Saturday, March 13, 2010

So I Like To Multi-Task, So Sue Me

We are leaving for SoKo in roughly 48 hours and I find that I am strangely relaxed about the trip. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I have eaten double my body weight in guacamole over the last couple of days. Avocados are known to have a calming effect, right?

Today I spent part of my day on a wild goose chase for a jar of Amish peanut butter. I never considered what a challenge it might be. Honest to goodness, what good is living in buggyville if a girl can't find Amish peanut butter when she needs it most?

We are taking gifts over for Silas's foster parents and foster sisters, as well as the social worker. The only suggestions I received were to double-check that any gifts we choose to take are made in America. (Again - easier said than done.) I wanted to take some things that were somewhat unique to our area, hence, the aforementioned PB. The girls are getting Bath & Body Works miscellany, and we'll also be lugging over homemade Amish noodles, apple butter and Yankee candles. In a clutch moment of golden serendipity, I stumbled upon notecards featuring water color scenes of our little town, painted by a local artist.

Sidenote: Am I the only girl who obsesses about the cleanliness of my home when I travel? I am by no means a neatnik, but pack me a suitcase and I am overcome by the desire to mop my floors and dust my baseboards. Quadruple that urge when the suitcase is headed trans-Continental.

So, I've been doing some of that.

We were advised by our agency that jeans are not appropriate withing the city limits of Seoul.

Do you think they're tricking us? Do they secretly think it's funny to send two jittery parents over in constrictive clothing?

Ya'lls - I don't think my adoration of jeans is lost on anyone here.

On second thought - they never said anything about sweatpants...

Have I told you about the part that we'll be gone for Calvin's 5th birthday?

It makes me sad. And it can't be helped. But it still makes me sad.

So, we're celebrating tomorrow, which also happens to be Cory's birthday.

I am infinitely grateful that my Mama instilled in me the value of a the simplified birthday. Birthdays for Dummies, by Flower Patch Farmgirl. Cupcakes home baked by yours truly (with a little help from my friend Betty. Yo, Betty.)

This year, filled to the brim with guilt, I sprung for the $3 themed plastic tablecloth.

My kids are totally spoiled.

Is it weird that I live the vast majority of my life in one of three grey t-shirts, but I now feel compelled to pack "fun" jewelry for the trip?

Have you ever met someone who rambles circuitously when they feel just a smidge of anxiety?

I have a friend like that and she wears. me. out.

I've been meaning to tell you - I have a crush on Marzetti's Tamed Jalapeno slices. Crunchy, pickly, kicky bliss. It seems I rather enjoy acidic foods.

I have big plans to can up some of my own this Summer. I do believe this will be the Summer that I get my can on.

Silas's room is almost done. 95%. OK fine, 89%.

I'd like to say that I will be ready to show you before we leave, but that's just not a promise I'm willing to make right now. I will tell you this - it's pretty swoony.

Speaking of pretty - the pictures on this post highlight some of my favorite bits from the Grand Opening event at Junk Evolution.