Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Time Flies When You're Too Prosey

You'ns have made my year.

If I could, I'd give you each a dozen long-stemmed Surprise Roses.

Or maybe you're more of a peony girl?

Or a cupcake dude?

Word has it, some of you are health nuts.
Well, I can handle that.

Let's meet in the middle.
I'd love to make you the 2nd best sandwich ever.

I would paint you a picture.

I'd read you a story. Or 20.

I'd take you to Mazatlan.

Maybe animals are the way to your heart...

Well, we've got 'em in droves.
(Are frogs "animals"? Details, details...)

I'd buy you some impractical Anthro measuring spoons.

I'd give you my best skirt.
Scratch that.
I'd loan you my best skirt.
If you promised to be really careful with it.

Feeling a little farmy?
How about a hay bale!

Or a tractor?

I'm racking my brain here. I want to make all of you happy, because you've made me giddy for 365 days now. Ya'll rock my socks off. Thank you for your sweet, funny encouraging words. Thank you for forgiving me when I veer perilously off course. Thank you for coming back.

*1st photo courtesy of the man of the farm.