Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grocery Store Confessional - 6th ed.

This week has been so off-kilter, it's practically on. One can only veer so far off track before they wind up right back on track- albeit driving in the wrong direction.

I'm all about the racing analogies this week. Blame "Great Idea Man" (that's what he's asked to be called today) and his Lightening McQueen obsession.

Here's what we're eating/have eaten/will eat this week:
Monday: I snuck off to meet Cory for a late lunch and we weren't hungry for dinner. The kids had sandwiches and we had cereal. Keepin' it real.

Tuesday: Orzo with chicken, spinach, tomatoes and feta. Holy Moley - this was so Mediterraneanish and Greeky, what with our addition of chopped, leftover kalamatas. We all loved it.
Wednesday: Vegetable Beef Soup, modeled after my friend Apryl's recipe. I used roast meat in place of the hamburger, fresh green beans and canned corn. Cory just had another bowl for his late-night snack, if that tells you anything.
Thursday: Left-overs from tonight and Tues.
Friday: Frozen pizza, since I was confused last week when I said I had plans. Turns out, the plans are this week.

What a wreck.

I know.

To make matters worse, I made not one, not two, but three trips to the supermarket, with an additional trip to the Farmers' Market. I don't recommend this, homesies. It will mess with your head.

I have nothing more to,

Farmers' Market - Saturday, Feb. 6

Total: $13.00

Martins - Saturday, Feb. 6
Roast - $4.82
Cinnamon Chex - $3.29 (my newest obsession)
Deli meat - honey turkey - $3.04
2 cans of corn - $3.00
Pint of Golden grape tomatoes - $2.99
Avocado - $1.00
Sour cream - $0.99
Wedge of Parmesan cheese - $3.99 (See what I mean? It's not too expensive and will last forevah.)
Sweet onion - $0.91
Total: $22.87

Martins - Sunday, Feb. 7
Deli sub buns - $1.50
4 Hamburger Helpers for local food pantry - $4.00
2 cans of soup for local food pantry - $2.98
gallon of milk - $2.49
4 cups of Yoplait Greek yogurt - $3.96 (blasted Tzaziki)
Total: $14.92

Meijer - Monday, Feb. 8
1 lemon - $0.67
1 cucumber - $0.67
Santitas White Corn Tortilla Chips - $2.00
Family pack of Tyson boneless, skinless chicken breasts - $4.49
red grapes - $1.61
crate of clementines - $5.99
Total: $15.43

Grand total: $66.22

Additional, sundry words on the budget: A few of you have asked about the beverages here in our house. Here's how it works: The kids have milk for breakfast and milk or water for lunch. Everyone has water for dinner. We rarely, rarely buy pop. I usually do buy one or two things of frozen juice concentrate each week (the kids have it with their afternoon snack) and I will also occasionally buy some type of cranberry juice or "fancy" orange juice, when it's on sale, because I dig sour stuff, and orangey things.

Also, snacks: The kids eat a snack in the morning and one in the afternoon, but other than chewy granola bars (the reduced sugar kind), I don't really buy "snacks". We always have fresh fruit on hand and I usually give them an option of some type of fruit or veggie. If I happen to have baked cookies, then they'll have that. Calvin always begs for sliced turkey for his snack, or sometimes even butter bread. Other snacks are cheese slices, yogurt, applesauce or Cheez-Its, because they are one of my favorites. (What can I say? They're tangy.)

I can see how it could be difficult to move away from packaged "snacks" to this idea, but it will save you cash. You'll be eating things that you already have on hand, and it will be healthier. It will be "nourishing", as my 60 year old trapped in a 4 year old's body likes to say.

Oh, someone also asked me about cleaning supplies. Well, I get around that one by hardly ever cleaning.

You think I kid.

I buy stuff when I need it, but really, how often do we need it? Of course I buy dishwasher detergent and laundry detergent (almost always whatever I can find for cheap at Dented Can), but one spray bottle of antibacterial multi-purpose cleaner lasts quite a while around here. I've gotten away from buying the pre-soaked wipes. They don't last very long and they are $$. I still do buy a roll of paper towels, every week or two. Keep watching and you'll see some of these things pop up on my list. I promise.

And yes, what I'm trying to say here, is that these GSC posts will be a fairly regular occurrence, moving forward. The people have spoken. And while I don't entirely understand it, I am happy to oblige.

Keep the questions coming and I'll do my best to answer them.

Signing off,
Grocery Girl Greta

Make these burritos, preferably with a price-gouged rotisserie chicken. Layer whole wheat tortillas with brown rice (throw a clove of smashed garlic into the cooking water), black beans, a little shredded cheese, chicken, tomatoes tossed with a little cilantro, guacamole, and sour cream.

Then, for the next 3 days straight, have this for lunch. (Have I ever told you about my latest infatuation - Marzetti Tamed Jalepenos? Spicy, picklish heaven.)


  1. Love your name.. Grocery Girl Greta. I was just going to your blog for your Chicken Primavera recipe. Making that next week. Thank you very much.

