Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekend Happy

Weekend Happy
1. Dinner at the Amish place with Grandma

2. A book that I can't put down*

3. Mazatlan with fun ladies

4. Flattering bridesmaid dresses that we will, quite possibly, wear again

5. Cory cooking P-Dub's mac&cheese so that I could keep reading

6. Hair that mostly cooperated

7. New Anthro catalog
- Bright Button Trousers, be mine!
8. Willie Nelson

*Why is it though, that I can read a book so well-written, so inspired, so transportive, yet as soon as the girl pukes, I immediately know she's pregnant and the last third of the book no longer holds the precise allure that the first two thirds did? Does every author eventually fall victim to this woefully predictable game-changer? Foreshadowing via Sharpie. Ugh.