Sunday, April 25, 2010

Geek Proof

My friend Erin sent me this picture last week. She has a scanner! I don't even have a printer. True story.

Look closely. Very closely. Yep, that's the one and only Periodic Table of the Elements t-shirt.

I don't remember exactly why or how, but Erin and I bought matching shirts and wore them with pride, although Erin apparently had the wherewithal not to take hers on vacation.

One thing is for certain - there's no arguing that it's me. Just look at those arms!

Here are my questions to myself:
1. Why was your hair so long?
2. Why are you wearing Mom jeans, at the age of 16?
3. For what reason did you decide to pack your periodic table t-shirt for a choir trip to Nashville?
4. Why were you in choir when you're really not a very good singer?

And just to provide a little more context, I will now include the email Erin included with the photo:

Marsha - I don't know if this will work. Let me know if it does not. I read your blog about the Periodic Table shirt. I happen to have a picture of you in said shirt. I realize that you probably have pictures of yourself in the shirt already because, seriously, we rocked those shirts often, but this one is special. You can't see the shirt that well because we're, well, what do you say? We were just being ourselves, but it is definitely the shirt. How much do I love this picture? Hmmm...We are clearly young and carefree. We are both wearing ginormous, ill-fitting men's shirts that was befitting the style of the time. My hair is french-braided (by whom I have no idea) AND held back with a hot pink scrunchy. And then, of course, we are pretending to kiss a statue at the Opryland Hotel. How random (and awesome) is that? Also, it was May 7, 1993 (my picture archiving skills were with me even in my youth). - Cheryl

Hi. Me again.

I should clarify that I called/call Erin Cheryl. And she called/calls me Marsha. But that's another story for another day.

A Memo to the people: I was nerdy. And I knew it. And I didn't care a single bit. And I like that.