Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Day Ruby Started to Smile Like a Celebrity with Botched Plastic Surgery

My baby girl has such an expressive face.

You can always tell right away what she's got going on.
Homegirl wears her heart on her sleeve.

Very recently she pulled this one out of the bag. It was quite intentional.

And it scared me a little.

I wasn't sure exactly what it meant or from whence it came.

I had hope that it was just a fluke....that perhaps her expression-maker was on the fritz.

But then she did it again...

And I'm still confused by it. She seems to think it is a perfectly acceptable and/or charming response to "Smile, Ruby!"

You ain't kidding.

If you are anywhere in the Northern Indiana area this weekend, you most certainly must check this out. Doctor's orders.