Monday, January 18, 2010

Pie is My Love Language

So, I whipped up a little something - just for you.

It's true, I had some help of the double trouble half-pint variety.

And yes, we did have a taste or two...because we were the chefs, and chefs have to make sure the food they make isn't yucky.

At least, that's what I was told.

By my four year old.

So, let's celebrate!

Because the walls are done in Silas's room. Not the floors or anything else, but the little dude has some fantastic walls to come home to.

Because I spent $61.87 on groceries tonight and I think I'm finally at peace with the $60-$70 range. Possibly.

Because I still haven't made that danged chicken artichoke pizza. But I plan to - soon.

Because you're all in big, huge trouble for dissing on my beets. (That's right, beet-haters. No whipped cream for you.)

Because I really just can't hold a grudge. Come on over, my folate-deficient friends. Whipped cream - on the house. Courtesy of me and Dwight Shrute.

Because my baby has a cold - and sprinkles are a known homeopathic remedy for the sniffles.

Because today is Monday. And you know what that means.