Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Evolution of the Grouping, aka, The Rest of My Loot

I think it's high time that I show you my loot.

But let me start by saying, I have never made friends with the word "vignette".

Now vinaigrette, on the other hand, that word I like.

But vignette? It sounds hoity-toity to me. It brings to my mind elaborate museum displays that are to be looked at, not touched.

Yes, vignettes abound in blogville. And if there's one thing I know for sure, it's that ya'll are not a hoity-toity bunch.

I just can't do it. Consider this the note from my Mama, excusing me from gym class on dodge-ball day due to a mysterious ailment. Just trust me and maybe look the other way. I'll be back for floor hockey and bowling and that strange game in which we push one another around the gymnasium on the small, square, wheeled scooters.

I'll be with you for all the rest.

Having said that, it would be imprudent to bring home an orphaned Science lab cart, on casters, no less, and not doll her up a bit.

She needs a pretty little grouping. Lucky for her, the wire cloche that rode home piggy-back makes for the perfect starting point.

Lucky for her, Cory was the stealthy recipient of some cool, old Fix'er Up books.

Come to Mama, tiny golden hammers. We'll cozy you right up between the vintage telephone pole insulators.

That's right, baby.

Cory recently removed this decrepit knob from an old door and it's been mingling with the miscellaneous junk in the much despised, unofficial handy-man corner of my kitchen ever since.

Until now.

If you're gonna just sit around, Harriet, you might as well make yourself useful and look pretty.

I've very nearly reached pretty-little-grouping Nirvana.

But there's still something missing...

Enter a juicy, succulent Succulent.

Rumor has it, they're difficult to kill.

But I'm always up for a challenge.

I tucked my pot collection into the lower bunk.

Then I stepped back and swooned.

I really did.

I swooned, right here in my living/dining room.

Step back, Pottery Barn, with your overpriced wares.

Talk to the hand, Anthro.


  1. that. Is. AWESOME!!!!!!!
    I'm crying now. My groupings usually just consist of crayons with a few clumps of play dough and maybe an old sippy cup.

  2. I'm chuckling uncontrollably right now. "Talk to the hand", so funny!

  3. Fun girl toys!! :)
    Love the door nob handle!!
    and the books.... OH I love old books!
    I have an old railroad handbook...
    how to build one......
    math and all...
    I posted about some of my old books today...
    Love your treasures!
    Just Jenn~

    Loved it...Do it again, do it again!

  5. Ahhh...I grew up with Jade. My mom could live without functionality and if you said that your fantabulous new grouping was cohesive...I'd have to un-follow you. That word is sandpaper to my ears...and t.v. designers LOVE it!

    : )

    Julie M.

  6. I LOVE it. Perfect. Vintage. Simple.

  7. Ok, this is what I read the first time 'come to mama tiny golden HAMSTERS', but then I'm not wearing me bifocals, and I know you have a small rodent phobia, so I KNEW I had to be wrong. Girl, you got some serious junk settin' out skillz. I'm hankering for all of it! Good job!

  8. You did a great job! Now you'll be putting vignettes together all over the house! What a fantastic cart! You can wheel it around and change it up with all kinds of different treasures ~

  9. I love it. You, my friend, have a vignette. I adore every piece and I have some of those insulators, so I am probably going to steal your idea. I will give you credit though. Great loot! I have really been wanting a cart... one day I will find one.


  10. Great job with your "grouping". It really does look better than PB. Very pretty. I'm swooning with ya.

  11. You are so funny! Good job on the grouping, you have sweet and interesting things.

  12. it looks great!!!! You are too stinkin' funny too! Love it!

  13. Shut the door.... Love it all. The succulent. I have a new love affair going with those. I think I am going to buy one right now and put her in a bird cage I have, maybe???? Well done... You showed Anthro and PB! Take that!

  14. Look at you go!!!!! You rock!!!!:-))) I am in love with your terra cotta pots and I can totally testify that it is almost impossible to kill a succculent! I have neglected mine for a little over a year now and it is still thriving!

    Have an Incredible day!!


  15. Love it... especially the doorknob and the succulent! I think I am going to have to get me one!

  16. Your plant looks like a Jade plant... I didn't kill one, but the cat did. I didn't realize that it made a perfect place to sleep. Mine was rounder and flatter.

