Thursday, February 11, 2010

Will Wonders Never...

I left the house today. Let me re-phrase that... I put on jeans and a real shirt and an uncomfortable (but cute) sweater. I did my hair. I put on make-up. And it's not even Sunday.

I felt tres, tres, accomplished.

Ugh. I hated it.

As soon as I got home, I thought, "Won't Cory be surprised to see me all fixed up!"

Then my sweatpants shot me a sneaky, come-hither look, and it was all over.

Next came the pony tail.

I'm sorry, I just feel overdressed these days if I'm in anything with a zipper.

I don't want my house thinking I'm all Stacy London-ed, breezing around the place in a dark washed boot cut and perky flats.

I've got a reputation to maintain.

I went back to my college stomping grounds today, at the request of my favorite professor. He asked me to speak to one of his classes about my "career path".

Don't you wish you were there for that?

I'll tell you who was there - Calvin Lee.

He had his doctor's appointment today in the Big City, so we consolidated. He brought his back-pack and pulled out a wee notebook and pen when I walked to the front of the class.

If ever any of you finds yourself in the position of potential public speaking, Calvin is available, for a small fee. I promise, with him and his notebook in the room, you are guaranteed that no one will be listening to a word you say.

Really takes the pressure off.

As we were leaving, he told me, "Good job, Mommy. But you talked a little, little, little bit too much."

I know, sweetie. It can't be helped.
(ps - Takes one to know one.)

I watched Lucy for a while this afternoon while John and Grace ran some errands.

Major. Handful.

After dinner, I took in a local (really, really local) gymnastics meet then did a little pretend shopping from the J. Crew Spring catalot.

Incidentally, does anyone have $388.50 + tax I can borrow?


  1. What?!? You were in the Big City and you didn't even tell me?!? Next time let's do lunch or at least a snack or something!

  2. I know the feeling. I hate wearing anything with a zipper these days two, well a least your ahead of me with the make-up, my sons likes to kiss sloppy kisses on mommys face and i was paranoid he was eating my make-up. Stopped that real quick. I figure if i buy one nice Juicy outfit, which are on sale now at nordies..then i am half way dressed post as usual..p.s. no public speaking for this lady. i freeze..more power to you..! ~lulu

  3. too funny on his comment! outta the mouth of babes! sarahx

  4. : )

    Julie M.

    ps You know this very moment, I'm wearing my favorite J.Crew pullover (I'm sporting it in my profile picture too). I haven't been to J. Crew in ages...I bought the pullover when I was at U.W....over 10 years ago! So, if your $388.50 will give ya a little somethin' to wear that will last over a decade...that's not so bad! : P

  5. wow....not only all dressed snazzy but a speaking engagement! way to go :) i love love that you took your son and he was able to watch you. i'm all for bringing my children with me to interact or observe more mature conversation!

    isn't it the truth about getting it all together (outfit, makeup, hair) if you're not going somewhere......i know others feel differently but i'm usually a 1 or 2 out of 3 kind a gal around here :)

  6. Your children really have the cutest names ever. Calvin Lee... I just adore their names. Next kid...if it's a boy...may be named after Calvin Lee.

  7. Sounds like a fun day. When you find the person that will give ya $388.50 can you send them my way too. I'd love to do a little shopping at ohhh Children's Place or Gymboree :)

  8. First of all...would totally spot you the cash:-) Secondly...I always come home and go straight for my Anthro pj bottoms. I can't help it. I am not sure my husband knows I ever get dressed...or my neighbors for that matter..hmmmmmmmm

  9. To think the professor was lucky enough to have had one of the best speakers around, and to think she got to bring her cute little assistant along as an added bonus! I love it!

    Proud Nana and Mother-in-law!

  10. That was a real good laugh this morning. Loved the "distraction" while speaking to the class. I too swoon over JCrew catalog. I allow myself to hit the local outlet twice a year and stock up on Ts and such. Second class clothing never felt so good.

  11. I WOULD have loved to hear your speech!! What an honor to be asked to do that. I HATE speeches, so unfortunately if I get any calls to do public speaking you would find me in the nearest bathroom Pepto Bismol in hand;)

    Have a great weekend Shannon with all your little Valentine's.

  12. Okay, I'm booking you for a speaking engagement here on the farm. Seminars will be conducted by the pond, and subject choices include but are not limited to rock your sweatpants, squirrel travel on a budget, and celebrity crushes and how to confess them in a public setting. Be there or be square.

  13. You are so funny! I never get dressed in anything with a zipper around the house either but I never realized until now!
    Calvin is so cute! In grade one my daughter's teacher put in her report card "P is very social!!!" She's still a chatty cathy. Have fun.

  14. Fun! I bet you enjoyed sharing actually, seems like something you would like (even if you don't think so ;)). And I'm sure Calvin was a hit, he's soooo cute and smart.

  15. I'm sooooooooo happy there are others that wear sweats or pj pants most of the day.

  16. Great post! I'm totally impressed with your speaking engagement.


  17. You got dressed? Seriously? You know....Aaron is always telling me I look unemployed because I do avoid zippers, and most often buttons as well. I could so be Amish. I have to meet Calvin one day, please promise me that. When you go on the road to Teresa's, I'll man the Squirrel and we can have a gay old time. By the way...what exactly is it that you do....working from home....when you aren't blogging about groceries and scented artwork?

  18. Wow, that would have been a great speech to hear...and your little one kills me, so cute..mine would have been running a muck! I love my pj's...probably a bit too much, but I do have to wear heels during the day, so that is part of the problem! Have a wonderful weekend...and no, I am no foodie, only on special occasions when I am feeling nice!

  19. As I am typing this, I am still in my PJs. Its 11:09 am. Hello...there is not a piece of clothes on my radar right now that have a zipper...or a button. Seems so wrong to not be comfortalbe when I am out schlepping around on these cold winter days. Speaking of, I am making Chicken Tortilla Soup tonight, and it calls for salsa. I'm trying ChiChis in honor of it best be good. ~mary~

  20. Getting dressed up is a big deal in my house as well. sounds like a perfectly delightful day.

  21. Ah yes, I have a J Crew weakness as well. I could use $388.50 myself...well maybe not that EXACT amount. But you get the gist...

  22. are too funny. But I did the same thing when Garnet Hill and Mimi Boden catalogues arrived ON THE SAME DAY! Seriously! What's a girl supposed to do???


  23. We HAVE to dress up for school. It is a REQUIREMENT. better believe what I do the second I get home --- yoga pants here I come!

    How neat for you to be able to bring your son. I remember the first time I ever went with my parents to work. It was mesmerizing to me.

    As for J CREW....oh how I wish. Even though we must dress up for school, it would be nice to not be in the DONT category of a fashion spread.


  24. I LIVE in my jeans, but only the too big pair that I have to pull up all the time----they are roomy and comfy and all worn in...
    OH THAT J.CREW CATALOG!! If you find someone with the extra cash, would you send them my way as well? and there's' just a little something in that Anthropologie catalog...

  25. I'm with you on the comfy clothes. As I type this, I'm wearing my fuzzy slippers with one dog-chewed heel. Cool.

  26. My six year old daughter asked me the other day if I owned anything but my old carharts. Why darling daughter no those are the only real clothes I own, my dress up clothes are just for pretend!

    She shook her head and sighed..."Mama you would not make a very good princess". No sweetie that I would not! Kim

  27. So cute. I bet Lucy was a handful. I do love that wreath you made. I am going to have to do that one with my kids. Your kids are so cute. Your blog is such a great way of documenting all those fun things they do and say.
    Take Care,