Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"If I could wish - for just one dish - my greatest wish - would be more...


OK, not really. But we are trying to eat more fish.

And Calvin was inspired by the day's menu to role-play Tiny from Dinosaur Train ("Dinosaur Prain" in Rubanese) and sing the fish song over and over.

Here is an epiphany I had about myself this week: One of the reasons I love cooking so much is that I love the variety that it brings to my day. Yes, the days generally do not change. Yes, I occasionally get the Ground Hog Day complex. But! Even when I wear my hair in the same ponytail and live in my same grey hooded sweatshirt and listen to the same silly babies and sweep the same floor day in and day out, I can always try something new for dinner.

It works for me.

Tonight was extra fun, because I got to bake something in parchment paper.

Here it is, pre-bake.

It was so easy and fun to put together. Fresh food is easy food.

Calvin* had a super fun day playing with Auntie Keisha but missed me and wanted to stay Velcroed to my side while I put this together. He was my helper.

Look at those lovelies, all tucked in snug!

I tore the first one whilst trying to wrap 'er up and had to fashion a tinfoil cast.


I will make this again and again.

The two biggish cuties even liked it. Silas wasn't so sure, but he did enjoy pretending to bathe in the couscous.

Also, the tomatoes were my own inspiration and highly recommended. I meant to put them into the packets, but forgot. So I halved them and sauteed them in a little olive oil, along with garlic salt and pepper and a splash of white wine and threw them on the top at the end.

You can find the recipe here.

The only other change I made was to add some fresh thyme leaves into the packet. I found some from a week or so ago in my fridge and wanted to acknowledge and reward its hardiness and relentless spirit. It was only fair. And it added just the right extra punch, especially paired with the winey tomatoes.

Please try this.


*Calvity's** Grill Update:

He informed us today that someone at school was "being mean" to him. Then he further explained, "Well, I thought he was being mean, but really he was joking. But I thought he was being mean. He was trying to throw rice on me. So I showed him my teeth."

Us: What do you mean?

Calvin: Like this - Bares his teeth and hisses.

Us: Uh, maybe next time you could just ask him to stop throwing rice on you.

**Funniest nickname ever. The brain-child of my funny friend, T-Benny.

Garage Sale Update:
I'm heading out in 30 minutes for the sale of the Century! ha.

We're right on CR3/Elkhart Street...the "main drag" of Wakarusa. When you see the Middle School , we are right across from it. Small white house. Look for the green Mark Souder sign. And be sure to say hello!