Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tee Vee

It is 7:57 pm. I have been alone all day long. I have not once turned on the tv or any musical device.

I painted trim for countless hours, I baked brownies, I cleaned, I worked, all in blessed, mind-numbing silence. Does this strike you as strange?

Might my condition be diagnosable on the DSM-IV?

Hear me - I'm not one of those anti-tv people. I'm just not a girl who enjoys background noise. In fact, I am very nearly illiterate when music is playing. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into producing a playlist on one's blog, but half the time it startles me when it cues up and I end up typing "swooooobt!@%$" instead of "swoony", or something equally egregious. Just to be safe, I always keep my speaker-thingy turned all the way down. And it's not that I don't enjoy your music - I love your music! Youn's could teach me a thing or two about cool music. Some of you have. I just cannot make sense of words on a page when any form of a tune is involved. Back in college, the cool people would take their Discmans to the library to study, while I sad idly by, in conspicuous, uncool silence.

I am well aware that I am outside the norm here.

I wish it weren't so.

But I didn't come here to talk about my right brain/left brain dilemma du jour.

I've got bigger fish to fry. I've got burdens to cast asunder.

While you now know that I am not really not a tv person, what you do not know is that I am most definitely a show girl.

Wait, that didn't come out right...

Take 2.

Although I do not enjoy television broadcasting as a broad, generalized entity, I am profoundly drawn to and transfixed by a small handful of shows.

And tonight, I'm ready to dish.
Friday Night Lights, baby.
I am dying, Dying! for this season to premier on regular tv. FYI, once it does, I'll be booked solid for the next 10 or 12 Friday nights. I could wax poetic all night long about FNL. But I'll save that for another day.
30 Rock
Jack makes the show. Liz comes in a veryclose second.
The Bachelor/Bachelorette
Don't judge. It's a great show for people watching.
(Marty - Meet Reid. Best Bachelor ever. Strong nerdy/quirky streak. Enough said.)
Dateline Mystery
My heart skips a beat when I hear the theme song. I hung on every word of the Amanda Knox case and trial. I had bad dreams the night the verdict came in. I believe she is innocent.

Honorable Mention:
Various PBS documentaries via Frontline and Independent Lens. Of particular note:
I was wholly and thoroughly engrossed for 5 nights straight. I was spellbound -emotionally invested. I cried. I considered purchasing the dvd series.
Frontier House
For reasons I cannot fully articulate, I loved this show. Blame my Amish proximities. It harkened me back to Walnut Grove. It was so tragic when they finally re-entered normal society and some of them went right back to their self-serving ways...

So lay it on me, what are your favorite non-cable tv shows?


  1. One of my old LA buddies used to refer to Kyle Chandler as my "boyfriend." Yeah, he starred in one of my all-time favorite tv shows back in the was called, "Homefront." Did you ever see it? Anyhoo, in some "sexiest bachelors" magazine issue he said, "I know the perfect girl is out there for me...but she knows who I am and she's hiding!" Love that! And, yeah..I think God did an awfully lovely job when he created ol' Kyle...and Reid too! Now, can just send HIM right on over to The Little Red Shop!

    : P

    Julie M.

    ps I have a playlist on my blog...but I keep my sound off most of the time....whilst I work on projects online. : )

  2. I am all about the Amazing Race this season! I am not a regular watcher, but I am a HUGE Big Brother fan (I apparently love psychological expirements) and 2 from their last season are on AR. I am waiting very impatiently for Southland to return to NBC. I'm guilty of setting the Tivo for Celebrity Apprentice, but don't tell anyone. And I love me some Dateline and Law & Order SVU. that I write that all out, I watch way more TV than I thought. Thank goodness you didn't ask what cable shows we watch, too! ;o) ~mary~

  3. Ok you are too funny! I actually do the same thing. When the kids and my hubby are not home I just love the silence. I can't stand the background noise. Although I like my music I have for my blog I usually turn others way down. My girlfriend asked me the other day if I listen to music or t.v. during the day and I said, "gosh no because sometimes the noise makes me nervous." She laughed and said, "you already have so much going on in your head you probably couldn't handle any more noise, me, I've got nothing, thats why I blast the music when the kids aren't home." We just laughed and laughed.

    BTW I did a post on the Bachelor titled "Bear with me, I've got a point!" Sorry I don't watch much t.v. because I am a reader, but I will watch the Bachelor just to see how pathetic the girls are. You should see the pics I found of Vienna!

    Let me know what you think!


  4. Oh my gosh I am IN LOVE with Friday Night Lights too! No one I know watches it so I can't ever talk abot it with anyone. I am thrilled that it is coming back to real tv... THRILLED!!!

  5. I have to say I am not a TV kind of girl:)
    I could happily live without a TV in my life!! Now music....that's another thing.

