Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pretend Birthday

We celebrated all of the good things about being 5 today.

One of the conundrums of my existence is how I managed to get such perfect, funny, beautiful children.

The good news is, he loved his Mommy and Daddy gifts: a wooden hunting rifle, a few Cars cars and a fire truck Lego set.

While he and Daddy built the truck, Ruby and I baked cupcakes. All natural, organic and from scratch, natch.

Yep - thems all natural blue and red sprinkles. They're vitamins, actually.

What? You didn't know Betty Crocker cupcakes are now organic and vitamin-infused?

Here's my lone cupcake baking tip - always shave 3-5 minutes off the baking time. Thank me later.

While I was busy underbaking, I heard a strange noise in my midst. It went something like this: "Kshhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

It seems Lucy is on the Potty Training Team.

I had no idea.

Her Mama hasn't posted a sticker chart on the fridge or anything.


But back to the birthdayish boy.

He is honestly the coolest dude ever. He's fun to hang out with (albeit a little gabby). He used his manners when he opened each gift and it did this Mama proud.

He scored some NBA threads, and all manner of boy stuff and loved it all.

This is his best-friend-ever-in-the-entire-world - his cousin Jake.

Those lips. They are exactly the same as the day I met him, which shouldn't come as a surprise to me, but somehow still does.

In true on-top-of-it fashion, I forgot to take candles to Nana's house for the soiree.

We improvised with matchsticks.

Yowza - did we ever have to sing quickly.

*Gratuitous Ruby-Eyes shot*

It's such an honor to raise these two yummy babies. And we get another? Get out of town.

We are so blessed.

Happiest Pretend Birthday, Mr. Lee. You rock our socks off.


  1. Happy Birthdays and new baby days to your beautiful family!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. SWEET B-day! Now I'm wantin' a cupcake. I can hardly stand it...ugh:) See he didn't even care it was on the wrong day!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! What a great Party!!! I can see the love for your family in every one of those pictures... especially the one with the matchsticks. Only a mother would decide that the risk of burning down the house is not nearly as important as having candles on the birthday cake!!!:-)))) LOVE IT!!!!

    I have to say it...Those yummy babies of yours are equally blessed to have YOU!:-)) I know exactly what you are thinking.. my husband and I get told how lucky our girls are to have us but we always say WE are the blessed ones...adoption has brought us the most incredible joy!!! It is indescribable!!

    Blessings to your beautiful family!!!!!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun was had. :) Those cupcakes are so cute. Have a safe trip!

  5. Looks like you guys had the best day! Happy Happy Birthday little man! : )

  6. How did you add vitamens to the cupcakes? Did you break up the kid ones and add those? I think its a great idea to add them and I love the cars on top!

  7. Love Lucy and the potty training team. Hysterical. Sweet pictures of your children. Hope Caleb enjoyed his birthday. :-)

  8. Simply Sweet! Happy Boy! Congrats and Blessings to you all!! I can't wait to see future posts!! ;)
    OK... I need to know... exactly what kind of vitamins are those sprinkles??? hmmmm....???
    Just Jenn~ ;)

  9. Hello Shannan,
    You are so cute. I love the matchsticks. I forgot the candles as well. We used gigantic tea lights. I guess At least we didn't have wax all over the cake. Thanks for sharing. I bet you are so excited right now! You are an awesome mom. I am always so inspired by YOU.
    Take Care,

  10. That new little guy is so blessed to get to be part of all your craziness! I love when we see your kids, they are PRECIOUS!
    Great party, thanks for inviting all of us...

  11. Dear Calvin....a most wonderful Happy Birthday to you! I must say, I've never seen anyone look so cool in a NBA headband! I hope you will enjoy being five. I hear you are getting a new brother? Are you excited to be a big brother again? I bet you are. I bet you sure will be a good one too. Your birthday smile made my day. You have a very awesome mom, but I bet you already knew that. :-)

  12. Happy birthday to Calvin!!!! How cute he is!!! And so happy for you all!!

  13. Happy almost, kinda, sorta Birthday Mr. Calvin. How cool that Mommy and Daddy are getting you a baby brother for your birthday.

  14. Oh my goodness, how fun. I just saw you on Junk Evolutions blog, WOW, Huh? Just wanted to say have a safe trip, and I'll be praying for you.

  15. Happy Birthday sweet little boy! Your party sounds precious. Our kiddos no nothing else but simple sweet days with family and maybe a few friends...and it's been a wonderful way to teach them gratitude. Have a beautiful and safe trip to your new sweet babe. How excited I am to follow you through this journey. If my dh agreed, I'd do it again in a heartbeat and be on a plane today! For now, I'll follow vicariously and keep praying! Thanks for following me in my little world! :)

  16. Sweet boy, you have. Happy bday. I find it a celebration for me, too. They are psyched for the candles/party/gifts. I cry every stinkin year. Happy tears, I think. But, I am not sure. I don't let them see. I get all Tammy Faye by myself.

  17. Happy Birthday Calvin,
    You are one awsome dude! Your mom and dad are pretty blessed to have you for a son!

  18. Happy Day to Mr. Lee! You are raising yourself one fine young man. What a cutie - and polite to boot? Good job, mom.

  19. Happy Birthday to a super cute 5 year old! My cupcake tip is bake at 25 degrees less. Your cupcakes turned out really cute.

  20. I love Calvin and his basketball cute. I hope he had a very happy birthday! Your cupcakes looked great - and I'm sure they were delicious too.

    You are definitely one blessed mama.

  21. Happy birthday to your son! Your children are beautiful.


  22. so So so sweet! love this pretend birthday!! And yes you are very blessed to have these two beautiful babies and to get another...wowzers!

  23. Happy birthday to a sweet boy! What fun, and yes, I enjoy the Ruby EYE shots....!

  24. The cupcakes look yummy! Happy, happy birthday Calvin!

  25. Your children are so sweet! And those cupcakes look delicious! I wonder if anyone would buy vitamin-infused cupcakes if they tasted like the real thing? possibilty in the making! :)

  26. Those lips are pinchable (in a nice way----a here's that crazy aunt way)
    Those 2 little chicks are delectable.
    Enjoy ALL the moments you can...

  27. What a guy! So much personality I have never seen in a little person. . . well, except for maybe my own. Looks like you had a great night. you are the queen of cupcakes! Did you know they have an organic mix called "Naturally Nora" that looks just like yours? I just had to make them for Nora's B-day!
    Thinking of your blessed family often. Looking forward to the posts coming in the next few days! Hugs

  28. I love this much goodness rolled into one! Happy almost Birthday to Calvin! Love the NBA threads!

    And the matchsticks and Lucy on the potty...hilarious!

    Add little Silas to the mix and your heart may very well explode. :) Motherhood is amazing.

  29. I'm a fan of those organic wholesome betty crocker cupcakes too, but I fortify mine with sprinkles and pink frosting of course. Your babies are both BEAUTIFUL!! Can't wait to see the new one. Oh, and the potty training photo - don't kids just crack you up?!

  30. I am so proud of my little guy,Hand picked by Jesus himself! I cannot get my mind around the fact that he is "5"!! Wow!! You are doing a great job of raising our special loan from God. I know you put a smile on our Lord's face too. And thanks for the pic of my pumpkin pie's sweet eyes...I never get enough of them. And as I sit here I am holding Silas in my heart.

  31. Oh my. I just read the comment from your mamma and just wanted to say how very, very lucky you are. Will you share her?