Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our Today

I got up this morning and made breakfast.

Now, there's a shocker for you.

As much as I love to flit about in the kitchen, I am not a heavy breakfast person, nor am I really a morning person, so we subsist on cold cereal, instant oatmeal and toastish things. And fruit! And sometimes yogurt! That counts for something, right?

Well, today I shook it all up a bit. But more on that another time...

After breakfast Cory set off for an exciting day of Saturday work adventures.

I set off for the Farmers' market.

Along with my two faithful sidekicks.

I walked up to my favorite produce stand and the lady says to me, in a sneering type of voice, "'re back again."


Uh, yeah. Is that ok with you?

She didn't even smile at my kids.

I'm thinking that I would like the girl who came back two weeks running and bought my brussels sprouts. But that's just me.

The kids ate raw green beans Mickey D's french fry-style while we browsed.

Come to Mama, mon amour.

Gelatto makes me nervous, and I'm not sure why. I once had lemon custard ice-cream and it tasted exactly like Joy dishsoap. Plus, I overheard the Italian vendor tell a lady that gelatto is only 100 calories per serving and is much healthier than ice cream. It didn't sit well with me. Not that I mind fattening desserts, I just prefer to steer clear of pretend-healthy ones. Who can help a sister out and sort through this confusion? Grazie.

On the way to the City, I found these. I was captivated. So on the way back, I pulled over to take a stealthy photo. Then, as my luck would have it, the neighbor guy, who's lane I was parked in, pulled right up and spooked me, so I drove off.

I told myself that I could visit them another day.

But what if it wasn't sunny on that day?

And what if the snow was gone?

They looked so striking against all the snow.

So I turned around and went back, which caused Calvin to begin whining that he was "carsick" from being in the car for "So, so looooooooooooooooooooooong!"

This time, I parked in the lane across the street. Better angle anyway. And wouldn't you know, Blue Toyota Sedan pulls out the lane again!

Holy cow, I got nervous. I don't know why. They weren't even his tanks.

Another drive-by photo, which nearly sent Calvin directly over the edge, but again, totally worth it.

Happy late-Winter Saturday, friends.

We're in the home stretch.

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  1. that last pic was beautiful...and I agree about the Gelato-- weird stuff! although I hear it melts in your mouth. Guess I'll never know.

  2. Those are great shots of the landscape. I think so worth getting looked at by the neighbor guy. I love reading your stories about your kids..I laugh at the stuff like "directly over the edge." We got 2 feet of snow today, can't wait to see it tomorrow with the sun shining. Hope to get some good pics.

  3. You are too funny!!
    The lady at the market must be having a really bad day!! Someone needs to tell her repeat business is a good thing :)
    Have a great rest of your weekend!!

  4. I love all of your photos. I just LOVE all of your photos. Your blog always bring a smile to my face. I am always waiting for your next post. I too am a fan of your grocery list. Please don't stopping posting about your weekly grocery shopping. I am constantly thinking about how in the world does SHE do it. As I spent over 300.00 at Safeway today, I am thinking I need to take instruction from Flower Patch Farmgirl, this is ridiculous.
    Take Care,

  5. Gelato is good. It's not (imho) as good as ice cream, but if someone handed me a big cup of it, I wouldn't turn it down! Go for it, try a small cup one day and see for yourself! Sitting (or standing) there wondering is for the birds! :O) Blessings, Becky G.

  6. why do you taunt me with that brie???

  7. Those olives... YUM! And, I don't trust people who don't smile/ acknowledge my kid... I mean, he is cute and friendly and waving at them, so what is the deal. Your kids are cute too, so I don't trust her! I have never tried gelato... it looks like mashed potatoes to me and I don't like potatoes... I know, I know I am weird!

    Looks like you guys had a good day... I wish we had a Farmer's Market!


  8. Is that brie? I could eat that entire wedge.

    I think I may be part mouse...

  9. What a great day. I love the farmers' market. Too bad the brussel sprout vendor was so crabby. Maybe she was jealous of the vendors who sold YUMMY vegetables :)

    Re: gelatto: I can't explain the low cal. aspect, but I urge you to try one of the flavors that includes chocolate and/or coffee. REAL gelatto, not a fake mall version. I spent a month in Italy and subsisted almost solely on "stratiacella" (chocolate chip) gelatto. Bella bella!!

