Thursday, March 25, 2010

Harkening Korea - The People

To say that I was intrigued by the people of South Korea would be an understatement.

I was mostly fascinated by the absence of color in their attire.
They all wore black - almost exclusively.

Just tell me the truth, city folk, what is it with you and the black trench?

I feel a doctoral dissertation brewing...

The ladies were among the most fashionable I've seen. Very well heeled, all the time.
So I stalked them.

No really, I stalked them.
But I'm sure they didn't notice. I can't imagine that the nearly 6-foot-tall chick with the puffy vest over top a bright green fleece would stand out at all.

The men, serious and suited up, were all business, debonair to the nines.

They had a certain air of mystery. Very Keanu.

Then there were the high school girls.
God bless the English speaking, high school girls.
They encircled me, giggled, gawked.
They made my puffy vest seem so right.

I wanted them to stay with us the whole day and they probably would have...
I wonder if they would have made finger hearts all day long?

Bet so.

As for this - I have no words.

Wait. Yes, I do.

I saw these little bitties and I could not stop myself. They were running amok and laughy and colorful! And happy.

The little dude in the black coat is so very Calvin-esque.

We encountered a surprising number of germaphobes. Fashionable, workaholic germaphobes.

But best of all - we stumbled upon the Korean Don Draper.

Oh no I didn't take his picture.

Oh yes, I did.


  1. i love love your writing! :) :) makes me smile every time.

    what a blessing to be able to share these pictures with us....thank you! i am so thankful you are sharing your journey....

  2. Wow what great photos!
    I love the kids on the school yard!
    The ones of the shops are very artsy~

    Looks like a fun time!

    Praying all is continueing to get better and better!

    Peace and Blessings,

  3. How fun it is to get a sneak peak into your time and travels abroad.

    I'm so jealous that mom and dad will join you for Easter and get more sneak peaks into your pictures, stories and have some one on one snuggle time with our newest addition. I'll be stuck here (dog-sitting)- that is unless I can bring Calie with me? :) Yeah right!

  4. Your photos are great and I love the Keanu reference. I love me some of that man.

  5. The color spectrum from young to old is oh so intriguing. Love reading about your adventures and I anxiously await to hear about your upcoming adventures with your little man. Love to all of you...


  6. Terrific, terrific pictures and commentary! You have such a talent for writing. And for adopting very cute kidlets. We're all excited to see Baby #3, when you're ready to show him to us.

  7. We spent 3 years living in South Korea; your pictures brought back a flood of memories! Thanks for sharing! Congratulations on your newest blessing. Enjoy every precious moment!

  8. Cute! And I'm not just talking about Keannu. Those babies are sweet!

    : )

    Julie M.

  9. thanks for sharing your pictures! You guys have been on my mind alot lately! Still praying for you guys. You are so encouraging!

  10. i love this!!!! it looks like a fantastic place!

  11. great picts... I always chicken out with strangers. The 4 ladies is a great shot, love the motion shot too. and the difference between color & black clothed folks, what's up with that...? wow.
    Thanks for sharing, as always, and continued prayers for little man silas.

  12. Oh my goodness!!! My friend who is working in Korea and she says the same thing about how they dress over there! All spiffy and stuff! So glad you met up with some girls that made you smile - we just need that sometimes. Praying for you - The Lady

  13. Yes! I tell people all the time that I have been to London, NY, Lived in Southern California and Korea has been by far the most fashionable place ever. They were all dressed to the nines. I loved it. I did feel so underdressed. Loved that you blogged about it. H

  14. These photos are awesome!!! I laughed out loud about the Korean Don Drapper.....dang it....when is that show coming back????

  15. How fun! And amazing! Thank you for taking those photos and sharing them! I am so envious of your trip to see such culture! Everything you are doing has required so much strength..and you pulled it off well my friend..puffy vest and all! ~lulu

  16. Love those pictures. Love how you (or Cory?) captured the everyday essence of Korea. I just couldn't live with all that black though!

  17. Thanks for sharing your adventure....wonderful pictures!
    Your family is still in my thoughts and prayers:)

  18. I love that high school girls are high school girls everywhere. SO cool.

  19. I have two girlfriends who are Korean (they happen to be drop dead gorgeous) Now I know where they get their looks. This culture has the most beautiful people ever! Love the photos and the puffy vest. Lori

  20. Thanks for the pictures! I loved the high school girls... how cute. Keep 'em coming! Still praying for all of you too.

  21. LOVE IT! And the Korean Don Draper, swoon...

  22. Who knew they wore black like that. I love how you stood out. I didn't know you were that tall. WOW girl...model material:) Hope it's continuing to get easier.

  23. Okay, I had to google Don Draper....I may finally have to get on the Mad Men bandwagon. I've heard it's The Show to be watching. The high school girls and the tiny tots are too cute. Thanks for the peek!

  24. Love the green coat that girl is wearing! And the high school girls and the little ones are so cute and happy! Thanks so much for sharing! I absolutely love to travel and never get to not that I have two little ones. Hopefully someday I will be able to again!

    I hope things are going well at home! :)

  25. Those pictures are superb, love seeing the people sites you encountered and the different culture shock of fashion over there!

  26. I love it (& you)! Thanks for sharing-


  27. Enjoyed this post!!
    Hope things are still progressing well for you. ~still Praying~

  28. I work for a Japanese company so much of what you stated is soo very true, to say I stick out at work like a sore thumb is an understatement!! I loved the photo of the children and the highschool girls making finger hearts was just so sweet!! TGIF!

  29. You are so awesome....running about Korea taking pictures of people. The colorful children and teenagers made me smile. As for the fashionable men and women, they made me wonder: Do I have to move to Korea to be able to pull off a fluffy black skirt, tights and stiletos for work? Seems so.
    P.S. I love your vest.

  30. I love that you took these pictures!!! LOVE is always nice to see into the lives of others and I would have never known about black...

    The children and teens really were great! I bet you rocked that vest too:)

  31. Love the pics...such a cool glimpse into life in Korea. I bet you can't wait to take the kiddos back one day when they get older.

    As for the black clothing -- my love for black came from living in London. It's like once you try it, you can't stop ;)

  32. i love you stalking people...what a paparazzi you are--and you're so good at it :) my fave was the high heeled fashionista in the kelly green coat. love her hair cut, too. thank for sharing! thanks for your comment the other day, too :)

  33. Love these pictures -- what an amazing place!

  34. Fabulous post! You know what I just realized....when Silas grows up, what a wonderful journal he will have to read of the whole process of his adoption! Great pics...LOVE the Korean Don Draper!

  35. That last guy is VERY Don Draper. I have a secret crush on Don Draper...sshhhh don't tell anyone...especially my gorgeous hubby.