Friday, February 19, 2010

My Loot

Here's what I found at Junk Evolution's French Market Valentine Bash.

Well, here's most of it.

I'm saving part of it for later...a grand finale of sorts. Something for all of us to look forward to, seeing as how it's the Dreaded Friday and we have an entire weekend to slog through.

I very nearly passed up this pumpkin pie of a pillow.
Shut up! I know.
And there was only one. It had my name on it! (practically) And geez Louise, it's round! What was I (almost) thinking?

Alas, she came home with me. My kids immediately clamored to lay their weary heads upon it. I tossed them their Elmo doll and told them to knock themselves out. Theoretically speaking.

Let's allow these blooms to stay pretty for at least a week, shall we?

I found this, too.
Dreamy, no?
(At this exact moment I'm remembering that I used to have a white picnic basket. Where are you, white picnic basket? Why am I only now remembering you?)

And now, a word on lunch.

I think I have posted roughly 27 variations of this recipe over the ages. I think it might be my favorite meal. Every time I eat it, I vow to never eat out again. This here is healthy, simple Simon, won't break the pocketbook, and...yellow.

I've learned that yellow is good.

It looks like the coloring of the photo is off, but no, it's just really quite yellow. But so good. Oh, so very good.

I made it a few nights ago while my babies were still partying it out in Ohio and my honey was working late. I had no car. I was stranded for 2 days straight. I was ravenously hungry. My cupboards were bare.

On a lark, I boiled up some rotini, then dug the odds-and-ends veggies out of the crisper. The remnant green beans were no longer green, nor beanlike, but I did find broccoli, one slightly wrinkled-at-the-ends yellow pepper, spinach that needed usin' - but quick, and a pint of orange grape tomatoes.

I smashed up a generous clove of garlic and sauteed it in a little olive oil and a tablespoon of butta. Then I tossed in my chopped veggies (except for the spinach), poured in a splash of white cooking wine and sprinkled the whole mess with salt, pepper and dried basil. I cooked it just until the tomatoes started to break down but the veggies were all bright and crisp. I removed it from heat, stirred in the spinach until it wilted up, poured it over my pasta, and topped it with feta.



Happy weekending, friends. Stay tuned for round 2 of my loot.

ps- More photos of the bash posted here.