Sunday, April 18, 2010

On the State of my Inbox and A Can of Worms

There are aspects of my life that remain relatively organized. My inbox is not one of them. Especially as of late.

And I blame you.

To wit, (I've always wanted to say that!) I currently have 82 emails camping out. And that's after I spent several hours weeding it down from the low 120's.

My blog comments come through my email and I read them all. They make me smile. They goose-bump me up. I connect with them...with you, to the degree that I resist deleting them/you. Friday night, after posting about "The Bag", I read the comments that came in and thought, with each one of them, "I like this girl", or "I wish I could talk to her more", or "She gets me".

My virtual friendships with you have carried me through some stormy and uncertain days.

You have provided me with a platform for my incessant nonsense.

And that's scary stuff, baby.

Mostly, I'm just feeling badly about the fact that I have done a poor job of answering your questions. There is nothing worse than feeling ignored, and I should know, because on any given day, one of my children feigns deafness directed squarely at moi.

Off the top of my head, I would like to answer two recent questions:

1. The color of paint in Silas's room is Midsummer's Dream Interior Satin (SR910) by Valspar (from Lowe's). It's dreamy. And (mid)Summery.

2. How long does it take me to blog? Well, it doesn't take me long to write my posts. I enjoy doing it and I'm a quick writer. Most nights, I wing it. If I have nothing structured to say, I look through recent photos and go from there. Some nights, I post pictures with entirely unrelated words, just to keep you on your toes. Tonight is one of those nights. We'll call it the Lost Valentine's Week Remix. The part of posting that takes me the longest is loading my photos. And I usually make Cory read through it before I hit "post" and then inundate him with questions like "Did that make any sense?", "Will this post end my stint on the ol' blog, once and for all?", etc... then he edits me. He tells me when I've missed a word. And I get defensive and throw pillows at him and scoff in his general direction and thank him profusely, because I hate errors. The part of blogging that takes me the longest is making time to visit all of you. I feel like a relationship isn't real if it's one-sided. So just know that I stop in and take a peek at ya'll from time to time. Youn's are funny, sincere, genuine people. I like you. (Will you be my Valentine?) So, long story longer, posting my blogs takes me maybe 30 minutes each night.

And now, I'm opening up the lines. I'm fielding questions. I promise, you will not get lost in the shuffle, this go-round. If you've got a question, I'm a girl with an answer.

I am fully acknowledging the possibility that I have already said way, way too much, over the past year +. It is quite likely that what you really hope for is a reprieve.

But on the off-chance that I am wrong...on the off chance that you are dying to know important facts about me, such as the fact that I used to regularly wear a t-shirt to high school with a full periodic table of the elements on the front, well, ask away.

I'll keep the lines open until Friday (I feel so Delilah saying that!), and questions must be asked on this post, because I just can't risk them falling beneath a pile of laundry or getting stepped on by a crying baby or being flushed down the loo, along with Ruby's Barbie ring.