Sunday, April 18, 2010

On the State of my Inbox and A Can of Worms

There are aspects of my life that remain relatively organized. My inbox is not one of them. Especially as of late.

And I blame you.

To wit, (I've always wanted to say that!) I currently have 82 emails camping out. And that's after I spent several hours weeding it down from the low 120's.

My blog comments come through my email and I read them all. They make me smile. They goose-bump me up. I connect with them...with you, to the degree that I resist deleting them/you. Friday night, after posting about "The Bag", I read the comments that came in and thought, with each one of them, "I like this girl", or "I wish I could talk to her more", or "She gets me".

My virtual friendships with you have carried me through some stormy and uncertain days.

You have provided me with a platform for my incessant nonsense.

And that's scary stuff, baby.

Mostly, I'm just feeling badly about the fact that I have done a poor job of answering your questions. There is nothing worse than feeling ignored, and I should know, because on any given day, one of my children feigns deafness directed squarely at moi.

Off the top of my head, I would like to answer two recent questions:

1. The color of paint in Silas's room is Midsummer's Dream Interior Satin (SR910) by Valspar (from Lowe's). It's dreamy. And (mid)Summery.

2. How long does it take me to blog? Well, it doesn't take me long to write my posts. I enjoy doing it and I'm a quick writer. Most nights, I wing it. If I have nothing structured to say, I look through recent photos and go from there. Some nights, I post pictures with entirely unrelated words, just to keep you on your toes. Tonight is one of those nights. We'll call it the Lost Valentine's Week Remix. The part of posting that takes me the longest is loading my photos. And I usually make Cory read through it before I hit "post" and then inundate him with questions like "Did that make any sense?", "Will this post end my stint on the ol' blog, once and for all?", etc... then he edits me. He tells me when I've missed a word. And I get defensive and throw pillows at him and scoff in his general direction and thank him profusely, because I hate errors. The part of blogging that takes me the longest is making time to visit all of you. I feel like a relationship isn't real if it's one-sided. So just know that I stop in and take a peek at ya'll from time to time. Youn's are funny, sincere, genuine people. I like you. (Will you be my Valentine?) So, long story longer, posting my blogs takes me maybe 30 minutes each night.

And now, I'm opening up the lines. I'm fielding questions. I promise, you will not get lost in the shuffle, this go-round. If you've got a question, I'm a girl with an answer.

I am fully acknowledging the possibility that I have already said way, way too much, over the past year +. It is quite likely that what you really hope for is a reprieve.

But on the off-chance that I am wrong...on the off chance that you are dying to know important facts about me, such as the fact that I used to regularly wear a t-shirt to high school with a full periodic table of the elements on the front, well, ask away.

I'll keep the lines open until Friday (I feel so Delilah saying that!), and questions must be asked on this post, because I just can't risk them falling beneath a pile of laundry or getting stepped on by a crying baby or being flushed down the loo, along with Ruby's Barbie ring.



  1. Chocolate. Best nutty or plain? What is your view of it?

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. I had that shirt! I HAD IT! AND I WORE IT!!!

    when are you coming to visit me?
    Just kidding.
    Do you have a goal for your blog?
    Do you hate spell check because it tries to ruin your life by saying "old" is fine when you really meant "cold"?

  3. which blog award do you most covet? WAs there one you are sure you should get? lol-- do you have your speech prepared?
    Let us know- out of 539 followers I think you'll get at least 1 nomination. :)
    be cool, periodic girl.

  4. Was your transition from "career woman" to "mom" challenging?

    Sorry for the serious question!!

  5. Sorry no question..just telling you I adore you! xoxo

  6. Wait, wait, wait, are you telling me Delilah is still on the air??? I haven't heard of her in ages, like since college! I have to know where to find her so I can..."love someone tonight." Oh man, I wrote her the best letter in 1998...
    So my next question would be how come when I go on a chips and salsa bender, the next day I'm all salty and bloated and you are still as cute as ever?? Huh, huh?

  7. g'day...from this australian mama of 3 living in england...i just want to 'say' i think your 'writing from the heart' is just..very special... & i wanted to 'ask' your family is so wonderfully mixed & you think that this is now your basket full....or would you like to bring more babies into your family- its just as a mother i think you never run out of love? what do you think?
    big thanks...

  8. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I value your comments! I don't know why I acted so silly at your garage sale. I'll chalk it up to being star struck. I know you're a local gal and all, but you write a blog that MANY people read everyday, I mean in my opionion, you're right up there with the Pioneer Woman who gets me right here!
    Anyway, I'm with you about the organization. Tell me, by the way, how do I set it so that my comments show up in my inbox? Someone just asked me that the other day, and I had no answer.

    Also, have you by any chance read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver? It's a good spring read and gets me motivated for my garden everytime. It's not a very plot motivated book like the ones I like to read, but it's very good in another kind of way.

    I promise the next time I come across you, I'll say hello. Thanks for the directions for the blue barn too.

  9. I don't know that I have a question...I've missed your post on Friday and off to read it...but I enjoy your posts so much

  10. I'm with Martha... I just enjoy reading your posts. I don't really have a question... more of a statement: I totally admire you!

  11. I really want some donuts now. Here's an update on the Aldridge's:

    Gabby is growing and jabbering, Gary and Joy are currently re-watching Arrested Development in the evenings, and the current season of Friday Night Fights is epic!