  6. Oh my goodness....I L.O.V.E. Friday Night Lights so much and didn't realize it was on regular TV starting tonight...I heart that show so much...can't wait...and I am a fan almost of all you listed:)

  7. You had me at Friday Night Lights. It's the ONE show my husband and I watch together, and I've been going through withdrawl. However, Hold on to your hats.....I saw on a website, that the premiere for the season will be April 30 on NBC. I have that day circled on my calendar. Laugh if you will, but Kyle Chandler....very swoony! 30 Rock, also HILARIOUS! Good choices

  8. I'm with you about background noise! I am at home alone most every weekday, and I rarely turn on the tv or music until I go into the kitchen to cook dinner. I am more content and more productive when I can hear the background noise of birds outside and my own thoughts!

    TV - with you - love the bachelor, American Idol, Castle (after the bachelor - very good!), Dancing With The Stars, The Locator (oops, that's on cable, but it's really good!) That' about all of the 'non-cable' ones. Usually if nothing else is on I just watch HGTV or Food Network! B.

  9. During the day we never have the TV on (no morning cartoons for my girls) and I rarely listen to music. Working with 12 3-4 year olds, I crave silence when I come home.
    There are a few TV shows I really like to watch in the evenings though. American Idol, because our girls (9 and 11) like it, Survivor, because hubby likes it, and 24, Castle, House, Ugly Betty because I like them.

  10. Non-cable... "24" and "Glee" (you seriously need to check out Glee if you haven't... it's GOOD stuff.) Cable? "Big Love" and "Tudors" I love me some Johnathon Rhys Meyers!

  11. I am guilty of having a particular cable news station on in the background during the day....gotta stay informed on all the bad news out there. Silence makes me nervous! I picked up the first season of FNL to watch whilst on my eliptical, so I'm glad to hear it's good!

  12. We are TV/music soulmates. :)
    We LOVED Frontier House! Loved it! The Bachelor, yes I get sucked in almost every season. 30 Rock is hilarious although we don't always watch it. Friday Night Lights is really good but I didn't start watching it from the beginging so I sometimes feel a little lost (speaking of, LOVE that show too :)) I was actually just trying to find something new to watch during my treadmill time in the morning and FNL can be streamed on Netflix so I thought about starting over with that.
    Have you watched The Big Bang Theory on CBS? So funny!

  13. Oh boy that's a whole post which I think I will tackle soon. I am a TV lover. It's terribly and lovely at the same time a true escapist. Frontier House? How have I never heard? Being that I am a PBS Turn of the Century show-holic...cany anyone say Anne of Green Gables. Yeah, it started way back. I am the same not background noise type of a girl. My Mom loves the background TV noise to even sleep through! Drives me nuts.
    As Olivia would say with her 5 year old wisdom "I need COMPLETE Silencio!"

  14. i know some movies so well from listening to them in the background that it's weird to actually watch them:)

    just queued up carriers - that one looks like we'd all like it around here. i may check out fnl on netflix too.

    i still gotta ask... the bachelor??????

  15. I'm with you on the blog playlists - the minute they come on I scroll down and turn them off. Really big pet peeve of mine. I drive my family crazy because I can't stand having the radio on in the car when we are all trying to talk. I love The Good Wife on CBS. I loved Carrier and Frontier House. I love me some PBS.

    Jenny L.

  16. I love me some Dateline Mystery too!

    My "go to" shows are American Idol, The Office, and Parks & Rec. Clearly I err on the "humorous" side of things- well besides the Dateline stuff. That's hard core.

    We just got back cable after being tv-less for 2 years. I kind of liked our life without it. Honestly.

  17. It set my heart a flutter when I opened up your blog to see Timmy.... what a way to start my day:) And Coach... there's just somethin' about that man! *Swoon*

    April 30th can't come fast enough for ya!

    Thanks again for the morning eye candy!

  18. I'm a huge 30 Rock fan as well -- we missed a lot of the first and part of the second season, so we marathoned them on Netflix during the big snow storm a week or so back! The whole NBC lineup that night is great though, with The Office and Parks.

    I also can't get enough of NCIS -- it's a little corny and campy, but I'm obsessed. I also really like Human Target, a new show on Fox.

  19. Friday Night doesn't get any better. We actually have all 3 seasons on DVD. I've watched it all twice (except for the Season 3 finale. I don't know WHY I haven't watched it, except maybe I don't want to see another season I crazy?). LOVE IT! Good call there.

  20. Oh, and we also love The Amazing Race and Hell's Kitchen. And House. And Cold Case (but just because her hair is SO SO CUTE!). The end.

  21. uh oh, I am not sure we can be friends anymore...dun dun dun...I LOVE tv on in the background and I always have music going at work, and you MUTE my playlist...phoooey! However, I do like beets! I am a cable girl, I love Greys anatomy, Private Practice and brothers and sisters and my new FAV...American Pickers! :) ok...I take it back we can still be friends....

  22. I have to agree with you. While I enjoy music once in a while I am not into background noise. When I am home alone the TV is off.
    Now, about the shows! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED "Frontier House", what a great study on human behavior. Didn't you just love the little guy who says "I discovered...IMAGINATION!"
    Enough said!

