Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Newest (Partial) Cure for the Blues

I knew it was a risk, choosing the glasses.

I mean, I'm very fashion forward, what with my sweatpants in four exciting (i.e. grey, navy, dark green, brown) shades and my fleece robe, but even I knew that the glasses may be perplexing to some.

I knew not everyone would understand.

He would understand.

Eh- she might.

It takes a person with a certain vein of avant-garde panache to so effortlessly toe the line that separates uncool from so-uncool-that-it's-cool.

Clearly, I am she.

Still, I was not expecting the positive response.

I was so riled up, I dashed out and bought some for the kids.

For obvious reasons, I don't typically get the "they look so much like you!" thing. But these may very well change that. If you saw the three of us walking your way, wouldn't you be inspired by such a cutting-edge family?

And we don't even have vision problems!

It's purely cosmetic, baby.

I especially love the exaggerated prescription on the lens of the left eye. It adds a little pizazz. It highlights my premature crows-feet spectacularly well.

Suffice it to say - I've had a rough day. I've cried in the bathroom thrice, which is more than I usually cry in a solid month, PMS days included.

But I'll tell ya, I laughed out loud so many times at your comments about my glasses. The whole experience was alternately hilarious and mortifying. I cringed at the thought that you might actually think I was wearing that windshield around. But it had me in giggle fits all day, and that always outweighs mortification. I considered just letting it ride. I've always been of the belief that if you wear something like you mean it, people may just assume you know something that they don't.

Alas, it is time to hang it up. I'm tired of living this charade. I just want to be me again. It's been exhausting, living this lie.

So, I implore you - if you're having a bad day, if you worry that you've let yourself go beyond the point of no return, if you find yourself spending quality thinking-time minutes pondering the possibility of an entire wardrobe constructed of fur-lined fleece - dig your husband's Junior High School eyeglasses out, slap them on, and take a pic. Nevermind the doublish chin or the bad hair or the wrinkles upon wrinkles upon wrinkles.

Post that baby up, for all the world to see.

Then bask in the knowledge that you have reached the age where you just don't give a dern if you look your best all the time. And soak up the truth that you are loved, just the same.


  1. I'm sensing an optical tribute post coming on. I think I have my junior high pink plastic framed glasses laying around here somewhere. Wouldn't that be something?
    I'm sorry you were crying in the bathroom 3 times today. I'm glad I'm not the only one to do that.

  2. I love this age... the "just don't give a dern if you look your best all the time" age. It's how I spell freedom.

    Love, love the smiles. Keep 'em coming.

  3. oh phew!!! I was to scared to comment about the glasses in case you had really lost your mind and purchased them for real! I'm so glad to know it was a funny...

    sorry about the 3 cries in the bathroom. those are hard days! I know them well...

  4. Shut the door.. that is hilarious. What is even more hilarious is that I actually used to wear Sally Jesse Raphael inspired specs. In highschool. bright cobalt blue. They looked smashing with my perm and aqua net bangs. They were the perfect accessory to go with my Guess side zip jeans too. I was a looker, let me tell you.
    Hope your day tomorrow is smashing. Better than today, my friend.

  5. Happy to see you came clean! Sorry to hear about the tears.

  6. Oh geesh...I AM SO RELIEVED!!! I laughed at your glasses and then felt a little guilty...just in case you were serious...SOOOO glad you meant for us to laugh. Cause we did.

    3-cries-in-the-bathroom days are the stinkiest.

  7. I also wondered if there was a new trend in glasses that I hadn't seen yet ....ie the next Sarah Pallin glasses. I'm glad to know it was just a blast from the past, as I didn't see myself jumping on that fashion train any time soon.

  8. I knew your glasses were a joke. Anyone who wore the cool belt you sported in a previous post wouldn't cruise around town in those spectacles. And I've learned a lot about your sense of humor these past few months my friend :)

  9. So funny, especially on the kiddos! How true, laughing at ourselves really takes care of any self-pity I might work up. Hope the rest of your week is improved. Love hearing about your fleece fashion wardrobe, I have the same.

  10. Oh my freakin frackin, ok i totally believed ever word! This was brillant!!! Absolutely mind boggling..brillant..thanks for the hee haaawws of laughing..Keep it coming! ~lulu

  11. Hugs for you today. Praying for sunshine in your heart tomorrow with only happy tears.

    You had me with the glasses. My first thought: what outfit could she possibly have been wearing that made those glasses, which I was sure were painstakingly chosen, the ONES.

    Lots of fun with the chain pullin'.

  12. You are a riot...seriously...and you still all look cute in those stinkin' glasses...sorry about the rough day...that's no fun...but I am so glad those glasses were a funny!!!

  13. How funny are you! I told you yesterday that I liked your glasses then I quickly changed the subject to tell you how much I liked the highlights in your hair... I was trying to even it all out... I really like your hightlights... the glasses not so much, but I couldn't be mean. You know like when you see a little baby, you instantly want to say - ohhh its so cute, when maybe it isn't. Mine of course are though so people better mean it when they say it to me! HA! :)

  14. Oh my gosh, if only I could find the glasses I was forced to wear in Air Force basic training, I would post a pic of myself in them and stand by you, united in our awesome-eyewear glory! They called those babys BCG's, "Birth Control Glasses." LOL! And they actually look a lot like yours, only with thicker lenses. You look great in your mock BCG's.

  15. I'm sorry you had a rough day! I was fixin' to send you a reply this morning...before heading to town with my mama for her eye exam. Yeah, she's getting new glasses! It's true. She will not, however, be able to roller skate on em'. So, I sent you a lovely picture. The next time you feel bad about your truly awesome photo...you can give it a gander, and all should be well.

    8 )

    Julie M.

    ps Now, go put on those magic glasses and give yourself a big old grin...cause when you take em' off...you'll have little smiley faces on your cheeks!

