Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Harkening Korea - My Final Favorites

The time has come for me to end my Korean photo tour.

I don't know why, but posting things from even a week or two ago makes me antsy.

I don't like to be stuck in the past.

Because life just keeps moving, ya know?

And now, it's time to start talking about the garden.

And a couple of amazing recipes I've tried in the past few days.

And my utterly smoochable littlest, along with the heart-breakingly cute middle and the crack-uppingly clever oldest.

Calvin likes to always refer to Silas and Ruby collectively as "The Babies".

I don't think he has grasped that Ruby is a mere 17 months behind him...

Speaking of Silas, don't look now, but he's up taking a nap.

Why do I get so worried over these kinds of things?

He also slept through the night last night, more-or-less.

Honestly, if I tried to stop and count all of my blessings, I'd never get another thing done.

I'd just keep counting.

No laundry, no cooking, no eyebrow plucking.


I adore my life.

When I first laid eyes on Cute Maintenance boy in his Hoi Polloi hat, I never dreamed we would gather our children up from hither and yon.

God had such an exciting adventure in store for us - little did we know.

It's hard to imagine what else He has up His sleeve for us.

By the way, isn't Korea lovely?

So full of color and simplicity and life.

I wanna go back someday, with every last baby in tow.

*All but 2 images captured by the "lowly" point-and-shoot. (The other two were taken when Cory wasn't paying attention.) :)


  1. Love this post!!
    glad things seem to be getting into some of new normal for you
    Still praying tho
    Have a great day!

  2. Lovely place. Lovely littles. Lovely life. Sigh. I just can't wait to meet that new little guy of yours. Just say the word and I'll be in your face begging for a picnic lunch under the tree.

  3. the "lowly" point & shoot has a great eye;)

    ugh... the garden.
    must we talk about it already?
    you're right... we must:)

    so glad things are going well for you.
    will i see you soon???

  4. Beautiful post! God's plan is amazing isn't it? So happy that Silas is sleeping, and that your family is doing well and getting into the groove of living life. Oh how I want to head back to China again with my Izzy and the rest of the family....and I'd adopt again in a heartbeat. :)

  5. You and your blog and your family always make my heart happy!

  6. What a great post! You are blessed - those babies of yours are the sweetest things ever! I love reading about them :) I feel the same way about my flannel shoe-ndal wearing husband - who knew we'd end up where we are today! God is great!

  7. Hankering in the past makes me antsy too...I love the colors of this city, the photo with the bowls and the bikes and the softly curved roofs are my favorites! I am glad to hear that little one is sleeping somewhat through the night and that naps are being taken, by the babies!! :)

  8. I love your pictures today! And, as always, you have such a beautiful way with words! But I do have just one question: Did you buy any of those lovely bowls? :)

    Glad everything is getting back to "normal" for you!

  9. You always make me smile!

    Our blessings is what life is all about... enjoy and congrats!


  10. Love your pictures and the accompanying dissertation! ;)

  11. Love it! I love that you say, "I love my life." I say that too, and I think more Mom's need to embrace it- the new normal, the ups and downs, the sadness, the joy, the mundane, the ordinary... just love life!

    Praise the Lord that his steadfast love never ceases!

  12. Love the photos! Going to check out more of your sweet blog....

  13. Beautiful pictures - beautiful words

  14. Okay, lovin' the photos of Korea...especially those flowers, paper ones??! Oh, and you're missing one photo...the one of sleeping Silas. You know you had to tempt us with that mental image and sometime, you MUST fulfill it.

  15. hoi polloi! that place is good for a jaunt down memory lane.

    love the beauty in these photos, but mostly? i love what you chose to capture: the littlest bits and details of a bustling city.

    ps your point and shoot is making my slr cower in shame. (or maybe that's just your mad photog skillz. either way.)

  16. Really beautiful pictures! I am so thrilled for you...your happiness and gratefulness is so touching...your blessings truly are many!!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  17. Such artistic pics~
    I love it! You have such a creative eye!

    Sounds like peace has overcome your home~

    Warm Blessings,
    Georgiann momma of 6~

  18. Beautiful pic's! What are those little flower thingy's? I need some for our display Friday! Did you buy anything special when you were there?
    How are the "other 2 kiddo's doing? Are they able to communicate with Silas? In their own special way that kids do? I can't wait to talk to you!

  19. i'm sad the korea tour has to come to an end. i've enjoyed it so...but i hear ya about living in the here and now. it's a good place to be.

  20. I love the tour! You have taken some spectacular shots. Really beautiful!

  21. You are a remarkable woman and I am proud to know you. You have a wonderful way of teaching us some very important lessons in such a simple and beautiful way. Thank you...

  22. I've really enjoyed the beautiful photos of Korea and your new little guy. I admire you. Hang in there!

  23. I know what you mean about the past...but I am so glad you are still sharing them with us...because they are wonderful...love the pics and the fact that you would be counting the blessings passed plucking the brows...and love the last comment about photos being taken without Cory's knowledge...so cute!

  24. Your posts for the last few weeks have been an absolute bright spot in my day. I have laughed, cried, ached and rejoiced for you. Thanks for sharing your awesome journey!

  25. Well, the people may wear black, but the country is a riot of color. Great, great photo's. Love the flowers.
    Oh, and three cheers for sleeping through the night and naps. Whoo-hoo!

  26. I LOVED those flower chains or whatever you call them. Great photos! And glad to be a part of the life you adore!

  27. Cute maintenance boy!!! Ha ha! Oh the memories!

    Yay for sleeping and YAY for babies!

  28. Excellent.

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I love those bowls!

  29. lovely little thoughts and photos. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  30. Great post and I loved the photos. Thanks for taking us on a tour!


  31. So pretty and colorful. I really like the garden mural with the black outlined people. Too cute.

    So glad you are getting a little back to normal. Isn't it wonderful to love your life. What a gift:)

  32. sounds like you are settling in. i so love reading your words and seeing the world through your eyes. just lovely. xoxo

  33. Ha! HOi Polloi! I remember that place! So glad things are back to adorable in your corner of the world. Can't wait to meet Mr. Cutey pants.

  34. lovely! and life would probably be better if we just stopped and counted our blessings and did nothing else *sigh*

    wouldn't it be great if we could count as a blessing "not plucking eyebrows"?

  35. The picture with the butterfly on the cherry blossom branch with, are those peacock feathers, in the background? It was so magical to me.
    The pictures make me want to go explore my roots. Thanks for the little photo tour. I loved every minute.

  36. those pictures are gorgeous! i wonder if i will ever see korea? maybe someday.
    so happy for you new little life you get to enjoy. :) how cool is that?!

  37. Your writing is so amazing! I love looking at your beautiful pictures of Korea while reading your ramblings about counting your blessings! No captions about the interesting photos, you're just thinking outloud. It's great! --Nancy

  38. I am so glad you posted these shots. Really nice. I enjoyed them. I could look at them over and over again. I love the bananas and the tree in the blue metal drum.
    Have a great weekend with your sweet family!!
    Sounds like everything is falling into place. :)


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  40. And now I landed over on this post and love it too! I'll be back. Love the way you put words together. Just when you think there can't possibly be a blog out there you haven't seen...ha! It's endless. Love that.