!

  33. What a gem of a son you have!
    I just want to pinch those cheeks and tousle his hair! He seems to have quite the personality on him, too! I pretty much love everything about this post :)
    Thanks for sharing, Doug ;)

  34. Just thought I would let you know that my kid also thinks playing in the "play room" is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable. Why would he want to go in THERE?!?!? You are not alone! :-)

  35. I love all the photos. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. I pass things along to my husband as if we are best of friends and he has to know what is going on. I can't get over the whole food thing...crazy!!!

  36. He is too cute for words -- so glad to hear you're all doing well! And the nicknames are mom did the same thing. I was Charlie Brown, Sweetie Pie Poo (?!?), Miss Karen, Bub...

  37. Poor hungry boy! Sounds like he's making up for lost time. Have you been able to kick the bottle totally? I'm sure he's sleeping all night because his tummy is finally full. Silo - you know about my Silo obsession, so that's my favorite nick name.

  38. Cute photos!!! Ah, Doug....such good memories of your mom calling you that all the time.

  39. your posts are so dang fun to read!
    and those littles of yours? heavens to betsy
    they are beyond cute. no wonder you are on cloud 9. have a fun weekend!

  40. ohh goodness him eating is just the cutest thing ever...that is so cool he loves food that much!! I am glad that things are going so well and he has seamlessly become one of the family!! happy friday!

  41. I'm so happy things are going well for you all! Silas is adorable. They all are. Your comments regarding the nicknames really makes me laugh. I am the same way. Was it embarrassing to be called Doug in front of someone? I am thinking I should try to knock it off since they are getting older.

  42. Oh my gosh...I am smitten with all your children. I just met you through Amy at All Things Home. She chose to introduce me, too.

    I spent a good part of the morning reading your blog. I'm still teary eyed just coming back again for the second time today.

    I want to ask you a million questions. Perhaps over time, k? I can be kinda nosey. But in a good way. I love people and their stories!!

    You are so funny. The nickname thing had me crackin' up!

    We do it too. My dad called my brother, Boy. Not the "BOYA" of today. Just simply, "Boy." No one in my family calls me by my birth name. I don't even think they know it. They all call me Kolin. My brother, Boy, calls me Colon. Yes. Imagine having that shouted across the A&P?

    Our sons have befallen the same fate. We even have songs about them. Beanzo Boys. Haven't a clue? Don't even ask!

    Can't wait to learn more about you and yours! Amy is my darling blog friend!! So glad I got to meet you today!!!

    Have a lovely one.....feeding that darling of yours!!! And so you know...not that this matters AT ALL right now, but the sleep thing? It does get better. As for all children, they grow into sleeping. However, adopted children can experience a bit more like you wrote. My cousins adopted a sweetie from Vietnam. She's in college now, but eventually she did begin to sleep through the night. It did take a bit. But it does happen. My husband was adopted too. I have an affinity for those who adopt! I'm in love and in awe of them!!!

    I hope you can nap. I'll be thinking about you.

  43. He's so handsome and cute and looks so happy!!! Enjoy!

  44. Well you already know what I have to say on the Groundhog Day situation but I just wanted to say that I also have nicknameitis and to top it all off, I was nicknamed Fred when I was a little girl. Short for Jenifred. My daddy use to always call me Fred which would send me into fits of embarrassment when boys would call my house and hear "Freddddd...telephone!" My brother is the only one left that calls me that and it always makes me smile. Hope you're having a better day Doug. Love, Fred

  45. I have to tell ya...your kids are so cute and what cute kid shouldn't have some cute nick names? Our kids grew up with some doozies and to this day they smile when their dad calls them by their nicknames. So fun! Thanks so much for stopping by. Hang in there today is a new day.

  46. Sounds like he is settling into his forever home more and more every day! So great that he's sleeping - that makes such a difference for their attitudes (and ours!!!)

    That is crazy that he's not had table food yet - no wonder he's loving it!! Loved your description of that experience day in/out.

  47. Ahhhh that is so wonderful. He looks very happy and content. Can't believe he hadn't eaten food yet. Wow!

    My mom did the same with the name thing and so do I. My mom did it not just with our names but names of daily life things like pancakes were panecukelas. She was fun...and my kiddos think I'm fun too. It's a mommy thing, right?

  48. Oh I love your nicknames! My mom called us all sorts of things over the years.. Her American Children, small fries.. my brother was Bugs Bunny for quite some time and I was Maria. I will definitely do the same with my kids!

  49. He truly could not be one drop handsome.

  50. bub, bubba, joe-bob, joe-mamma, jono(like u2's bono), ju-ju bean, yacob(pronounced yah-cub), johan, jake-bub, and fred's always good for anybody. ahhh... good times:)

    so glad your silas is getting along so well! i'm just imagining my kids living on just 2-3 tsps. of anything.

    yeah, that wouldn't have gone so well.

  51. this post made me so happy! Thank you for sharing your wondeful family with us and I am so happy Silas has found something he doesn't even know he really wanted...Family :)
    Happy Weekend!

  52. Hey Silo... you're a good looking dude! I'll bet you keep your mamma hopping while you bat those beautiful eyes at her... watch out girls ♥

  53. I came upon your blog by accident a few weeks ago. What a nice accident. I thought I'd share that my family too have silly nicknames. My name is Bridget aka Pidge or even Widgie. My little brothers name is Bill aka Sill or he even answers to Woozer. My sister's name is Stephanie also known as Otis or even Otie. It's obvious that there is a little playing with our names.. but to me it means I'm part of a wonderful family. Oh.. Mom is Momma Mia and Dad is Daddy King Rooster. Ok.. all my skeletons are out in the open now. :o) Thanks for sharing your wonder family with us out here in blog land. LOVED(!) the Easter pics! Ruby just might be a famous actress some day with all those expressions.

  54. thanks for the laugh! I wish my two year old would eat that well!

  55. shirleychickenlegsApril 11, 2010 at 12:03 AM

    You had better keep this going for at least a solid month. I am intersted. Be warned that a special cousin may find it needed to pay a special visit. I love you all so much!

  56. Doug? That's a keeper. My nickname is Pie. Doug, Silo is beautiful! He fits in perfectly in your family unit! I'm enjoying motherhood vicariously through you. :-)

  57. Glad Silas is doing so well. He's a doll!

  58. Your post is fantastic and I love your blog! I am found you on Bloglovin and will be sure to visit for new postings. He is so darn cute! Have a great day.......susie.

  59. I am totally hearing you on the emotionally exhausting ground hog edition! We hit week one with our 2 extra kiddos in tow. Exhausting but so thankful that they are all here! God is faithful isn't he?! ALWAYS love your posts!!

  60. Your children are beautiful. We brought our daughter home from China 6 years ago, and what a blessing she is! Mine are 4, 6, and 8 now and does get less exhausting!
    Blessings to you and your sweet family.
    (BTW, your blog is so pretty.)