  23. I totally loved that Frontier House! When 24 is on I don't even answer the phone.

  24. You've been nominated for an Honest Scrap award my yours truly. Love your blog.

  25. LOST and 24 are my top 2. I just CAN'T get into any reality TV.

  26. You had me at FNL, then lost me with the rest. ;) Oh remember the days of watching Nick and Jessica and those random shows about fashion and the rich girls on MTV? And what about 90210 (You have it on DVD after all). If you are looking for some gritty, dicey shows, I'd recommend Big Love or Dexter, although I haven't watched the latter. And I'm still telling you that you guys need to watch Six Feet Under! When will you ever listen? ;)

  27. I agree about the blog music thingy - but as far as TV goes, I am a 24-hour-a-day user. I even sleep with it on. I have never even heard of most of the shows you listed, but will have to try them, as since I enjoy your blog, I will probably like some of your show choices too. My fave is Fox News! Total addict here. But also Food Network. Also recently discovered the quirky "The Office." My junk food TV is The Young and The Restless. Also enjoy Drop Dead Diva, Army Wives and reruns of Bewitched, The Nanny, Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens, I Love Lucy. ha. Working from home on the computer full time is my only excuse for keeping it on so much. I am one who loves the background noise.

  28. You know the shows I love :) DWTS, The Bachelor, The Office (and Psych, which is cable).

    And I LOVE background music -- it was the ONLY way I could study in h.s. and college -- music blaring in my ears, it helps me focus. As a matter of fact, when I want to think in the car I turn my music loud. Maybe that's ADD? ;) I don't know.

  29. I have to confess...and I hope we can still be friends... that I have never seen an episode of FNL. It just came on the on wrong night of the week, and I never got into it. We DVR Lost and Heroes. I watch 30 Rock and Office, usually on in my bed after everyone else is asleep, and they make me laugh out loud. But, of all the shows I sometimes watch, Glee makes me the happiest. So much dance and music and comedy-drama. It makes me want to turn my life into a musical number. I very well may.

  30. I totally loved (and was addicted to) Frontier House. That show was awesome! I must admit that I'm a PBS junkie and love to watch Antiques Roadshow. I totally sit on the edge of my seat waiting for the high price antique that gets featured towards the end of the show. Man...maybe I should find a hobby!

    I loved this post--it was incredibly entertaining!

  31. So funny! I just took the playlist off my blog, because I felt like I couldn't even think when it was playing!
    Ok...on to shows....The Bachelor/ Bachelorette is definitely my favorite guilty pleasure. Love The Office, got LOST on LOST after watching, like, 4 seasons (yes..I was invested, and I quit, cold turkey!) Also loving that new show on Sunday night, where the CEO of a company goes undercover as a worker. I think I watch too much TV!

  32. Love FNL!!!! Been watching it on Direct TV for the last few months. Direct TV subscribers get to see all the new episodes first, your gonna love it...I won't say anything more :)

  33. Landsakes o did I miss this post? Just in from friends, nearly 1am, which is just about time to get up for me, so I'm so tired I'm half sick....but of course, had to see what you had to say.....I can't even think of a coherent comment at the moment. I'll tune in tomorrow!

  34. oh, and a ps. I like the house quiet. Void of music and tv. My thoughts are company enough. I like to hear the clocks ticking. That's my idea of heaven.

  35. I LOVE Friday Night Lights!!!! I wish the rest of the world would give it a try! I can't wait either.

  36. Cannot wait for Friday Night Lights!!!

  37. Never heard of Frontier House and hate the others EXCEPT for Friday Night Lights. What's the deal? Everyone loves that show, it is widely acclaimed for the acting, and it's no where to be seen???? I LOVED it.
    I too can't concentrate with background noise.
    Looks like you had a couple nice quiet base board painting days...heaven.

  38. Don't even get me started on Friday Night Lights... best show ever. I am so excited for it to come back. Matt Sorensen is my favorite.. why, I don't know? I just like him. I might like the show because I married a Texan. Yes, Texan is a nationality. I firmly believe it.

  39. OOOhhhh I love Dateline Mysteries! However, the husband has a girlfriend, but he didn't do it! Where's the mystery?! :)

  40. I will go days without turning a tv on. I'm just not a tv person. Besides when I do watch tv, all I wanna watch is junk. :| You may be a hsp. highly sensitive person. ever heard of? sassy is a hsc. highly sensitive child. ;)

  41. i have somehow discovered your blog and am now wandering into old posts (naptime for the kid, so i'm indulging - after dish washing, cookin, and a fillin' up the ole baby pool of course!) -- only to discover someone who adored Frontier House as much as I!!! Ahhh i should purchase the dvd perhaps so i can rewatch the entire thing transpire. so so good.

    and how sad - the rich people who went back to CA and went back to just as they had been? i was disappointed. but even more disappointing?!? the couple who returned to get a divorce!!! WHAT?!? even tho that mom was not my favorite person exactly, i hated how it ended for them. sigh. sad. and their poor little cried so terribly when they killed the fat ole pig. poor guy.

    i'm hoping i can rent this series via blockbuster so i can rewatch it now that you have it on my mind. husband will be thrilled LOL!! Carrier - ! I missed the whole darn thing. extremely disappointed in myself for that. I work for the US Navy of all things - and couldn't even remember to support and watch the series! yikes. not good. not good at all.

    Okay - enough rambling on a post 6 months old! Take care:)