Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pretend Birthday

We celebrated all of the good things about being 5 today.

One of the conundrums of my existence is how I managed to get such perfect, funny, beautiful children.

The good news is, he loved his Mommy and Daddy gifts: a wooden hunting rifle, a few Cars cars and a fire truck Lego set.

While he and Daddy built the truck, Ruby and I baked cupcakes. All natural, organic and from scratch, natch.

Yep - thems all natural blue and red sprinkles. They're vitamins, actually.

What? You didn't know Betty Crocker cupcakes are now organic and vitamin-infused?

Here's my lone cupcake baking tip - always shave 3-5 minutes off the baking time. Thank me later.

While I was busy underbaking, I heard a strange noise in my midst. It went something like this: "Kshhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

It seems Lucy is on the Potty Training Team.

I had no idea.

Her Mama hasn't posted a sticker chart on the fridge or anything.


But back to the birthdayish boy.

He is honestly the coolest dude ever. He's fun to hang out with (albeit a little gabby). He used his manners when he opened each gift and it did this Mama proud.

He scored some NBA threads, and all manner of boy stuff and loved it all.

This is his best-friend-ever-in-the-entire-world - his cousin Jake.

Those lips. They are exactly the same as the day I met him, which shouldn't come as a surprise to me, but somehow still does.

In true on-top-of-it fashion, I forgot to take candles to Nana's house for the soiree.

We improvised with matchsticks.

Yowza - did we ever have to sing quickly.

*Gratuitous Ruby-Eyes shot*

It's such an honor to raise these two yummy babies. And we get another? Get out of town.

We are so blessed.

Happiest Pretend Birthday, Mr. Lee. You rock our socks off.