Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Good Way To Waste An Hour On A Frosty-Sunny Morning

The transmission is acting funny in our pink Explorer again...

And it's a good thing, too.

Because if it was in full form, Cory would not have taken it for a test drive last night.

And if he hadn't taken it for a test drive, he wouldn't have noticed all of our neighbors covering their flowers and trees...

When he arrived back home, we sprang into action, covering everything that breathed - so to speak.

9 toddler fruit trees
2 nearly infant lilac trees
Scads of perennials
The odd perennial herb, or two
6 Surprise Rosebushes
3 Fully-Expected Rosebushes

You get the point.

I was a sheet-flinging fool.

I tucked my babies in tight whilst humming "Onward Christian Soldier" and willed them to stay strong.

(I also resolved, just like last year, to buy some $1 sheets at the thrift store rather than hauling out the good stuff every time Old Man Winter pulls a fast one.)

The early morning found us outside, crunching around in the frost to unwrap our sleeping beauties.

Cory said we would need them again tonight, so I decided to hang them on the line to dry until later.

If you know me at all, you know I loved this excuse to hang some sheets.

I don't know what it is about me and clotheslines....

Incidentally, by a showing of hands, who has literally been clotheslined by a clothesline?

Happens to me at least twice a Summer.
I'm a little disoriented, right at first. Then I'm kinda annoyed. Then...I laugh. Every time.

Today, before I knew it, I had plumb run out of room on the lines.

And I ended up firing my assistant. She wasn't as helpful as I had hoped. If she's honest, she'll just come right out and admit that she misrepresented her skill-set during the interview.

She seemed to take her unexpected loss of employment in stride.

Hey, if you're going to find yourself jobless, you might as well be wearing footie jammies and imitation Crocs when you hear the news.


  1. BTW- I'm jealous... I want a farm and a farm house. After reading this I now want a clothesline too!!

  2. Your daughter has the most expressive face. She's a bomb! (That's a compliment.)

    As I type this, my husband is outside wetting down the strawberries---frost last night (while I sit inside and type and drink coffee and eat rusks). Fruit trees are hit-or-miss around here, but we can't live without our strawberries.

  3. Oh wow....she is so cute...I see pictures of them and forget what you started out talking about they are so cute! She did take that in stride didn't she? Oh a clothesline...I wish we could have some here:)

  4. I have a brand spanking new clothesline and I love it! Even though someone, who will remain nameless, likes to burn brush on washing day. Uh-huh. Send that cutie patootie over here, I'll hire her any day...that adorable face, I am sure, will charm the smoke in the other direction.

  5. You know how I love clotheslines! I usually look just about like Ruby too whilst I'm hanging my laundry....all happy and pj clad. Glenco warned me of frost night before last, but I wouldn't believe him. Poppycock I even said...but alas, we DID have a frost, and a good one, but it didn't come nigh my dwelling, but all around our home. We are up on a little bit of hill - thank goodness!

  6. That last picture is just fabulous! Made me chuckle. It got freezing here too. My daughter has a strawberry plant and it's been living inside these past few days.

    Hope the warmth comes back soon!

  7. Oh crack me up so bad. Why can't you just live across the street?? I need my daily dose of Shannan! I've never been clothelined before, but if I had I'm sure my response would be exactly like yours:) Love your little helper girl.

  8. I have clothesline envy.... we are trying to sell our house now, and one of the requirements of the new house, yet to be found, is that I can have a clothesline. My husband thinks that is a crazy requirement, luckily he loves me anyway! Love the pics of Ruby... she is so cute!

  9. Been there with the sheets, although I'm usually crying, cursing Montana and vowing to move...mostly because it happens in June here. Frost in June. And snow sometimes.

    Pink Explorer? Must hear more.

  10. Clotheslines remind me of growing up as my mom always used them. I need one I think as nothing beats the smell of clothes fresh from the line! I hate putting sheets or towels out though as don't like the crunchy feeling. Bummer about the frost.

  11. Hahaha I love that you said you fired your assistant! She is precious! I have never lined dry my sheets, but what a great way to be out in the fresh air and give my poor dryer some rest!

  12. I love the last photo! Haha! :)

  13. She sure has a personality and so cute.
    Have you ever drove through Amish Country on wash day. It is so much fun seeing all the little identical outfits and dresses on the clotheslines. It also gives you a peaceful feeling for a more simple life.

  14. i clothesline myself almost daily. and in all of our mess, darn it if i can't find my clothespins. i pray that the wind doesn't come up and blow my skivvys down the road! xoxo

  15. SO want a clothesline. I'm sure my husband would take care of that for me... I'm going to ask him right now. (i'll let you know) *wink

    Love that pic (of your "assistant") with your girl infront of all the sheets in the morning sun - love it!

  16. Pink explorer? My dream car was always a pink VW Bug. Ah, pink.

    I too am addicted to my clothesline, but alas have never BEEN clotheslined.

    What is it with jammie/kids/outside that is so awesome? I just posted a not-really-similar post that involved wearing jammies to throw rocks in the pond. Ah, bliss.

  17. What a beautiful day...sun shine...sheets fluttering in the wind....praise the Lord and pass the peas!!!!

  18. Thank you once again for the laugh!!
    I love clothes dried on the line....The yummy freshness of it all!
    Enjoy your day...hope it warms up

  19. And the jazz hands always help too!!!
    love the clothes line, thinking I need one...! o happy day!

  20. Adorable daughter:) Cute sheets, too! ;)

  21. oh to have a clothesline...

    Love this whole post and to show you just how not-suited to the farm life I am so craving... I had no idea you wrap plants with sheets in case of frost.

    How do you learn this stuff?

  22. YOU are making me want a clothesline(!)
    Stop. It.

  23. She must keep you smiling! :)

    I do NOT like to hang out clothes or sheets or anything!! (can I still read here???)

  24. Ruby is adorable. Those cheeks!
    Yes, please do share the pink Explorer story. My sil has a bright yellow Escape and our kids/nieces/nephews dubbed it 'the bannana boat.' Whatever would you call a pink Explorer?

  25. great post! and i feel your pain, as old man winter has been known to pull a fast one (or two) around here every once in awhile (like today's blizzard!)
    cute kiddies :)

  26. did you plant all of that stuff new this spring already??? i hate covering plants, i am just that lazy:)

  27. I'm thinking those jammies, that hair and that smile that lights up a field would make up for any lack of skills she has.