Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kylee Jane

We arrived back home about an hour ago and we're all exhausted, but I'm finding it difficult to settle into sleep mode. My heart continues to break for Ben and Trisha, who buried their baby earlier today. The reality really set in for me today that the hundreds and hundreds of people who surrounded them this weekend were all headed home, back to their lives. Things were about to quiet down for them, and while I know they are emotionally and physically exhausted, I know that quiet will come as a shock.

I had a moment today, during the services, where I thought of all of you. I wanted to beam you all in to listen to the words, to witness for yourselves the supernatural grace that consumes my brave and lovely cousins. I told Ben on Sunday that people who didn't even know him, who didn't even know me, were praying for them. We talked about how this makes real to all of us the unity that we have in Christ. The hope we have in Christ.

I want to thank you, pure and true, for lifting all of us up over this past week. The comfort that comes from knowing that you are sharing a portion of our grief is something that I will not forget.

You have allowed me, in a very small way, into your life, and in doing so, you have made my world bigger. You have given me a place of acceptance and love and fun and silliness and all of the things that make this life a joy to live.

I want to share a picture of precious Kylee with all of you. I think it's important and I just want to remember. As one of the ministers said today, Kylee accomplished her God-breathed mission in just five short years. She brought love and healing through her special, little life. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could all follow suit? If we could all strive to make love and healing a part of our daily mission? I loved that truth - that God put each of us here on Earth for a specific mission. Sounds so exciting!

This teeny, tiny photo (the only one I could find!) is of Ben and Trisha and their family. When you think of them, please say a prayer for them. They blessed me over and over this weekend. They are hurting, but they know the truth. Their trust in the One who knew all of this from the beginning has not wavered.

Prayer for Reece Family

"Death of a child must remind God of how He hurt when His Son died on that cross. We have been blessed by God so much this past week. Although tomorrow won't be easy , I know we will get through because Jesus has already been there and he is saying come and I will bear your burdens for you. I love you all and keep praying for us ( IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE )"
-Ben Reece, via Facebook, Sunday, March 7th