Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In Like a Very Confused Lion-Lamb

Ain't nothing like ushering in Spring with a slushy trip to the park.

40 degrees never felt balmier.

These snow babies could not be pent up another day.

The sun draws them out, snow be danged.

Ruby wrecked her bike on a patch of slush today and fell into the dormant rose bushes.

She now sports 2 green band-aids on her cheek; a Pre-Schooler badge of honor if ever there was one.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Calvin doesn't fake a snow-related injury of his own, just to be part of the club.

Those band-aids are contagious, you know.

As for me, I'm almost finished with the book. I feel bad for implying that it's been disappointing. It's not disappointing at all. Jules, I really am loving your book. I love it so much that I carried it around the park with me, pretending that I was in an alternate, warmer universe where Cory tended to the snow-skipping juniors whilst I read.

It was fun enough to carry it under my arm. What can I say? I was just plain in the mood.

Please snow, I beg of you, be gone. Your time is up and now that we've done a bit of frolicking, I simply do not think it possible to return to hunkering.


PS - Everyone is out of the hospital and will return home to Ohio tomorrow. Thank you, my friends.