    I have a new one (my mom is a greenhouseowning/plantloving/greenthumb) All the growth is now on one side of plant.
    I'm not being a naysayer here... :) I am usually good with plants. I just can't keep the stinking Jade going for some reason.

    I think I try to hard and love it a little too much.

    Love the post, as always. I also have a problem with "vignette". I appreciate when others use it, but I don't know that I can use it myself --other than talking about others using it :)

  17. Vignette is a lot like Fo-yay, isn't it? Or Vaz?

    Love your grouping and the table is gor-geous and totally swoon worthy and who could blame you for having a swoon attack?

  18. I love the word vignette...but then again, I am an english girl. Love the way it rolls off the tongue. R. would dig that cart! Very cool. I love the wired basket or whatever it is. Well done! ps. when I opened the page, I thought it read, "The evolution of groping." ;)pss. I think you need to do a "Crush" post. Have you ever done one? Was it back in the xanga days?

  19. Looks great! I really really stink at grouping things. I need to read a hand-book or something.

  20. Love it all! You have a way with the vinaigrette, my friend.
    My most hated word? Protein. I know it has nothing to do with decorating, but it makes me crazy. How's that for random.

  21. Love your vignette! I especially like the wire basket over the plant.

  22. Ummm I don't even know what a vignette is! But all your lovelies looked...well lovely;)

  23. looks fabulous. well done farmgirl. when can you come over and do some "vignetting" at my house?

  24. Girl you can vignett, what are you talking about...hmmmm? Love that old cart, I would have piggy backed that home too! And your little pot collecion, swoony!

  25. I love it! You crack me up. I have a "knock-off" from PB as a giveaway on my blog right now. Come by and see it and throw your hame in the game!

  26. Looking good! You have the touch!

  27. Hot diggity! I am LOVING that cart! Those construction books - super cool too! Oh and fyi - if I find the table of elements chart - and there are 2 - you are getting one :)

  28. Love it!!! You're hilarious! I like the color in your room too, is it the dining room?

  29. you are too hilarious! You can literally make something cute... out of nothing!!!

  30. Amazing...hilarious...well done!!! Totally up my Goodwill hunting alley!

  31. Nice Job Shannan! We've been getting some people in who are followers of yours. Did your mon-in law find some places for her loot?

  32. Definitely swoonable!
    Lovely "story" your grouping tells...

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  34. Oh you are so funny! Succulent. Love your blog and all you share.

  35. Looks great!


  36. I think this looks awesome! I love that wire cloche. Grouping is a great word, in my opinion.

  37. Looks like you are getting the hang of vignette's after all!!! love it:)

  38. OOOh I love this cart! Beauteous!!

  39. I'm still laughing! You took some great and unique finds and made creating that vignette look easy. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Praying for your family and your reunion with sweet Silas.

  40. You need a fainting chaise right next to that cart to catch you every time you pass by and swoon! Nice job, girl!

  41. I haven't commented in forever. I'm way behind. Holy cow, you've been to South Korea and back!!! Well, I'm sort of teary about all those posts, but this one made me chuckle...just a little.

    The succulent. "Rumor has it, they're difficult to kill."

    For the record: I live in the desert. I have killed a succulent. It took an amazing lack of gardening talent and effort on my part. I'm so lame!!!

    Ok, I'm going back to read more teary eyed stuff. I don't know you at all, but I'm so proud of you!!


  42. I think this was the first post of yours that I ever read...and now I'm back, because right now, at this moment, I'm trying to "Group" my desk that I got for FREE but happens to have shelves to the sky...and it's taking me forever to find group worthy stuff, and then I worry about the stuff falling off and killing me while i blog...which is why my little port glass with a purple hydrangea clipping is sitting next to my computer instead of above first.
    So, I'm here for help. In other news, I'm having a bad day so I decided to spend about a HALF an HOUR looking for that post you mentioned regarding you and sara and old notes. NOT finding it. It wasn't in RANDOM or PALS or ADVENTURES, and at that point I stopped trying to read your mind and said, hey, let's group. So here I am. Now I'm just wishing I had those books.

  43. I was just skimming through a few old posts of yours and saw this one with the insulators -- love it! I have about six sitting on a window sill and love how they catch the light. My husband looks at me kind of wonky when I swoon over them, but I think they are be-uuu-tiful. :)