  12. You rock Farmgirl. My question: did you make enough at the garage sale to cover the red bag purchase?

  13. Oh! I thought of one more! Do you own anything with the words "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON?" -?

  14. I'm so distracted by the donuts that I can't even form a question. My face looks exactly like his right now.

  15. I love that picture of Calvin, so cute!
    I also love your blog, so real and unscripted, I like that.
    Ive often said my blog is a "little bipolar"
    Cuz really, aren't we all?? =)

  16. Where is one place you would like to visit - vacation, tourist trap, off the beaten trail, what-have-you - in the next ten years?

  17. Oooh, I have a question, or maybe it's more of a request. I would love to hear more about your garden. I stumbled upon your blog about a year ago, and you had recently posted about your garden. It's been an inspiration for me, and my husband and I finally got around to knocking trees down to start our own. Maybe you could do a few posts about your garden, what you plant and any tricks you use. This weather is definitely putting my in to mood to get some dirt under my nails.

  18. I remember that shirt fondly. You were already an original, and I'm so glad we're still friends. Love the picture of the kids with the "big donuts" (that's what Wyatt calls them). Thought of Calvin this weekend. Wyatt pulled out his tub of "Cars" and wanted to race them. I thought to myself, "Self, we need to get Calvin and Wyatt together to play with these cars."

  19. I have only one question...were you always so funny and does it come naturally or do you have to work at it??? Okay, I lied, that was actually 2 questions but because I made it a run on sentence, it kind of counts as one :)

    :) T

  20. I love when you post what you eat and/or recipes for the family. (I am slightly boring, I know!) Do you follow any particular "diet" (I hate using that word) such as all organic, etc?

    I have been following for a while, but with two little ones, I don't always have time to post a comment!

    Sorry for the boring question, but I have been wanting to know! :)

    P.S. the salsa recipe looks very yummy, I need to try it!

  21. Have you ever found yourself singing nonsensical songs to your children or pets???

  22. Okay, awhile back you posted a picture with you wearing the most adorable belt. If I recall, it was black and white fabric polka dots? Maybe? Anyways, where did you get it?!?

  23. I know the feeling...there just isn't enough time to visit everyone and leave them love notes. We can only do our best...But I found time to come here for the first time today and even signed on to follow your comings and goings! Lovely blog...when you get a minute perhaps you can stop by too some day!

    Until then, Stay Cozy, Carrie

    ~happy day~

    Your children are darling!

  24. I love your pictures, so beautiful! Hope you get caught up... :)


  25. The fact that you said you feel so "Delilah" saying that just made me laugh. I hear your voice a certain way in my head, kinda girl next door voice, my best pals voice, but now I am going to read your blog with Delilah's voice in my head... Your silly sister.

  26. Oooh, I love question/answer time.

    Do you sing?
    Do you play tennis?
    What did you major in?
    Are you where you thought you'd be? (You know, when we were in hs and filled out those questions like "Where will you be in 15 years?"
    Do you like hanging out with all your girlfriends or one on one?
    What is your favorite thing to do to refresh?
    Was I only suppose to ask one question?
    Love your blogs and love you too!

    P.S. Maybe if you haven't gotten rid of all your little girl clothes we can have a private garage sale? Wasn't able to make it to Waky.

  27. I have two. Did you ever find your missing kitty? What is your favorite flavor cupcake? Oh, wait I have one more, do you miss me as much as I miss you?

  28. I just love reading your posts. No questions, just sending you some blog love. And I can totally relate about visiting your friends' blogs taking the most time. But it's so worth it. Blogger buddies are the best :)

  29. Oh I just love your blog!! My questions are do you have any easy receipes for picky kids. I have seven and just can't please them all. Also do you live near the flea market?

  30. I knew about the shirt because my daughter Annie(house that Jade built) is obsessed with finding a chart, as you know! My question is do you watch Yo Gabba Gabba? If so, do you love the song/rap Bugs? I keep my grandkids and we love it! It is stuck in my head!

  31. Ha! You were thinking of me with that periodic table of elements - which I'm still searching for 2 you know!

  32. love your blog :) it is reality....tears, laughs, celebrations, randomness, tips, sweet decorating skilz, and adorable children! :)

    okay....a question: what is your favorite online shopping site? and...favorite etsy store?

  33. I can't believe it only takes you thirty minutes to do a post! It takes a full three minutes for me to type a stinkin' comment! And not because I'm a slow typer either. I think and type and backspace and edit and type some more. And even then my writing is filled with typos, heaven help me.

    No questions for now; just encouragement. Keep the posts coming.

  34. I tried to comment this previously and I think it never showed up on your if this is familiar, sorry, if not read on.

    I just want to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog, you are a great writer, and how nice it is to meet you so to speak. I don't know anyone who has adopted from Korea in my real world and so I feel at home when I step into your world here. Like I could tell you about how someone told me the other day, "we thought about adopting (b/c they wanted a boy now) but we just really want our son to be our own" and you would understand that I it caused me actual pain.

    Anyways I've written too much already, just to say, I hope to get to know you more, so to speak. Question: Why did Silas not make it home till 18 mo.? We just started our 2nd adoption from Korea and I was wondering have things slowed down?

  35. Here's my question....why are you so stinkin awesome?
    Oh, and when I come to visit, can I stay for a month? Or two?