Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An Apple A Day

I spent my morning with my two handsome boys, taking Calvin to see Dr. G. I know I've been through all of this before, but Calvin has a genetic, autoimmune condition that causes his body to freak out. He's generally healthy, but we have to keep a close eye on him, and by "keep a close eye on him", what I mean is, he has to have his blood drawn and checked. Frequently.

Maybe I have also mentioned that he has been on a miracle drug for about a year now that has rendered him almost entirely...healthy, or so it seemed.

I was starting to think that these trips to the City were a big, ol' waste of time.

Alas, today his counts were not so hot. Nothing to panic about, and we'll get it under control soon enough, but annoying, all the same.

The upside is, he scored a Spiderman Band-Aid, a free chocolate milk, a Dairy Queen gift certificate (today is DQ's birthday!) and a new Matchbox fire-truck, not to mention Chick-Fil-A drive-thru for lunch.

So, for those of you playing along at home, this brings our family count to:
6 doctor appointments,
1 blood draw, and
1 surgery
in the last 2 weeks.

In summary: Please send apples. We planted 4 trees last year, but I don't think apple blossoms do the trick. I'm pretty sure it has to be actual apples...


  1. The not fun things really suck, don't they?? On the upside, we have our beautiful children still with us. :)
    Sending apple wishes your way...

  2. Keep your chin up! At least he's "generally" healthy and has a wonderful, amazing family to take care of him when he isn't!

    You guys rock and are SO inspiring!

  3. I would bring you a whole bushel if I could.

  4. Will a virtual apple do the trick? Probably not. I'll send up a few "prayer-type apples" for your family's continued health :)

  5. So sorry for life's little interruptions right now! My moms favorite saying...."when it rains it pours".....God has a way of keeping us on our toes :) On the upside, you have 3 of the most precious kidos!

  6. Sending virtual apples your way! Luckly little ones to have you as parents to keep such a close eye on them.

  7. This post makes me tired just reading about it...and hungry. Ice cream and chick fil a. Ghallalhahaah. (that's me drooling). I think you should take a nap.

  8. you just answered the question I have been pondering for a few days...I know it is strange that I was thinking about you and your family for a few days and never thought about e-mailing you to ask....soemthing is wrong, I am losing my mind...(name that movie)...anyway, I hope your wee ones is ok, that makes my bottom lip pucker up cause I have been there....sending big hugs, I am a faithful believer that hugs taste better then apples anyway and they are free (wink wink)...weird I know!

  9. We have plenty of apples at our house. YOU SHOULD HAVE STOPPED BY SINCE YOU WERE LITERALLY 5 MINUTES AWAY!!!!! :)

  10. Poor baby, I wish I could send bushels of them!! I am sending my hugs and prayers
    though (;

  11. Wow....I think you need a vacation! Wish I could pop over and give you a break for an afternoon!!

  12. Praying for health and wholeness for all the FlowerPatch family!

    BTW, knowing your love for P-Dub, she was in Portland last night for a book signing and I met her and blogged all about it!


    So, wanna trade a P-Dub autographed cookbook for the cute little kid with the long eyelashes? :)

  13. DQ's blizzards are buy one, get the 2nd one 25cents because of the 25 yr birthday - this week only! i can see your little people with their own blizzards... yummy faces:)

  14. You went to Dairy Queen without me?! OK, I'm heading there now. Gotta run!

  15. A rough time for sure. I used to have weeks like yours. I hope things get easier for you. ((((HUGS)))) for you and your little ones.

  16. Yuck, I'm sorry it's been a rough one. Poor Calvin Lee. :( I am sending you a barrel of gala's and some granny smiths too.

  17. oooooo~ I have been there ~ wait ~ I still am there!! My little Sammy is supposed to have blood draws regularly ~ too ~ we are way past due! I have a story ~ I just can't find the words... I need a weekend alone with my blog and spill my heart! we have things... similar things..

    Um... surgery? did I miss something?! or is it up and coming?!

    I live in Wa... the apples don't work... darn things! =) Sorry it seems to be rocky over yonder with y'all right now...

    There is this blog...Twinkle from the bottom of my blog roll...she has an amazing post right now!! Encouraging ~ kinda ~ go read you'll be glad ya did!!! =)

  18. surgery..right... the tooth!
    ahem... I can relate to that too!
    the lady with two new gold crowns...
    sad. bye bye tax return!

  19. I recently stopped by a DQ and had me a blizzard. I haven't had one in probably 20 years. No lie. It was yummy! Glad your trip was worth it after all.

  20. So sorry to hear your poor babies are under the weather... I too have a certain affection for brown skinned babies... I just love 'em all!
    Your kiddos are precious. And, I like hugs better than apples,too!
    Have a great and restful week! (We can hope, right??)

  21. Oy, poor little dude. Ya'll are welcome to come sit under my apple tree.

    : )

    Julie M.

  22. ooooh that really stinks! I hate, hate going to the doctor. 6 times in 2 weeks is 6 times to many! Hope the next 2 are better.

    When you have an extra un-doctor moment, then stop by and enter my giveaway!

  23. Wow! that is a lot in two weeks. I hope that things are going well today.
    I have visited your blog before, and loved it, and then today I saw you as a guest blogger and I came back over and decided that today I didn't want to lose you out there in that big'ol blog world, so I am now you newest follower.
    Looking forward to your future posts!

  24. Here is the SECOND date...
    I hope everything goes well for Calvin.
    You seem like such a nice family.
    Take care.

  25. Was introduced to you on Farmgirl Paints as her guest blogger :) Love your spirit and personality :) Look forward following/reading you!!

  26. Jeez-o-peezo what a week! Can't a girl get some rest? I'm sending a bushel of apples your way. By the way, did I mention that Emma wants to come with for the visit? She wouldn't hear of me coming without her. And she can't wait to meet the new guy. We'll coordinate schedules soon, k?

  27. That is a crazy two weeks. wow. i hope you guys get back to normal soon, though i'm starting to wonder if there is such a thing...

  28. Seriously....when is life going to settle down for you? Craziness.
    Hope C-ditty is back where he needs to be soon. That kid has been through the ringer lately. Thank goodness for the tried and true Spiderman bandaid and matchbox cars.

  29. there is a little Honesty award on my blog for you! and HONESTLY ... I get stressed taking and giving awards... so really... take it or leave it! just wanted you to know I enjoy your honest heart so I picked you!