  16. Mama said there'd be days like these.....Shanny, the glasses are growing on me. I really like them on Calvin. Ruby however....hope you have a happy day today! I'll have to dig out the Elizabeth Arden glasses I used to sport in 1977. They were gradient lenses, as large as coasters. Getting on the school bus one day, a boy looked at me and said 'Them's the ugliest glasses I've ever seen'

  17. 1st, thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. i'm so sorry for all the tears:)

    i was scrolling down through yours and saw these glasses. at 1st I was like, ewwww. Then I read because I was very concerned that you were asking readers for their true thoughts on your actual glasses.
    I am relieved:)

    That's awesome that your son is from Korea....I need to look around some more...maybe you've adopted before. we adopted our daughter from china last april! so glad to meet ya! i'll be back!:)

  18. You are loved for sure. And beautiful. Maybe a little less so in those hideous glasses, but even so. How is it possible that those kids even look adorable in those glasses? Do they have some kind of special powers?

  19. Thanks for that post... you made me laugh... a lot. I needed that.

  20. You are hilarious! I love your blog - can't wait to go back and read more. I would love to add you to my blogroll - would that be okay?? :)

  21. What a funny post! I can't believe the fashions in the past. If you looked at my wedding post then you would see how huge my husband's glasses were. I found him pretty hot in those, lol, really! When I was a kid my sisters and I had big glasses with decals on them. I had an apple, and my sisters had a butterfly. I cannot believe I could see with that in the corner, weird!

  22. Now we need to see a Junior High school portrait of Cory in those beauties.
    Hope your today is sunshine and roses.

  23. totally LOVE that picture of elton!

    you are a hoot.
    it's funny what we sahm's will do to amuse ourselves, now isn't it?

    i always think that it takes something special to carry the aviators off... i think ruby's got it!

  24. This is absolutely the best post I have read today. I love it! Thank you so much for the wonderful laugh. I am so glad I found your blog yesterday. It was a gift that I needed to unwrap.

  25. Oh these cracked me up! The best part is when Aubrie got glasses I cried at my desk thinking that kid glasses were still like the glasses you posted totally out of the 80's - totally took me back to that place and cracked me up!

  26. You are so STINKING funny!!!

    I read your happy post. I couldn't comment. I thought your glasses were, um, goofy. I didn't have the heart to say anything.

    I just went back to others' comments from the last post and got another giggle over what people wrote to you too!

    You made my day with this follow up post! That was great. You April Fooled up early. Hope it helped brighten things for you!


  27. giosmama26@yahoo.comFebruary 24, 2010 at 11:45 AM

    These glasses comments are beyond hysterical. I'm dying laughing in my cubicle wall at work at what I'm reading. I LOVE how you're so alive and free. We all need some of that.

    Thanks for brining humor and fun to our days sweetie.

  28. heh heh heh...this is why I love you!! you have me in giggle fits right now...rock girl, rock it!

  29. I hope you are crying from the stress of planning your BFF's wedding! ;) And I must be losing it, because you had me going with your new glasses and I just didn't get it. ps. they looked like Larry glasses. :)

  30. Hope your day is getting better. I've pretty much had a month like that. Stinks. And your right - sometimes you just have to do something silly and laugh b/c really it's about finding joy and peace in those bad days. I'm so thankful the Lord gives me (us) those things when we need them :)

  31. You are so cute, you made my day.
    BTW I always think about something you posted one day " I love my life so much I want to kiss it on the forehead".
    Now when I am having a good day I think that!

  32. When I was little, I had a pair of red framed sunglasses. I poked out the lenses and wore them around, lensless, so I could look like SJR. :)

  33. Those glasses are exactly like the ones from the dollar store my husband wears when doing his bathroom reading and sometimes he leaves them on. He wore a pair of my diamond encrusted readers to the bank one day and had a pair of leopard print in his truck!! He really doesn't care ... he is thrilledd there are so many around since I broke down and got "real" glasses. That is exactly why I am attending his upcoming eye exam. He cannot be trusted!!

  34. You're so funny.


  35. I just peed in my pants laughing reading the comment from the other day that said..."maybe next time you might want to bring a friend with when you try on glasses..." if that is not the sweetest, most politically polite way of saying, "those glasses are awful!" Literally just made my day.

  36. I really had a good laugh with the picture of Sally! I used to love her show in highschool, but the glasses drove me crazy! As for the glasses, I was thinking yesterday, she is such a pretty girl, I think she could have found something more flattering for her face, lol!

    As for the crying, I am with you today. I wasn't so specific in my own blog post today, but I mentioned a few fellow bloggers who really helped me feel better!

    I am just reading yours now for the first time today and you really put a smile on my face! Oh how I wish we could all have a big blog party get-together! :)

  37. OH MY GOSH!! That is so funny. I thought they were goofy, but I didn't know if you were being serious. You are just naughty laughing at our expense. SHAME on you:)

  38. I'm speechless. I hadn't had time to 'check in' with the Farmgirl lately, & well, I just miss out. A person shouldn't miss out on such fun. I have a feeling tears are abundant, but God granted you a spirit that is unyielding! Rock on - Rocket Woman- Don't let it get you down, I want to see the 'next big thing' whatever it is, because you guys wear it so well! Precious... thanks for sharing your precious faces, praying for the farm-family :)

  39. 'wear it like you mean it'... that is so hillarious. that must be my unconscious personal mantra, because my entire 'get-up' lately needs help. I'm inspired, I think I'll go get some new glasses tomorrow, just to see if people take me a little more seriously... ha- very, very funny-

  40. I thought this was funny and went along with your new specs... she created a shadow box with some that greatly resemble yours!


  41. SOOOO funny.Your family is just beautiful.