Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Call

We got the call.

We got the call!

We will be leaving very soon to bring home Number Three.

We have a million things to do. I'll be honest, I'm already feeling just a wee bit frazzled.

But it's ok, because we're bringing home our son!

He is nearly 18 months old and he's about to meet his family -- the one God provided just for him.

I am certain that we have some trying moments ahead of us, but we also have couch cuddles and forehead smooches and 3 carseats in the car. We get to change diapers again and clip 10 more fingernails and brush another mouthful of teeth. I cannot wait to memorize his eyes and feel the texture of his hair and wrap my fingers around his little foot.

I'll keep everyone posted, every step of the way. (But you didn't doubt that, right?)

For now, I'm off to buy compression stockings and a good airplane book.