Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mama's Got a Brand New Kitchen

This is the kitchen I grew up in, with the notable editions of new flooring (circa 2004 ish) and a dishwasher. Raise your hand if your parents didn't spring for the dishwasher until you were long gone!

I'll be honest though, by no means did I slave away washing dishes. Sorry, Mama.

I'm going to just state the obvious here - the kitchen was in need of some...modifications. Quaint as they were, the circa 19whoknowswhen cabinets were ready to give up the ghost.

Plus, the house is officially up for sale and the dingy, dungeoun-like quarters weren't doing anyone any favors.

You know what they say, sometimes it's gotta get worse before it gets better...

Have I ever told you about this guy? He's my Dad. He rocks a power tool like no body's business. Honest to goodness, I can't think of anything handy that my Dad can't do in his sleep.

For most of my childhood he was a supervisor on a crew that built bridges. I can't entirely put my finger on why, but I always felt immense pride over the fact that my Dad knew how to build a bridge.

He would rise before the crack of dawn each morning and come up to kiss me goodbye before he left for work. Light sleeper that I am, it always woke me up, and I loved it. Except for the time it didn't wake me up and I didn't love it. That time he inexplicably and irrationally decided to arrange my outfit for the day into the shape of an actual person, on my floor. Imagine waking at daybreak to see that. And I had only recently overcome my crippling fear of vampires, thanks to an unfortunate lapse in judgment in an older cousin...

I have no explanation for the manner in which my mind changes course on every whim and whimsy. It is a wonder that I made it through high school.

So tell me, what do you think? Pretty impressive. Pretty gosh darn sad that my mom has her dream kitchen at the precise time that a For Sale sign is stationed in her front lawn.

But I'm more of a glass-half-full girl, so let's just stick with impressive.

My Papa did 90% of the work on his own. I acted as the design consultant. We're still in retroactive contractual negotiations regarding my compensation...

It was fun helping with a kitchen that is a departure from my personal style. Plus - they went with the full-overlay cabinets that I drooled over. And granite.

A word on full overlay cabinets. If you happen to not know what this means, do me a favor and don't bother learning. Because once you do, you will start to notice full overlays everywhere. Your mind's eye will being to agree that they are just a tad superior. You will start to view yourself not as a Republican or a Democrat, not a Catholic or a Protestant, but as a Full Overlay Girl Living in a Partial Overlay world.

It's just one of those classic cases of What We Don't Know Can't Hurt Us.

I'm trying to talk them into letting me paint that table and chairs.... Baby steps.

Gratuitous focus/blur.

And that Ironstone collection is officially on my "list". You know the list I'm talking about. It's not spiteful or greedy to ask one's mother to put an item on a theoretical list of this nature. I like to think it's responsible. Forward-thinking.


My Mama made P-Dub's rolls last time I was home. And the Marlboro Man sandwich. And a peach pie. We were so carbed up and blissful.

My favorite feature of the kitchen is the tile back-splash. I originally found it here and fell in love. Lord have Mercy, it was a pain in the rear to track down, but so worth it. The beveled edges and crackle glaze beckon me. They may very well be my newest love language.

Full disclosure - it pains me a little that we didn't remove the lone article of fridge art before taking these pics. Ah well, live and let live.

Also - my dad took some serious talkin' into on the issue of using two different finishes and door-styles for the island and cabinetry.

It sure seems like he should know by now not to doubt me... Perhaps this sealed the deal?

The finishing touch - Mom's favorite verse, in one of those rub-on wall transfers.

And now, as fortune would have it, I am on the phone with Mr. Handy Fixit himself. Let's see if he has any closing remarks on this project...

In fact, let's go whole hog and do a mini interview.

FPFG: What was the most challenging aspect of planning the kitchen re-do?
*Very long pause.*
FPFG: Hello? Is this thing on?
Dad: I don't know....Oh...One of the challenging things was using a 33" sink base so that I could get the 12" cabinet into the corner there. I knew it would be a tight fit to try to squeeze that cabinet with the full-overlay into that small space.
FPFG: What is your favorite part of the final product?
Dad: It would either be the tile or the under cabinet lighting.
FPFG: Is there anything you wish you had done differently?
Dad: Uh yes. There was only one thing that was not picked out ahead of time. I did not know the dimensions, sizes, thicknesses of the tile. Had I known that we were going to use the 3x6 inch tile, I would have raised all of the outlets by 3/4 of an inch, so that they would have been centered in the tile. That's the only thing that kind of bugs me.
(FPFG sidenote: We'll save the discussion on my Dad's legendary OCD tendencies for another day...)
FPFG: What was it like working with your design consultant?
Dad:Like one word? Like challenging?
FPFG: Um, no...
Dad: Well, she was very helpful. (laughing...) In all aspects. (still laughing...)
FPFG: Thanks, Pops.
(Editorial note: It has been 15 minutes and Dad is still explaining why he feels that he deserves most of the credit for the overall design...Hold the phone - he just conceded credit for the island. Whew.)

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