  2. Oh my gosh! That tortilla looks heavenly! I cannot wait to get a price-gouged chicken of my own and try this. Love your snacking tips. We do much of the same around here. BTW, I've cut back on Nora's wheat intake (which covers a lot of packaged snacks), and her eczema is way better! Sorry I didn't message you about the coffee house tonight. I figured it was a given that it was a no-go. See you on Friday!

  3. I am starving now!! I can't decide what I want Cinnamon Chex which I don't have, can't find and am dying for, or that burrito or the orzo thingy...geesh. I must stop reading Grocery Confessional at to old reliable..corn chips and parmesan wedge. Don't laugh..try it you'll love it.

  4. Okay Grocery Girl Greta, first of all I would save more money shopping if I just flew you to California and you went to Safeway with me. I honestly don't know how you do it. You are extremely organized. I love that you said the word pop. That is what we call it, and everyone thinks I am strange when I say that word.(we're from Montana) I am going to try to make those burritos. I am excited to hear you are not going to stop your GSC posts! I have just discovered this whole world all but about a month ago. Your blog
    was one of the first blogs I came across. Stayed up all night reading your blog. Your GSC post was the post for that day. I immediately became hooked. I then told my sisters about you. You make us laugh. But you also have such beautiful pictures. Just love your blog! My sister are fans as well.
    Take Care,

  5. Hello Grocery Girl Greta!!! Those meals look so yummy...especially the Orzo...yummy. I am REALLY hungry now. Serious. I want food. Dang you Greta!!! DANG YOU!!!!

  6. Okay, it's 10:30 and I'm ready to go cook some brown rice for a burrito. Except I don't have any brown rice. And it's past my bedtime. I'm hungry.

  7. So excited for this post! I need to retrain my brain. Hubby just had major cutback in our bottom-line budget, so I'm going to be needing to learn a LOT on how to watch my P's and Q's at the market.

    Can't wait for more!

  8. You just crack me UP! I could care less what you buy or where you buy it, I read this blog for the entertainment value. YOu are somethin else! Love ya!
    I do LOVE pictures of food! ;)

  9. i love how you put the grocery list in list forms!!! i love things tidy and organized. :o)

  10. How 'bout shampoo and toilet paper? Do you use those? It seems a good size portion of my budget goes towards non food stuffs like, pet food, cleaning products, paper products. The not fun stuff. I'm headed to the market today and thanks to you I'm excited about it. I've made my menu and my list and I look forward to grocery day. You are a wonder!

  11. The burrito looks yummy even at 7:00 in the morning!

    I love that you call it "pop" that's a sign of a true Yankee! I can't get away with it down here!

  12. Three trips? Doesn't that just chap your hide? As much as we try to be organized at times, life has otha plans. I'm with City Hen. I just get a kick out of reading, I don't care what you buy. Girl, why aren't you making your own cleaning supplies? I thought I trained you better than that. I don't buy pop either....well, rarely. Keep 'em comin'.

  13. It must be the week!!
    I am on my way out for the THIRD time this week as well.....our brains are getting clogged from the snow......although it is so SPARKLY this a.m.!

  14. I am always so impressed. Those meals look restaurant worthy:)

  15. Greta my dear, I love your grocery posts! I don't buy junk food or pop either, oh, and I don't clean much either so does that make us kindred spirits? :)

  16. My son is addicted to the Marzetti Pepper Rings! Yesterday, in the store, he said "Can I get a big jar of pepper rings?" I said, "sure." He came back with one of those restaurant sized buckets-o-peppers! All I could say was "Oh My!"

  17. i love this grocery girl greta thing...i like that you are doing it weekly. it's really getting me inspired to work on my grocery budget AND i love the no processed snacks thing. they are SO expensive. thanks for sharing as always. maybe you should start doing a linky each week? so we can all keep each other on track...

  18. Yay! You made those burritos! Aren't they so delicious? I'm so ready for round two of those. Maybe next wee.

  19. hey! i'm slow...just noticed your link to the soup - thanks:)

    also, the burritos look yumm-O!

    and the comment above about "pop", i had no idea that was a regional thing. troy encouraged (ie: berrated) me to stop saying that waaay back because he thinks it's hick or something (he would know about these things first hand), sort of like couch/sofa... you're a hick if you say couch, you have some sort of invisible class is you say sofa instead. what-evah!

    oh, and my bff says i need to start shopping at grama's pantry so maybe i'll see you there!

  20. I just had a blueberry poptart but what you are cooking looks so yummy- ok i had two poptarts but I am going to the grocery store to buy the ingredients of that Orzo with chicken!

  21. You are good girl!
    And I shop at Meijer too...great deals.

  22. The food looks delish. I like diet cherry coke too much to pass it up when I'm at the store so I'd never fit in your budget ;) You're such a good shopper.

  23. okay, I made your orange chicken from last week and my family loved it! I keep trying to cut down on my bill...i really am, and i'm sure it'll happen any day now.