  10. gelato is good. you're right about the flavor choices, though. you have to be careful with some of them. does your farmer's market offer mini tasting spoons? maybe not, given the demeanor of the produce lady.
    anyway--i'm a wee bit jealous. down here in fairtucky we gots to eat our veggies out of a can or freezer bag this time of year ;(

  11. Your pictures are like a magazine....beautiful!
    Who needs a subscription to 'Country'? :)

  12. P.S.-
    I've just been reading through some of your older kiddo posts--love your writing. If you wrote a book, I'd read it :)

  13. Rule #1:
    To be a vendor at the farmer's market, one MUST be smiley friendly.
    Well, that should be a rule...
    I am grinning here, thinking about your stealth photo session----they ARE such a beautiful blue.
    I figure I'll do a head-on while picking egg salad off my shirt...

  14. I agree with some of the above posts... I missed my college graduation because I backpacked around Europe for 2 weeks. Before the backpacking started, I spent 4 weeks in Italy with a class from HC. Every day we stopped at least once and had some gelato. The real stuff is amazing... coffee... pistachio.. I was scared to try the pistachio at first. It looked radioactive green. So worth it once I got over the initial color though. That month, we lived on carbonara, room temperature oj, and gelato. MMMmmm...

  15. Try Pistachio Gelato. Heaven on Earth.
    A Farmers Market in the Winter! You are a lucky duck. What a dream come true.
    That last picture looks like the same kind of berries on the cover of this months Real Simple. What are they? They remind me of the dangerous berries ala Blue Lagoon. :) Pretty though.

  16. Beautiful sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  17. She didn't smile at your kids? Are you kidding me?

  18. Tanks for the memories.

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I glanced through the comments and out of the corner of my eye thought that Tracie said, "It smells like your mouth." But after further thought...I guess that would have made sense considering the fact that you ate lemon soap flavored gelato. : p

  19. Ok, Gelatto. IS actually better for you than ice cream, because they don't use heavy creams in making it (the natural kind, not the buy in the store or mall kind). The best places to get REAL, good gelatto are in cities that have Little Italies (like Boston in the North End, etc). If it comes from an Italian restaurant that's family owned, it's probably home made, and not too bad for you. Buy it from a mall, fair or chain, and it's probably crap! I like lemon & berry gelatto!

  20. All of that cheese is just doing me in. Here's what's on my grocery list this week: Parmesan, goat cheese, brie. Good luck trying to keep a budget with that on your list.

    Your pictures are gorgeous. Almost worth risking life and limb to get.

  21. SO fun to go to the Farmer's Market. I don't think I've ever tried gelatto...looks kind of gross to me. Loved that last pic. I can see why you are pulling over. I do the same thing!

  22. Yep, it's almost April :) :)

    And what's up with the FM lady? She must like to keep those brussel sprouts to herself. ;)

    P.S. Gelatto is good - really good actually - and you eat WAY less of it b/c it's more dense. You should try it, you'd like it.

  23. I like the tag local charm!!! Great shots! I cant' believe that lady, how bitter!

  24. that last photo is gorgeous! i'm not exactly envious of your snow--the great pacific northwest has been given a winter reprieve and we haven't seen any this year-- but it sure does make for lovely pictures! so do farmer's markets. i wish i had people besides myself to cook for so that i wouldn't feel guilty buying gorgeous produce. love that the kids eat the green beans fry-style!

  25. just stopped by for a little visit and love your photos and yep the real gelato!!! sarahx

  26. I sure hope it's the home stretch...we're supposed to get 11 inches of snow tonight...not cool! LOVE your farmer's market...we don't have one in the winter :(

    You have got to give gelatto another try...this half Italian girl is telling you, good gelatto will leave you weak in the knees and wishing for more...

    Happy Monday ~

    :) T

  27. Glad you took the photos they are gorgeous. Reading your blog makes me want to live on a farm right now!

  28. Your farmers market looks divine, all that yummy cheese and produce, rude was that lady, how can you not acknowlede children I don't get it..anyway, never had gelato, let me know how it is if you try it! We are an ice cream family...always have some in the freezer it is like a staple in the pool man's diet!

  29. Just sending a shout out from another farm chick! Kim