Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Love Junk So Much, I Want to Marry it

I got to do something so fun last Friday. My new friends, Char and Linda of Junk Evolution invited a friend and I to come early to their French Market Valentine Bash and take some photos for them.

When their email came through, it cracked me right up. Moi? Take pictures?

But hey - I'll give anything a shot for some good "junk".

A word on my pictures: Cory recently showed me how to use the Beast. When I say he showed me "how to use" it, well, here's how it went down:

Me: Honey, I can't ever take decent pictures inside the house!
Him: I know. It's impossible with your camera.
Me: Could you show me how to use your camera, pretty please?
Him: Sure. The aperture...blah blah blah...ISO...blah blah blah...shutter speed...
Me: Just show me how to take a picture! Pretty please. (Batting my wimpy, mascara-less lashes for effect.)

So, he showed me the most fundamental way to take an indoor photo. And I was hooked. When I run into new questions, he happily answers them, in as non-technical a way as possible.

I still use my little ol' point-and-shoot when I'm outdoors or generally out and about. It does a fantastic job, it fits in my bag, and it doesn't weigh the equivalent of a small child.

OK, thanks for tuning in! Have a great evening!

Oh wait, I do believe I have veered off course, yet again.

So, last Friday night, armed with the Beast I walked into the most amazing space evah.

Ya'lls, it was heaven. You woulda swooned right off your rockers.

I did.

These fabulous ladies have *the* knack for knowing what is cooler than barefoot toes in the snow.

I snapped and snapped. I took blurry shot after blurry shot. I panicked and panicked.

Then, you know, I did a little shopping.

I ate some fine chocolates. I internally chastised myself for not liking wine. (It seemed so Parisian to have a glass along with my sweets! Alas - I'm a tea girl.)

Then I rushed home and with butterflies in my stomach, viewed the pics.

Good news - some of 'em turned out. And I learned a thing or two in the process.

The gals will be posting some shots over the next couple of days. Be sure to hop over and check out their mad, freaky (in the best way ever) junkin' skills.

Thanks, ladies, for giving me a reason to ditch my sweats for an evening! I had the best time.


  1. You lucky girl! I'm sure it was a blast! My DH has tried so patiently to teach me aperture and iso...and it's like the teacher in Charlie Brown. It just goes in one ear and out the other. I need to keep practicing and listening I guess....
    Love the book pic!

  2. Flower Patch Photogirl! Those are some awesome shots. How fun. Did you buy anything? Do tell.
    And, blah blah blah....that's me asking what your ISO and aperture settings were.

    Oh, and p.s. Am I invited to the wedding?

  3. Those are some great pictures!

  4. Beautiful photos!!
    And...hahaha...I learned to use the "real" camera in the same way. The pro photog husband intimidates me with his teaching and losing me in the technicality :)
    Hm...I think we should go get tea and walk around taking photos :)

  5. I need to be a bridesmaid! I might even have a nice drop waist dress with sequence and puff sleeves to honor the fabulous junkccasion. I seriously have a table in my garage dedicated to stuff I drag home, but have no idea what to do with. It is an addiction. Great job on the pictures too.

  6. Once again you made me laugh. Thank you! You are so cute. I didn't know that you had a problem taking inside shots. ALL of your photos are so amazing! I can't drink wine either. I am headed over to your friends blogs, can't wait to check them out. Sounds like you had a fun night!
    Take Care,

  7. HA! I'm still learning about my "beast" too. Yesterday I spent about 30 min just playing with the settings . . . while a little girl kept pulling my arm, "Mom, let ME SEE, too!" : )
    Keep shooting!

  8. i want so badly to learn how to take better pictures. I just never take the time to sit down and do it! Glad you had so much fun junkin!

  9. you little sneak, you never said a word about this interesting assignment:)

    what fun! looks like you had a great time.

  10. Oh, Maaaan...I missed out on the junk? And just b/c I'm over here on this coast?
    Major bummer.

    I love that pic with the folded pages.
    So glad you had fun ;)

  11. Great post! Off to check out your friend bloggy..thanks for giving us some chocolate! wine doesn't set well with me either..If I have even one legs go weak..~lulu

  12. I think you did a WONDERFUL job...that is EXACTLY how I need to learn - in a non-technical sort of way...

  13. Oh my gosh! Why must I live so far away? That looks like the coolest and how awesome that they asked you to come play! I'm only consoled by the fact that I'm going to Midland today. And you're not. I'm sorry I had to do that but I feel much better now. Still love me? I'll be thinking of you whilst I'm there...

  14. OK - I must know what you purchased b/c you said the word junk more than once - and everytime I swooned in my chair! Thanks for the photo tips too - I think in the near future I need to invest in a nicer camera - I have the point & shoot & it's obvious in my pictures - HATE it!

  15. What fun! Your pics look great!

  16. Thank you once again Shannan! You are to much!

  17. What a fantastic night! how lucky (blessed) are you!?

    So glad I am not alone in the stripped shirt obsession! I had noticed your blue shirt in your photo and thought "Dang that girl's shirt is cute!"

  18. You're making me want to get something more than my little Point n Shoot camera.

    Good work, friend. :)

  19. Your photos are beautiful! You do it all, don't you? Speaking engagements and now photo shoots...what's next? Soon you're going to have to hang up the sweatpants for good. ;-)


  20. You are lucky to have a hubby to teach you!! can he start classes on-line for us photo-dummies like me?? :) Your photos are fab Shannan...and I am jealous of all the junk!

  21. Sounds fabulous! One man's junk is another man's treasure!!!!!

  22. French Market??? Sounds right up my alley! You lucky duck!! Both for getting to go and for having a husband who can show you how to use all the buttons on the camera...dang it's a lot of work trying to learn how to take great shots!

    :) T

  23. Love the shots! I'm with everyone else - fill us in on all these "fundamental" "non-technical" tricks! Please - oh - Please!! You were a fast learner!

  24. good for you! and your shots were awesome.
    i went for a visit.

    sounds like tons of fun!

  25. You are too funny, you really crack me up! And I am so glad you quoted me (ok, not really, but I am from Boston and I do say "evah!") I am really jealous you got to go to a French Market, I am heading over there now to check out the pics!

    :) Kerri

  26. Shanny, those pics are super! I wish I had a Beast camera to play with. I only like sweet like pop wines....just in case you were wondering, which I'm sure you were wondering. Isn't junking like the BEST thing ever?

  27. I have a beast of a camera as well... My indoor photos never seem to come out. What advice did your hubs give??? I can use all of the tips I can get. :) Awesome photos:) Glad you had a good time.

  28. what a sweet assignment! and now i am dying to know as well, what was c's advice? [i have this suspicion that as much as i pretend i am a photographer, i am going to discover that i approach indoor photos the stupid way. please tell.]

  29. What a neat shot! "you done good"!