Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Time Flies When You're Too Prosey

You'ns have made my year.

If I could, I'd give you each a dozen long-stemmed Surprise Roses.

Or maybe you're more of a peony girl?

Or a cupcake dude?

Word has it, some of you are health nuts.
Well, I can handle that.

Let's meet in the middle.
I'd love to make you the 2nd best sandwich ever.

I would paint you a picture.

I'd read you a story. Or 20.

I'd take you to Mazatlan.

Maybe animals are the way to your heart...

Well, we've got 'em in droves.
(Are frogs "animals"? Details, details...)

I'd buy you some impractical Anthro measuring spoons.

I'd give you my best skirt.
Scratch that.
I'd loan you my best skirt.
If you promised to be really careful with it.

Feeling a little farmy?
How about a hay bale!

Or a tractor?

I'm racking my brain here. I want to make all of you happy, because you've made me giddy for 365 days now. Ya'll rock my socks off. Thank you for your sweet, funny encouraging words. Thank you for forgiving me when I veer perilously off course. Thank you for coming back.

*1st photo courtesy of the man of the farm.


  1. Thank you for such heart felt posts! I love it! And, yes of course Pat Benetar would kick my butt..I wouldnt mess with her..I am crazy about all her music..LOL lulu

  2. Stumbled onto your blog and am enjoying reading your posts. Happy New Year from Houston, Tx

  3. I too just started your blog. I've lived pretty much all my life in a small farm town. Hmmm maybe that is what drew me to start reading your blog. I'm glad I did though... I think your blog is whitty & fun. Your children are absolutely adorable & you and the hubby are too cute for words.

  4. Super sweet post and totally creative, believe it or not I have spent most of my married years(21) to be exact on small farms or ranchettes,we've always had horses,and lots of farm animals, this is the only time since I've moved to Hawaii that I have not been on property. I left my saddle with my BFF in idaho, saved my boots and I hope the farm life will find it's way back to me, thanks for bringing me sweet memories!

  5. ooooh those kitties! I want to squish their little faces! ;)

    I love your blog, you make me smile.
    You are precious...really so precious.

  7. I've been happily reading your blog since the day B.O. hit your town.


    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I do love the Berenstain Bears!

  8. OK -- I'll take one of each! Ha. But I'd settle for lunch. When are you free again? Let me know. Thanks for all your nice comments in December. Sorry to be slow in responding; bookkeeping -- yuck. Any travel news? xo

  9. Boy would I love to borrow your skirt. Darling!

  10. You'ns! I grew up hearing my mom say that but never anyone else. It must be a northern Indiana thing. Happy Anny! It's been a pure joy to read your blog and especially to be your friend. Oh how I'm craving that sandwich now. I even finally found the cranberry mustard. Must have one!

  11. Please keep writing. I don't ever miss your blog! You keep me inspired on a daily basis

  12. I'll have the measuring spoons! :D

  13. What a sweet post! You are a delight and allow me to begin each day with a smile.


  14. I always enjoy your sweet and funny posts and thanks I will take that adorable tractor, wouldnt that be fun to decorate for the holidays!! I look forward to spending 2010 with you (;

  15. Hi!
    I just started reading your blog...just wanted to let you know I love it, and plan to keep on reading. Your family is adorable, and I swear, your photographs make even the foods I don't like look good!
    :) Leslie

  16. What? You aren't putting Calvin on the auction block? Cause that's what I want. I want that dingleball skirt and those cute little legs to go with it thankyaverymuch.

    Happy Anniversary! Aren't you surprised you haven't run out of things to talk about?

  17. You're one of my favorite reads - keep it up because I want more :)

  18. I agree with Annie... most def. one of my favorites!


  19. I third that! Love all of what you've got to share.

  20. Happy bloggy anniversary! you are just the bees knees, keep it up!

  21. Love your blog, I look forward to it every day!

  22. Just found ya and want to say hi from East Texas. Like that you keep it real. Happy Blogging Anniversary!

  23. You'ns. Ha! My grandma always says that!
    Thanks for making this such a happy place to come to.
    BTW: I will take a peony, of course, a set of Anthropologie spoons, and what in the world is that oozy goozy stuff dripping out of that divine looking sandwich?!

  24. That was really sweet. Your skirt is great!


  25. Love your posts...I always love them...and of course all your pictures you always have too!!! Congrats and much thanks to you!

  26. Dang... I wanna go to Mazatlan! But then again, I could use that round bale for my horse and mule, and that sandwich did look nice.....?

  27. I've been peeking at your blog on occasion for a few months - I just love it! I appreciate the honesty in your posts and the humor with which you seem to approach life. Thanks for sharing with us!

    I am happy to see that another generation of kiddos are reading the Berenstein Bears - classics, every one of them. The "In Crowd" and "Too Much Junk Food" were my personal favorites. I still have my childhood copies to pass on.

    Looking forward to another year of great posts - hope you'll check out my blog sometime! I'm new to blog-land.

  28. Okay, so if that is the second best sandwich in the world, please, PLEASE explain what THE best sandwich in the world is cause that thing looks SOOOOOOOOOO good. My husband thinks sandwiches are God's way of showing us he really, really loves us. I will woe him with these babies!! (the sandwiches, lets be clear, the sandwiches)

  29. No...THANK YOU!!! Love your pics, your hilarious posts and your gift with words.

  30. what a cute was all cute....loved it

    more later, dear friend


  31. Happy 365 of blogged bliss! I'm proud to be able to honestly say, "Oh, I knew her way back when she was just a xanga baby."

  32. Yes take me to Mazatlan and tell me what was in that drink....Cheryl