Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Little Guy's Room

No, not that little guy...

This one.

And can I just say, this picture is the perfect representation of him. You see, my boy is a perfect combination of sporty and nerdy. Please know, I view "nerdy" as a top dog compliment. In fact, I could really do without the sporty thing....but I suppose there is still time for that ship to sail.

My two biggest hopes for my children have been that they would love Jesus and that they would love reading. (And that they wouldn't be picky eaters, but I'm only allowed to list two hopes here, so that one will have to wait.)

A boy this unique should have a room that reflects his passions and his eccentricities, right?

When we moved in, his room was the "Horse Room", complete with mauve carpet.

Call me crazy, but it just didn't suit him.

So, we made a few changes...

It all started with the lockers. They were my Mother's Day gift last year. We found them here. (The lockers are securely anchored to the wall.)

I wanted to paint them grey or something I'm just not a red person. Sorry.

Then I remembered that they were not for me, they were for Calvey. And his favorite color is red. And it would be dumb to make him fit into my world where things match and look a certain way.

Because he's just a little guy. He's an amazing kid, so he deserves a room that he loves.

Who gives a rip if it doesn't fit the mold? Not me. I say, bring it on.

He's a little bit Astronomy. A little bit Davis cup.

His room is not overly styled and it's no where near perfect. But he's 4 and he's ok with that.

The sheets were found at TJ Maxx, the comforter was $13 at Target. I don't love it...but that's not really the point. $13. Dollars. And he's already had a bloody nose on it and even though I got the stain out, it would have been alright if I hadn't.

The prints hanging above the bed are pages from a vintage kids encyclopedia. There is one for basketball (his true love), one for baseball, one for football. I got the frames for $2 each at Hobby Lobby.

Have I mentioned that he's a pack-rat? Rest assured, his congressional handbook is never far from reach.

This blanket is one of my favorite things in his room. I found it at my favorite Tipp City antiques store for $6. The colors were perfect and it was vintagey and Summer-campy, which isn't exactly a combination you trip over every day.

I also found these locker baskets there and talked my Dad into making me this cool cabinet for them.

And did I mention that he's a bit of a pack rat?

He tells me all of the time how cool his room is.

Makes me smile, every time.

I'm not gonna lie, it's fun being a bit obsessive. It works for me.

But I love watching my kids express themselves in ways that are all their own. They have plenty of years ahead of them to be proper. To match. To organize. To tidy.

Just play nice, that's all I ask.

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