Thursday, February 11, 2010

Will Wonders Never...

I left the house today. Let me re-phrase that... I put on jeans and a real shirt and an uncomfortable (but cute) sweater. I did my hair. I put on make-up. And it's not even Sunday.

I felt tres, tres, accomplished.

Ugh. I hated it.

As soon as I got home, I thought, "Won't Cory be surprised to see me all fixed up!"

Then my sweatpants shot me a sneaky, come-hither look, and it was all over.

Next came the pony tail.

I'm sorry, I just feel overdressed these days if I'm in anything with a zipper.

I don't want my house thinking I'm all Stacy London-ed, breezing around the place in a dark washed boot cut and perky flats.

I've got a reputation to maintain.

I went back to my college stomping grounds today, at the request of my favorite professor. He asked me to speak to one of his classes about my "career path".

Don't you wish you were there for that?

I'll tell you who was there - Calvin Lee.

He had his doctor's appointment today in the Big City, so we consolidated. He brought his back-pack and pulled out a wee notebook and pen when I walked to the front of the class.

If ever any of you finds yourself in the position of potential public speaking, Calvin is available, for a small fee. I promise, with him and his notebook in the room, you are guaranteed that no one will be listening to a word you say.

Really takes the pressure off.

As we were leaving, he told me, "Good job, Mommy. But you talked a little, little, little bit too much."

I know, sweetie. It can't be helped.
(ps - Takes one to know one.)

I watched Lucy for a while this afternoon while John and Grace ran some errands.

Major. Handful.

After dinner, I took in a local (really, really local) gymnastics meet then did a little pretend shopping from the J. Crew Spring catalot.

Incidentally, does anyone have $388.50 + tax I can borrow?