Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Love Junk So Much, I Want to Marry it

I got to do something so fun last Friday. My new friends, Char and Linda of Junk Evolution invited a friend and I to come early to their French Market Valentine Bash and take some photos for them.

When their email came through, it cracked me right up. Moi? Take pictures?

But hey - I'll give anything a shot for some good "junk".

A word on my pictures: Cory recently showed me how to use the Beast. When I say he showed me "how to use" it, well, here's how it went down:

Me: Honey, I can't ever take decent pictures inside the house!
Him: I know. It's impossible with your camera.
Me: Could you show me how to use your camera, pretty please?
Him: Sure. The aperture...blah blah blah...ISO...blah blah blah...shutter speed...
Me: Just show me how to take a picture! Pretty please. (Batting my wimpy, mascara-less lashes for effect.)

So, he showed me the most fundamental way to take an indoor photo. And I was hooked. When I run into new questions, he happily answers them, in as non-technical a way as possible.

I still use my little ol' point-and-shoot when I'm outdoors or generally out and about. It does a fantastic job, it fits in my bag, and it doesn't weigh the equivalent of a small child.

OK, thanks for tuning in! Have a great evening!

Oh wait, I do believe I have veered off course, yet again.

So, last Friday night, armed with the Beast I walked into the most amazing space evah.

Ya'lls, it was heaven. You woulda swooned right off your rockers.

I did.

These fabulous ladies have *the* knack for knowing what is cooler than barefoot toes in the snow.

I snapped and snapped. I took blurry shot after blurry shot. I panicked and panicked.

Then, you know, I did a little shopping.

I ate some fine chocolates. I internally chastised myself for not liking wine. (It seemed so Parisian to have a glass along with my sweets! Alas - I'm a tea girl.)

Then I rushed home and with butterflies in my stomach, viewed the pics.

Good news - some of 'em turned out. And I learned a thing or two in the process.

The gals will be posting some shots over the next couple of days. Be sure to hop over and check out their mad, freaky (in the best way ever) junkin' skills.

Thanks, ladies, for giving me a reason to ditch my sweats for an evening! I had the best time.