Monday, February 22, 2010

Day Trip to Sunny California

Outside my window, it looks like this. Yet again.

I'm fed up to here with it.

My solution? I'm heading West - to spend the day guest posting in sunny Cali with my sweet and sassy friend, Tara.

Come on over and join us! Her fun, vintagey blog is the perfect place to while away the day and forget your snowy blues.


  1. oh, what fun! It is white and grey out side my window too. I will GLADLY take a trip to Cali!

  2. Oh, I see how it goes...the kids leave for a couple days and Mom is suddenly off to California. I'm a little jealous. Even if it was just a trip across blogland. Love those babies though...I will be happy to bask in their cuteness on 2 blogs today. ~mary~

  3. Lovbe your blog and such a cute family too..came over from Blonde's..I'm having a GIVE A WAY..come say hi :D

  4. Hey, I didn't know you hire out! Something to keep in the back of my mind. As usual the kiddo pics are awesome, and I think this is the first time I have seen your door knob plate collection on the that!

  5. I was just reading your post on Tara's blog...and loved it.

  6. All I can tell you about the book is that there is something that keeps pulling you in and you want to really get to know these women. You almost feel like you are there and can smell their cooking. I can't imagine how it was like in the early 60's between blacks and whites so I feel reading this lets me get a better understanding on how things really were. Make sure you put your name on the library list. The next book I am going to read, because of such good reviews is The Postmistress by Sarah Blake. Hope you get The Help soon!

  7. Our snow finally melted when it warmed up over the weekend. I admit I've been whining...'I just want to see grass again.' I feel better now.
    Cindy at Lakewood

  8. I just saw an idea that may help with the winter blues....
    it is springy...
    it is a wreath...
    it uses book pages...

    I can't copy and paste the link for some reason, but it is at

    I saw it and "ran" right over here to share.
    Let me know if you can't find it and I'll email you the link.

  9. Dang girl i have been waiting all day, where are ya??? It is warm and sunny, I missed you at lunch! :)

  10. do you don a bikini while you type?

    i tell you what, i am currently wearing two shirts, a jacket, a sweatshirt, athletic pants, two pairs of socks, and my fuzziest slippers and STILL i am frigid.

    i think i need to guest post in fiji.

  11. Ok, I'll share some of my California sunshine and the bursting flowers, bulbs, and fruit trees.

    All joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  12. I live in Cali, the land of "sunshine." And let me tell ya, in my end of Cali, it rains a whole lot more than people think!

  13. Oh how wonderful your guest post was...LOVED IT!